SAL Update

I just put the final stitch into this project so this update had perfect timing. This was a quick stitch and only took a week ( I work full time and also knit) and it was another stitch along with my mom(who finished in five days).

The pattern is Think Spring by Lizzie Kate that I bought through 123 Stitch.

It is stitched with Weeks Dye works and Gentle Art Sampler Threads and a couple of DMC on 28 count Green Sapphire Cashel Linen by Zeigart.

It was a really fun stitch to do as it’s all block stitching.

Please go check out all the other projects as there are some amazing stitchers in this group!

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AJ, Cathie, Linda, Helen, Connie, Cindy, MaryMargaret

SAL Update

I am just about to start working on this so thought I’d do an update first. My mom and I both started this in October and she finished hers last night so now I need to get a move on!

This so Hello Autumn by Sue Hillis designs:)

It has been interesting to do this one on 32 count as there are parts that are super confetti and I’ve learned I don’t love doing confetti on 32 count. Talk about tough to get your needle in for those single stitches. I’m almost done though and am aiming to be done by January 10th so that it will be an even 3 months.

Please make sure you check out everyone else’s progress:)



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Sal Update ( late)

Ugh a day late and a dollar short, about how my life is going this week.

I have just picked my stitching back up this weekend after having finished all of my Christmas gift knitting.

This is where I am on hello fall by Sue Hillis Designs.

I had a really difficult time with the last tire and wheel so this time I am doing it differently. I have loaded needles with each colour thread and literally go stitch by stitch across the row. It takes forever, but it’s definitely easier to get the stitches in.

I know you’ve probably all checked out everyone else’s progress, but if you haven’t please do:)



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SAL Update

Thankfully I have been busy because this certainly keeps up on me.

I have been keeping up on my temperature tree by Stitchin Mommy. I’m a little disappointed that with this continued hot weather, it isn’t going to be symmetrical, but oh well, it’s still pretty!

I have also been moving ahead on my project for my dad. I keep thinking I’m almost done because I only have two words left, but then I remember about the skull and cross bones and the ship and the huge border!

I did finish something too! I tried my first Mill Hill kit and it certainly won’t be my last! I know it took me about a week, but obviously I didn’t get to work on it every day. My mom asked me how many hours it took me and I have no idea. I have one more kit so I will keep track of hours with that one. They make a fantastic gift though as they don’t take long. This one is for my friend who plans to buy a hobby farm after her retirement in June.

I will need to bring home some felt from school to fully finish it.

Finally, my mom and I are starting a SAL! Earlier this year I had done a hello summer stitched piece for her and we have bought a hello fall piece to stitch now. She is doing it on 16 count for my door and I am doing it on 32 count for her door. I’m a little worried about her arthritis, but if she finds it uncomfortable, I will just do both:)

I unfortunately don’t have the cover picture for it, and won’t even bother with a picture this time as all I’ve done so far is one row of thirty red stitches- so not exciting!🤣

Of course I’ve also been doing my knitting too. It’s so difficult to balance the two hobbies that I enjoy so much along with my reading habit! I really need to retire so I have time for all of my hobbies!

Please make sure you check out all the other amazing projects!



AJ, Cathie, Linda, Helen, Connie, Cindy, MaryMargaret

SAL Update

We’ll it’s a good thing I had this today or no stitching would have taken place! Truth be told, I have mainly been knitting the past few weeks because I have just gone back to work and it’s busy and stressful so by the time I get home at night, I don’t feel like I have the energy to stitch, whereas I can knit in a circle on a sock.

I am happy to say though that I am up to date on my temperature tree by Stitchin Mommy. I should say though that the colour key I am using is off an online resource as hers didn’t really suit our west coast temperatures.

Sorry for the not great photo- it is so sunny in here today it is hard to find a spot without shadows. I will be oh so glad to see the start of cooler weather!

I am still working on my beatings piece for my dad and I have my next door pattern as well. However, I was going to ask for this group’s help. My colleague is retiring in June and getting married in July and I figured those were two big enough events to warrant some stitching. My thought is that I can stitch something and the staff can pay for framing as her retirement present. She loves reading, flowers, birds and cats and she is hoping to buy a hobby farm after she retires. Does anyone have a suggestion for a pattern that could be done in 8 months???

Make sure you check out the other wonderful stitchers!


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It is our first rainy day in about seven weeks and I am loving it!!!

I went for a walk with friends and didn’t melt!

I didn’t look funny drinking hot tea!

I got to bake my sourdough bread in the middle of the day!

I went and got ice cream and didn’t have to wait in a line up!

I have been knitting, cross stitching and watching podcasts and don’t have to feel guilty!

Rain makes for a great day in my book!

SAL Update

Shucks- I’m a day late! I hope I’m not too late!

I went to a Bard on the Beach performance last night and with leaving to visit my parents incredibly early tomorrow morning- my time has been crazy. I knew I was going to forget something:(

I have been continuing to stitch on my temperature tree and still loving it! I have to admit, I am so ready for the weather to cool off though!

I have also begun a new project. This one is for my dad as when I saw it, I knew it was perfect. He has said this saying a million times during my childhood, so now it will become a pillow for his birthday present in March.

This is how far I am:

Hopefully I will get more progress on it when I get home so I will have more to show on the next update.

Please make sure you go check out everyone’s progress to see the amazing stitching!


Megan, Deborah, Sharon, Daisy, AJ, Cathie, Linda, Helen, Connie, Cindy, MaryMargaret

Smart or Bossy

I am loving it up at my brother’s house- well not really but it’s much bigger and cooler than my little condo. I’m actually here to look after the dog while they are away.

This dog refuses to go for walks, but will chase a ball for hours upon hours. This morning I threw the ball for an hour and then decided to ignore him while I sat in the shade knitting.

This is what I got:

His mommy says he’s bossy and his nanny says he’s smart. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I say he’s obsessed!🙄

Best Laid Plans

I had a plan and got one post done and then my summer turned sideways.

I will state right away that nothing horrible has happened, some of it would probably be considered good, but it has all made for stress:(. Not exactly the type of summer I had planned! I am down to my last few weeks of summer and today is really the first day that I have felt stress free in a while.

But let’s forget about all that and talk about the last few days.

This week I had a workout on Monday and had a snack lunch with two friends from school. Her driveway was horrendous and I was a little afraid Sparky (my new car) wouldn’t make it up or down, but we did and had a lovely visit in between!

Monday night I left with two of my running buddies to visit two other running buddies. They are actually the couple that taught me to run and they moved to the coast about five years ago. We visited the first two years and then missed three due to Covid.

It was a lovely visit! We hiked at Hidden Groves the first day which has 21km of beautiful trails to walk ( they’d be fun to run too)! The second day I went for a run with Dennis in the morning. It was a lovely trot along the waterfront until he suddenly took off. I ran after him and turned the corner to see the Starbucks sign. I knew that man was obsessed! The final day we went for a walk at Trout Lake whiz was very green and quiet:). Along with the exercise was amazing food and good visiting ( though I had forgotten how much my friend talks- quite a change from my silent condo)!

We went out for dinner on Wednesday night to El Segundo which was amazing! Lots of gluten free and vegan options and I am still dreaming of the corn chowder and shrimp tacos I had:)

Thursday we made the long trip (only due to traffic) home and I got another workout in.

Friday I started with a short run and a massage and then met up with two friends to visit a street market two towns over. It was okay- though the lineups were horrendous, there were too many people and I paid $5.25 for about 1/3 of a cup of ice cream!! Ugh we’ll chalk it up to quality time so I forget those parts!

Today was lovely! I have done laundry, blocked a sweater and two pairs of socks, knitted a cowl for my niece for Christmas, got caught up on my temperature tree stitching and started a cowl out of my new knitting book. I also had a nap, made bread from my sourdough starter discard (good taste, but not cooked enough) and watched plenty of flosstube and knitting podcasts.

Tomorrow I run and then start house and dog sitting for my brother’s family. I am hoping life will continue calmly for the rest of the month though!

Have fun!


SAL Update

I didn’t know whether I would get done in time to get this post up on the right day!

I have been doing a temperature tree by Stitchin Mommy this year. I had gotten half the trunk done at the start of the year but have been rushing to do each branch just before the month started. I decided this had to change and so have been working to get all of the branches stitcher before I go back to work.

I am pleased to say that all branches are done and my leaves are up to date!

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this project, but I really do love how the leaves change branch to branch.

It’s now time to start the next project as this one doesn’t count as a project. The next one will end up being a pillow for my dad.

Make sure you check out everyone’s progress in this group as they are all amazing stitchers!


Megan, Deborah, Sharon, Daisy, AJ, Cathie, Linda, Helen, Connie, Cindy