I missed my daily post yesterday because I didn’t get home until 11pm which is late for me, so I’ll do two today:)

My day started really early with looking after my friend’s son while she went to work from 6:30-10:30 am.  While her son snoozed away until 8:30, the newest addition to their family kept me entertained.IMG_7338.JPG

It was straight home afterwards as I had a friend coming to look at all the clothes I was getting rid of to see if she wanted any. I’ve been selling them slowly online, but the day finally came that I was tired of having my spare room stuffed full!  She took three bags full…🎶

After we had a quick tea I went to work on making cinnamon buns. I’ve been craving them and I know two of my other running buddies have too. I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get to bake and yet not have all that baking sitting in my house!  I decided to start with two of my favourite allergy free cookbooks.

The first recipe I made, had a nice feeling dough, but unfortunately the end result was the typical dry, grainy gluten free fare. Definitely not good enough to take to my running buddies (who are gf complainers anyways), in fact not even good enough to bother icing:( They did have a good tasting filling though! I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised as they look just like the photo in the book.img_7363.jpg

The second recipe I tried had the interesting addition of applesauce to the filling. The dough was definitely stickier and more difficult to deal with, but the upside was that it had raisins. While they rose nicely and showed promise, they also came out dry:( and not worth icing:( img_7364.jpg

I was super disappointed as I really wanted cinnamon buns and while both recipes were easy to make and came from books I have been impressed with, neither resembled a “normal” cinnamon bun. I have a couple of more recipe options to try, but I think they will have to wait until I get back from Boston.

It was about this time, I thought of another friend who is similar in size to me. So after stopping to walk a friend’s dog while she was at work, off I went to K’s house with three bags full 🎶 K was hilarious and kept me well entertained trying on the clothes and I was glad she managed to find a garbage bag full that she liked!  Quite a difference from this morning with my other friend!

After that it was come home and fall into bed. I did manage to fit ten rows of my sweater into my day.  Knit one, purl one isn’t exactly exciting though:( It’s really too bad that I’m often attracted to simple sweaters as this is almost as bad as straight stockinette stitch!

I also managed to fit in a weights routine and a walk, but not a run:(IMG_7359.JPG

A friend from my walk tonight. He let me get pretty close before he flew off.

Well tomorrow is another day:)

Have fun!


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