Of Course!

A day off that turned out to be busy!


I was off for an appointment today so I actually got to go for a run in the daylight which meant with music too! It was a lovely day because the sun was just starting to burn off the fog. My run was nothing spectacular- just my usual thirty minute loop around the park. It just felt so wonderful to be out in daylight!

I also got a workout in this evening, mostly because I would like the scale to move a bit tomorrow! I did two minutes of skipping between each set and did each set twice.

Set 1: front raises, squats, bicycles

Set 2: rows, lateral hops, v ups, back extensions

Set 3: plank, right plank, left plank, reverse plank

It did feel good once I was done to have done it:)


Yesterday I read about blueberry pancakes on Emma’s blog and decided that I should try them out today as I had blueberries and I’ve been craving pancakes. I got busy this morning after my shower. They were quite easy to make, though I had to sub in Gluten Free flour, but that was the only change I made to this Recipe. Mine definitely aren’t as pretty as Emma’s, but they taste pretty good and the recipe made enough for a recess snack each day this week in addition to the three I ate today (breakfast, recess and lunch)🤣

I also finally got around to making the curry I wanted to make for this week. I am trying really hard to make one real recipe each week. I am definitely a snacker, so usually I just eat veggies and hummus or something on cucumbers. I had been wanting curry and decided to try the one from my Oh She Glows recipe book as it always looks so good. I couldn’t find the recipe on the Oh She Glows website, but I found it Here. It was super simple, though I would suggest having all the veggies chopped in advance! The only change I made was to use my almond milk instead of soaking cashews because I was much later getting home that I expected.


So I finally got in to see a dermatologist after waiting for a year! Of course, she could not find a thing on the bottom of my feet! They have not looked this good in three years!!! We figure it was probably my big dose of antibiotics before Christmas that cleared everything up. It’s a good thing I got some of my book read while waiting as that was a complete waste of time! We spent more time discussing her daughter going to kindergarten than discussing my feet😂


I decided to try out the Buy Low supermarket that was in the building I parked in. It was so quiet. All I could think was how nice it would be to always be able to shop during off hours. The store seemed quite nice and had two products that I hadn’t seen before so I bought them, but otherwise stuck to my list:)

I liked their sign at the front of the store best!

I also bought gas out at Costco today which is what made me late getting home. I did figure out how to stretch my calf while I was standing at the pump:) I love being able to multitask! An expensive day off between these two stops!


I managed to sneak in a visit to my friend Anna and her son today since I was off. It was perfect timing as her c-section for baby number two is booked for next week, but she had a few contractions last night😳. Her parents are leaving tomorrow for a prebooked holiday and her mother in law doesn’t arrive until Saturday so I’m on call for Ruben sitting if she goes into labour early! We had a quiet, but lovely day. Took Ruben for a walk and to play outside:) Once again I have to be thankful to have such an amazing friend in my life! We both couldn’t stop saying what a beautiful day it was- felt like spring!

I also managed to sneak in a visit to my nephew this afternoon. It just felt like it had been way too long since I saw him!! He showed me his new scooter that he got for Christmas. It appears that was the best present!!! I love seeing him and am already looking forward to Sunday when I’ll get to hang out with him, and his crazy little guy, again!


Last night I watched The Christmas Cottage which was very cute, but somewhat confusing. They really should have made the previous relationship clear!!

Tonight I have watched Christmas in Evergreen. What I liked best about this movie were the “storybook pictures”. Looks like where I want to live!

Well I have to behave and go to bed early tonight as I actually have to get up before the sun tomorrow morning! It was lovely to wake up naturally this morning!!!

Have fun!



Nibble Here, Nibble There, Nibble Everywhere!

I am so full!!!!


I was starving when I got up this morning and so had a piece of toast and peanut butter. This turned out to be a mistake as I think my body was busy digesting instead of running! I managed to eek out forty minutes in the fog, but it was pretty painful at times! It was my last time for a while having Dennis for company as he is off to a 10km clinic. Lol I don’t know why he’s doing this particular clinic as he can run 10km fast in his sleep, but I hope he has fun. I guess I had better find myself a good pair of headphones quick!

I’ve been completely lazy and have done nothing else exercise wise today:(

Special Event:

I spent a large chunk of today at the Gluten Free Expo Downtown. I convinced my friend Kathryn to come along and it was fun! As I was texting to meet up with her on the skytrain I felt like a kid again. I didn’t do this type of meetup to go downtown as a kid, so I guess I’m reversing it and doing it as an adult. 😂

The expo was held at the convention centre and was huge!! We were not sure we would make it through, but we persevered! 😜There were tons of samples, and even with the fact I couldn’t eat them all because some had dairy, I was incredibly full by the end! I actually haven’t eaten since! There were also tons of freebies which I completely took advantage of. I’ll be sure to write about what I think of the products as I use them. Maybe I don’t have to go grocery shopping this week😂

I did notice that the booths with no samples were noticeably quieter! There were 140 different exhibitors and I managed to visit all of them! The Kinnikinnick Foods and WiseBites booths won me over for being the sweetest people!!! They had yummy things too! The Solo Bar booth got me excited by the news that they are coming out with a vegan bar. My running buddies rave about these bars, but at this point they all have dairy. The Lonetree Cider was very delicious and I will definitely be picking up the Nuun Active line for when I am running! There are tarts in Duncan on Vancouver Island that I may make a four hour trip just to have, and the Sweet Medley flavour of Terra Chips were to die for!!! I came home with lots of new favourites and lots of coupons. I was amazed to learn that there are actually two meal delivery services that cater to allergy sufferers, though one doesn’t quite deliver to my area yet:(. I also learned there is a restaurant in town where I can eat absolutely everything on the menu!!!! I can’t wait to go try it!!

The most amazing part was that I bought nothing … because I didn’t want to carry it all around! I saw some people wheeling coolers around and thought that that was an excellent idea! Overall it was a fun and informative day:)

It probably helped that it was an absolutely beautiful day by the convention centre in comparison to the deep fog we’ve had all day here at home. I took two pictures to show you:)


I managed to finish my Cowl today. I have to thank the blogger who wrote about how to measure out the amount of yarn you will need to complete a row. I wish I could remember who it was, but the trick worked great!! I had just the right amount left. It is currently blocking and I’m hoping to enter it into HPKCHC tomorrow.

I took Chris’ advice and blocked it, hoping that it will hang nicely, though I’m already happier with it than the previous Cowl.

I think my next project may be an entrelac circular scarf, though after that I definitely want to get into something bigger. My next afghan will have to wait until my mom comes home and picks her yarn, but maybe some sort of sweater:)


I learn so many cool things reading blogs, but then I can never get back to them or remember who said what so I can link to them. If anyone has suggestions for how they deal with this problem, please let me know! I’ve decided just to ask you all my crazy questions as your advice so often works! I took Maureen’s advice and drank a litre and a half of water and exfoliated my lips, and I added coconut oil on top of this and my lips are so much better. You all are my new go-to question answerers!!!😀


Hmmm perhaps I’m addicted as I watched two Christmas movies today! The Most Wonderful Time of the Year and Sharing Christmas. They were both as cute as ever, though I had to wonder in the second what kind of real estate executive has time to help out in a Christmas store??? 🤣I shouldn’t think about these movies too much, just enjoy them. What is crazy is that I may just watch a third one!!

It has been quite a lazy day and it’s going to continue to be a lazy night😂

Have fun!AJ

I Was Hoping

A nice day, but I didn’t get to where I wanted to be.


I started my morning off great with a hike with my friend Sarah and her dog Kula. We went up the hill to the hydro tower and then back down in one hour and ten minutes. It was so nice to be outside in the green forest, even on this gray, dreary day! It was also great to see Sarah and Kula again as it’s been a while:(. Unfortunately I don’t know how far I went as I plan to use Runkeeper for only running this year!

I had been hoping to get out for a run today to make up for the lack of running this week, but I just couldn’t get my timing straight before the sunset.

I did get a Lyndsay workout in this evening though and I was definitely sweating after this one!


I didn’t teach any children today, but I did have to go buy art supplies for my school, well really just a lot of paper!! I should have bought more, but when the cart was full, I figured it was a good time to stop!🤣 I’m looking forward to filling the shelves in the art room on Tuesday as they have been bare for way too long!!


I dropped by my parent’s apartment and opened all their mail. Wow that box was stuffed! Before you call the police on me, I had my mom’s permission:). I’ll have to remember to stop by there regularly before it gets to that stage again. Maybe I can time it for when there’s a good movie on the W Network. Lol I was thinking today how I used to do so much at my parent’s place when they were away. Then they sold the house and rented this apartment and for some reason I just don’t like spending time there! Funny how places have vibes.


I had my nails done last Tuesday and yesterday, my thumb nail just popped right off. Thankfully the aesthetician could fit me in today:) It only took a moment and I’m back to having ten pretty nails. This will be my last mani for a while so I’m trying to get it to last as long as possible!


I was hoping to get all my grocery shopping and food prep done today as I have plans tomorrow. I stopped at Thrifty’s on my way home, but only got a few things as I just couldn’t bring myself to pay their prices for some things! I had gone there as they give air miles and I just signed up, but it looks like IGA does too, so I’ll have to stop there tomorrow!


I went in the library on my way home today, but I promise I didn’t come home with any books, I just used their wifi!! I’m pretty impressed with my self control🤣

I finished this book today! It tells the story of Kasha, a new physical therapist for the Dallas Gunslingers Baseball team and Axel, the star pitcher. Axel has hurt his shoulder and Kasha claims she can help him recover without surgery. She has one week to prove it.

This book dealt with a lot of big issues such as mental illness, and did it well- thoughtfully and sensitively. I especially liked one line that Axel says, “I don’t believe I deserve special treatment just because I have a talent for throwing a ball. The people who should be getting the special treatment are teachers and nurses and fireman and cops”. Wouldn’t that be nice if it was true of our society?!?!

I have to say that the plot of this novel just seemed super unrealistic to me- like a sports team is going to put their lead pitcher in the hands of the PT who started the day before!! What was she even doing in the meeting??? The pacing of the book was erratic as well. The start dragged with so much of nothing happening and then it was rushed at the end as though the author suddenly realized she had to wrap it up. My least favourite part was the toes scene. I just can’t relive it, so you’ll have to take my word for it!

I usually really like sports romances, but I would suggest going a different route!

I’ve just started the next kids book club book tonight. Hopefully it will be better!


I was hoping to have a finished Cowl to show off, but I just realized I don’t have enough yarn left for the edging and so I need to tink back two rows:(. I decided to leave this for tomorrow when I’m not so tired!


I watched A Very Merry Mix Up tonight. It was a cute movie, but I really think the reconciliation should have happened at the family Christmas celebration as the family and Christmas were both so important to both characters. Hmmm I’m obviously watching too many of these movies if I can start writing the plot lines🤣

Well, I think that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Pretty Good

It was a pretty good day that just kept humming along:)


Wow I slept right to the late alarm this morning and still didn’t want to get up!!

Thankfully I got a workout in with Lyndsay after school. It didn’t go according to plan as there were no treadmills available, so we used the bike, rowing machine and elliptical. I definitely noticed that they used different muscles than running so it was probably a good thing there were no treadmills. We did some floor work as well. Clean & press, lateral step ups, planks, skaters, up/downs, seated leg crunch, and probably some other things I’ve forgotten.

I fell walking across the road coming home from Lyndsay’s. it was wet and dark! A woman thought I was a kid so she hopped out of her car in rush hour traffic, to come check on me. It was very kind of her! Another week with a sore knee, I guess🙁😏

I had been starving all day and before my workout I ate oatmeal. When I came home I had salmon on cucumber and celery slices and roasted cauliflower. If I was going to eat everything in sight, I had to at least make it healthy food!

Of course I went from starving to stuffed so I ended up working out a second time. I did a half hour Pinterest workout that had push-ups, mountain climbers, squats, wall sit, jumping jacks, planks, lunges and high knees in it. Thankfully I feel just right now:)


Today was pretty chill with the children. I still have four away so it makes it tough to cover content. Math went completely sideways on me today. We were doing a worksheet on using two coloured counters to create equations that equal ten. Well my children seem to love making patterns so they all coloured the blocks in nice patterns and so all the equations turned into 5+5=10.🤣. Thankfully we’ve covered this concept other ways too, so it wasn’t the end of the world:)

We did snowflakes for art today. We read the book, Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin.<<<<<<<<<br
d circles and folded them and then cut into them to make interesting snowflakes. I like doing art projects that are a little more simple or old fashioned sometimes so the children get the idea they don't need an electronic game to entertain them at home! Our classroom now looks like a blizzard hit it😂 Reading:

I’m still working my way through my current book, so nothing new to report there. I do however have my next three books laid out waiting for me, so I need to get this one finished. Tonight I’ve made good progress as I’ve had the luxury of having a night where I knit a pattern repeat and then read a chapter:)


My Cowl is coming along. I’m liking the lace pattern, though I’m a little worried that it might be too stiff:( I don’t like cowls that stand up, I prefer when they drape nicely. I guess we’ll just have to see.


My tea today was David’s Tea Honeycrisp Apple. It was super good! I think it would be an excellent fall tea. It didn’t get bitter even when it had been left for hours in my insulated thermos:)

On the note of drinking- I’m good about drinking water. I usually finish my one litre water bottle every day, but lately my lips are still dry:) This is driving me nuts so if anyone has any ideas of how to solve this problem, I’d love to hear them. I keep them covered in lip balm ( and yes mom, only gluten free lip balm)and they are still dry.

Well I’m going back to my knitting and reading pattern.

Have fun!


My Night:)

A pretty good day with an even better night:)


I yet again didn’t get up for a run. I think I’ll write off this week and start next week. It should at least be getting light out before 8am by then!

I did have my very first Athletic Yoga class tonight with my friend Corianne from work. I was very nervous as I had absolutely no idea what it was even, and I had visions of falling over on my head because it has been ten years since I did yoga! The instructor called it a “yoga class on steroids”.

We did some traditional yoga poses but then added elements such as squats, tricep kickbacks, crunches, squats, etc. My mom will be very happy to hear it had lots of arms and abs (she mentioned the other day that my workouts seemed light on arms. I hadn’t realized that until she said something, so if anyone notices something like that, please tell me:). I ended up really liking the class as it was a workout but definitely also stretched out my body! The best part though was that at the end of the class the instructor asked me, ” how did it go for you as you obviously work out and are fit”. Cue the hallelujah chorus- I never thought that was how I would be identified one day!!!! For someone who was fifty pounds overweight and sedentary- that’s the best comment ever!!!


My day was going fabulous until the computer teacher had a problem with one of my students and I had to go in and solve it. Grrrr you had the problem, you solve it!!!! Otherwise life was fine.

I was reminded of the fact of how awesome the people I work with are! There was Robyn, Lyndsay and Sue in my classroom on ladders this morning trying to change my smartboard projector because it had stopped working. Of course, I can’t do anything about this because first, I’m not techy and second, I can’t reach it even on the ladder. Rob has said he’ll come by when he’s next in to solve the mirroring and focusing issues this new one is having. Then a former EA at my school stopped in to visit at recess and he brought pies for the staff, but he also brought me a little gf/df square:). I work with so many thoughtful, caring, kind and considerate people and it makes all the difference. There is a TOC in for my co teacher this week and she was in my room this morning to work on the prep for the week and also commented on how we seem to have a good time at my school and everyone is friendly and collaborative and willing to help! I have definitely landed somewhere special and I have to remember to be thankful for that!!


I had book club with the children after school. It is quite amazing as this year we have mainly boys!! In previous years it was all girls and one boy (who I loved as he always brought notes on the book). We realize the boys are probably partially there because of the chips, but they still have to read the book on their own time to come. It just makes me so happy to see kids discussing books and talking about what characters they liked and what they didn’t understand or would change in the plot and we even had a discussion on character transformation today!!! It is even better when we read a book and they carry on to read every other book the author has written or the rest of the series. They are now trying to convince us that they should have a say in the books chosen🤣🤣

Personally I got three chapters read in my current book and started on chapter two of Wives and Daughters that I am listening to on Librivox right now. I didn’t realize that it has also been made into a BBC movie or series. Finally I am beginning to make progress!


My tea today was David’s Tea Sweet Almond Green and I know I left it a long time, but I really didn’t like it!!! Unfortunately I have a whole other package of it to drink still:( Maybe it will be better if I don’t let it steep so long!


I have finally found a project for my DK yarn. It is a Cowl called Fresh Start. I’m hoping to get a bit more done tonight!


I’ve been feeling like my condo is so cluttered lately, so I’ve decided to go back to selling items on the bidding site I’m part of in Facebook. I belong to three groups actually, but was finding it a little stressful to have stuff up on all of them, so while it will take me longer, I’ve decided to just sell one item or group of items at a time for now. The decluttering will happen eventually:). I started with a Saje set I was given that I need to get out of my house as the smell is killing me. I started it at $5 and it’s already at $10!! Yippee!

Well that’s it for my day, well except for my massage which was as painful as ever!

Have fun!


Not According to Plan!

My day didn’t go according to plan. It wasn’t all bad, just not what I was ready for!


I didn’t get up for a run this morning thinking that I should ease back into these long days. It’s been feeling like enough just to work all day, and I figured I had Lyndsay’s bootcamp after work that would kick my butt, so I slept for the extra fifty minutes:)

Unfortunately, Lyndsay’s parents showed up in town two hours early, so bootcamp was cancelled:( I was going to come home and go for a run, but I had other commitments:(. I guess it turned into an unintended rest day!


My students did amazing at an earthquake drill, way better than the older children!!! Yup that’s my competitive side coming through again 🤣

I had one little guy who was having a really tough day- shouting out bathroom words at lunch, stealing books during silent reading and talking, laying around on the carpet. It wasn’t a good combination with my being hangry!!!! When I talked to him he said he was tired so I said he had to go to bed earlier tonight! I sure hope he does as I don’t want another day like today with him! I definitely didn’t think I’d be dealing with this today!

We also started gymnastics today. This unit always makes me a little nervous as I have no skills in this area! I’ve never even been able to do a cartwheel!! I just try to keep them safe and work on balancing and rolls!!! They hopefully will have a teacher next year who is more gifted in this area and can actually teach them gymnastics skills!!!


I went after school to visit my co-teacher who had been home recovering from surgery. It was great to see her!! I definitely miss having her at work, but I’m glad she’s taking the time she needs as you definitely have to be able to hit the ground running as a teacher! What was even better was that I managed to get through the whole visit without peeling a single nail!! 🎊🎉


Tonight was knit night and I have absolutely nothing to show for it:(. I spent a lot of time looking for a pattern to use my DK merino yarn for. I finally found a Cowl pattern, but when I knitted the pattern once, it just seemed too boring. I wound a skein of yarn for my temperature scarf while I was looking for something else and finally found another Cowl pattern I will try. So for knit night, I have one rolled skein to show for myself. Not what I had planned!!!

The more I think about it, the more I like Nothing But Knit 2’s stash challenge. I was saying to another blogger who has her stash busting plans all laid out that I often find it difficult to use my stash because the yarn no longer has labels so I don’t know its weight🙁. I’ll have to solve this problem before I can get busy on the stash busting.


I had David’s Tea coconut cream pie tea today. It was okay, but nothing to write home about.


I only got one chapter of my book read today when I planned to read seven!

Well that is it for me tonight as I am super tired now. I just have to decide if I’m going to get up for a run in the morning as I have book club, a massage and yoga after school tomorrow.

Have fun!


AWARD: Brotherhood of the World

This is a new award for me. I hadn’t heard of it before Abbey nominated me for it.  I’m sorry Abbey it took me so long to get to it, I just needed a computer:)  I’ll still have my regular post up this evening, documenting my day:) Oh and everyone should check out Abbey’s page – she’s a super interesting person who blogs on a variety of topics from her succulents to knitting and is also part of the Fantastic Bake-a-Long!

So without further ado….the Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award:)



What is it that helps you to continue blogging week after week?

I love to have the interaction with people all over the world!  It is so neat to hear other’s perspectives! For someone who is quite shy, it’s kind of cool to feel like I have so many new friends that I can ask questions of:)

What do you do when you need inspiration for new blog posts?

I keep my blog posts to just recounts of my day. I started the blog because I wanted to take more notice of what happened in my day. With spending the majority of my day with 21 interesting little people, I am never at a loss for something to write about LOL

Are you able to shut off your blogger brain after a long, or short for that matter, day? Or are you constantly thinking about/planning your blog posts?

I am not always planning my posts. I literally open a new post at the end of the day, just before I go to bed, and simply write about what has happened during my day. What I find interesting is how many things I forget have happened, even just by the end of the day!  I don’t want to forget things as that’s how you get into a rut and stop appreciating everything you have, blogging definitely helps with this.

What is your favorite blog post on your website?

Hmm my favourite blog post I think is actually the series of posts I wrote while I was in Boston in August. I loved how I could use my blog to record what I had done and seen that day and share my photos and all the fun I had with my friends.

What do you wish you saw more of on the blogosphere? (blog content, topics, etc)

I love seeing positive things on blogs and I am always on the lookout for these posts as I really believe, that being positive leads to recognizing more positive in your life and therefore, having more positive things in your life:)



I’m really sorry! I know a ton of super interesting and creative bloggers, but I just can’t bring myself to nominate anyone. I’ll just say – if you want to take a stab at answering the following questions, please do!!!


Questions to Answer:

Why did you start your blog?

What do you like blogging about best?

Have you shared your blog with your physical friends and family?

How long do you spend blogging and reading blogs each day?

What is your favourite blog post of yours?



  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the questions sent to you.
  • Nominate around ten bloggers.
  • Create your set of questions for your nominees.
  • List the rules and display the Brotherhood Of The World logo in your post.


I was impressed by my students, my tea and my ability to run after eating the wrong thing 🤣


I purposely didn’t work out this morning as it’s the first day of clinic and I didn’t want tired, sore legs to start running with.

Clinic was intervals tonight. 5 x 30 seconds, 5×1 min, 5×30 seconds. I pushed myself to go out with the ten minute group, though I regretted it and ended up at the back of the group because of my Buddha satay bowl. Remind me to just stick with a banana, orange or oatmeal on Tuesday nights!! I’m glad I went out with that group though as I ran into Nicole who came out Sunday mornings a few times last year. She said she may be up for a run on Saturday mornings. I hope so!!! It’s always nicer to have company:)


Today was another good day! I am happy it’s over though as I had to run the assembly today. It was short and I didn’t feel very prepared, but at least it’s done. What is even better is that this afternoon my students proved that they actually paid attention and learned during the assembly! Even now it makes me smile:). Our school theme this month is goal setting, so our assembly was about that with an emphasis on making SMART goals. Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. This afternoon we put this learning to the test and tried to write our own resolutions on snowflakes for the school tree. My students did great! They had goals such as learning to tie their shoe laces, learning to swim without floaties, learning to juggle and tell time. I was so impressed! I’ll have to remember to take some photos of them tomorrow as some did a really good job.

One of the little boys in my class was sick at the end of school last year and was sick for the entire holiday. He finally came back today and brought me a very thoughtful gift. I gave the turtles to the secretary as that would really hurt me, but I’ll enjoy this:<<<<<<<<<<<
ing a list for myself each day and it's really helping me to stay focused and accomplish more during the day. I keep it short, but today I managed to get all three things done and another two besides!


I have to rave about my tea today. Normally I find tea gets way too strong and bitter for me, but my tea today didn't and it was hours before I got to drink it! It's a David's Tea called apple strudel. It is so good!! I highly recommend it:)


I went to get my nails done after setting up the gymnastics equipment after school because I have managed to keep nails! My nails are super weak so they break at any touch- I've lost two in two days of school. I went and got them done in French shellac so they'll look nice for a while longer, but this will be the last time for a while!


As I came out of the nail salon, I was right across from Freshii and went in and got a Buddha Satay bowl. It was so good, but I’ve had such a bad eating day:(. I need to get this under control!! Thankfully most of my bad food choices are gone now:)


I am done a quarter of my book, so hopefully I’ll be able to tell you about it soon! I can’t believe how long it’s taking me to read books right now! This better not continue or I’ll never make it to 100 books for the year!


I added to my temperature scarf again today. So far, so good, but we’ll see. I know that if my friend isn’t continuing with it, I will find it tough to continue.

I read on a blog today Nothingbutknit2 about a stash challenge for the year. This knitter is determined to use at least nine skeins from her stash this year. It would be neat to keep track! I’ll have to think about adding this to my project write ups!

well I think that’s all I’ve managed to do today. Now I’m going to collapse on the couch with a movie:). And try to figure out what to make with 250 yards of DK weight yarn,😂

Have fun!


Back to Reality

Well it went better than I was expecting:)


Lyndsay told me last night I would feel better if I got up this morning and went for a run, and she was right. I only went for twenty minutes (in torrential downpour so it must be worth forty minutes😜), but hopefully it’s the start of getting back into routine. I took a slightly different route and passed the woman I pass every morning on my park route. I wish there was a way to ask her if she wants to run together since we’re the only two crazy people out there.

I also got a yoga routine after school! Lyndsay sent out an email to staff saying she would be putting on a yoga routine video after school for anyone who wanted to join. There were five of us and though it was a basic routine, it felt great to get back to it. It’s on the schedule for Mondays now:)


I was ready for the worst, but thankfully it was t that bad. Most years, I’ve had to retrain my students after the holidays, but this year they were pretty mellow. I’m thinking this is just the honeymoon so I’ll be on my guard all week.

The cutest moment today was when a little guy explained his drawing to me. He is super creative! He drew an earth and then added spiders to it, but the spiders weren’t spiders, they were…aliens. Lol he definitely has imagination to spare!

It was a lovely day with my class- we did calendar, gym, music, writing about our holidays, buddies and a desk change. My crier didn’t show up today so I had another day’s reprieve. I actually had five children away today- amazing how two weeks just isn’t enough 🤔

We also started our new read aloud novel. I know I should branch out to a new novel, but I do love Roald Dahl books for read alouds, so this term we’re going to read Matilda, one of my favourites!

Overall, it was a busy day with supervision at recess and a meeting with the assembly speakers at lunch, but I survived:)


My tea cupboard is once again bursting, but I think I came up with a plan today. I always feel guilty using a whole David’s Tea run at one time or only using tea once, but then I realized I could use one tea tin per day on my thermos as it has to last all day and I often pour more hot water in. This should start to use up the tea! Today was a lemon flavour, but I wish it had been sweeter!


I ripped out the temperature scarf and decided to try it as a circular Cowl before giving up on it. I casted on doing thirty stitches in each colour for 150 stitches. I then moved onto the second row for day six. I’m hoping in this way I won’t get a block of gray. So far, it’s tough to tell what it’s going to look like, but I like it better or at least enough to give it a few more days:)


I took Maureen’s advice and read on my lunch hour or at least for part of it. I had taken the book I started yesterday with me but ended up reading blog posts to try and catch up. Boy do a lot of people post on Monday!!! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to read my book:)


On the topic of blogging, I have a question. I never know what to do when people follow me who don’t write in English. I try to follow back anyone who follows me, but I don’t know if I should follow blogs I can’t read?🤔.


I was getting so much accomplished today! I decimated my list first thing this morning and got dinner and knitting done after I got home, but then I turned on a Hallmark movie. Tonight I watched With Love, Christmas. It was very cute, though boy the guy in it, isn’t a great actor. Cute, but he’s exactly the same in every movie!!! The movie did give me some ideas I’ve noted down for how to get into the Christmas spirit next year:). It’s great how many ideas I get from these movies:). What isn’t great though was I was supposed to start writing this post at 8, so I’d be asleep by 9, but I lost an hour of my life to the movies and didn’t start until almost 9!😫

Well, I’d better get going as I imagine, it’s going to take more patience tomorrow!

Have fun!


Cold, colder, coldest

A day which I spent trying to get warm!


4 degrees came as a shock this morning after two weeks in Arizona! I got my butt out of bed and headed out for my group run. Most were walking, but Dennis and I took off for a loop of the river. I started off running with Dennis and we were going fast, but of course I had forgotten to start my Runkeeper app:( After I stopped to start it, I was running much slower. Grrrrrrrr! I made it all the way around, but I sure noticed that I’m still congested! Sorry there’s no picture today but it was raining too hard to get one:( I got soaked!!!

Coffee afterwards was loads of fun and it was nice we had a new woman join us- Joanne. I didn’t get to talk to her, but she seemed nice:)


I finished Glazed Murder by Jessica Beck.

This is the story of Suzanne Hart who owns Donut Hearts. She has the body of one of her customers dropped on her doorstep one morning. She decides to combine her donut making with sleuthing to find the killer.

I liked how the story revolves around her friendships with Grace, Emma and George. I also liked how there was a touch of romance with the state police investigator. I also liked how there were recipes included.

I didn’t love how the recipes weren’t really connected to the story; they seemed kind of random. I also didn’t love how the murderer seemed to come out of the blue at the end. There was almost no discussion of him throughout the book and then wham in the last chapter, Suzanne and the state investigator both suddenly decide it’s him! Unh unh!

It was a cute cosy mystery, but I would recommend a Joanne Fluke book before this one.

On the reading front I am thinking that I should avoid going to the library this month and try to get some of the books read that I have around the house! My place is starting to feel a little cluttered and this could help!


I went grocery shopping and got some food into the house. I bought nothing packaged and stuck to fruits, veggies and protein. I got my food ready for the week- oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for recess, stir fry for lunch, and cinnamon Chex for after school snack. I also bought hummus and veggies for my dinners! Yay I accomplished two things- I cooked an actual dish- stir fry and I got my food ready so I’ll eat better:)


I was just picking up the phone to text Lyndsay when she texted to find out if I wanted to go for coffee. I am thankful for Lyndsay every day! She kicks my butt in workouts, she encourages me, she hangs out with me- she’s just a great friend! We met up at Cafe Divano and had tea:) I must have been having a great time as I didn’t even think of taking pictures!!! I just had tea, but I did buy three gf/df treats to split up and have a little each day. I know I have a sweet tooth and if I have a little something occasionally I will happily stick to a healthy eating plan. Hopefully the mini brownie, peanut butter cookie and Orchard cookie will do the trick! I split them all in half so I can have a bite each day. I’ll be trying to wean myself down to once a week, but wanted to start slowly. It’s going to be tough enough to get back to reality!

I also finally tried the almond baileys I had bought before my holiday. I didn’t find it very sweet and I’m thinking it will find a new home at my brother’s place. It just wasn’t worth the calories to me! I’m glad I tried it though so now I know and have an informed opinion.


I wanted to complete the Quidditch match in HPKCHC so I cleaned up the pile of yarn I’ve been creating during this past busy month. I got it all put where it belongs and only my next few projects left out.I also started the actual knitting of my year in temperature scarf.I love the idea of this scarf, but so far I’m not loving how it’s looking. I think it loses its impact because there are no clear rows. I had decided to do just one row for each day as otherwise it was going to be too long for me, but I think this is the problem:(. I would suggest to anyone doing this to do the two rows per day! I’m considering making this sweater instead.I’m having a tough time giving up on the scarf, but I bought expensive, beautiful yarn for it so I’m thinking I should make something I’ll love. Anyone’s thoughts and opinions are welcome.

I also ripped out a Cowl that had somehow gotten a hole in it and which I never wore because it curled. Now I just have to figure out what to do with 246 yards of DK yarn!!!

Well that’s the sum total of my day and I’m off to bed in the hopes of getting up early for a run:)

Have fun!