Today has been another super busy day as I’m trying to be ready for my Boston trip a day early so I can visit my parents tomorrow.

My day started out lovely with a run at Hyde Creek in Port Coquitlam. This run starts at the rec Centre, which is great in case you need a washroom or water, then makes its way through a forest path ( nice and shady and cool today) to the dyke. My running buddy and I just did 15 minutes out and fifteen back as we were getting reports that there was a bear ahead of us. We never did see or hear it.

We followed the run up with a trip to Maple Ridge for sushi. It might be crazy to drive 20 minutes just for sushi, but on occasion I make the drive so that I can eat rolls. Wasabi Sushi/Grill offers gluten free and dairy free ( they also cater to other allergies)šŸ˜€ They have the best menu I’ve seen for gluten free menu and it wasn’t outrageously expensive. I pigged out on tuna maki, a bc roll and a salmon/avocado roll IMG_7386.JPGwhile my friend had the roll combo and with tip it came to $33. The place is just in a strip mall, but the inside is nice and it’s clean, the service is attentive, but not invasive and the sushi is yummy!

From there it was home to do a few more photos and then off to get my eyelashes and eyebrows died. I’m so blonde that if I don’t get them done, it looks like I have neither. So glad I found Lisa at Chic Beauty Bar. It’s great to be able to chat as you’re have esthetic services and her prices are in-line with everyone else’s:)

My cousin came back to finish installing my new toilet, how exciting, lol and I got the last of my blueberries frozen. My freezer looks like it may belong to the ant from the Aesop Fable: The Grasshopper and the Ant. It wasn’t planned, but I’m sure going to enjoy all the fruit this winter!

I also sold all my old pants and shorts for a ridiculously low amount, but at least they are out of my house!!!

I got out for my usual inlet walk. Boy was it ever busy tonight, even with the continued smoke.

The rest of the night has been spent doing more photos. I now have less than 700 photos on my phone and I have one more day before I leave. Oh the other thing I did today was look into a phone plan for while I’m away. Does anyone else get really confused doing this??? I’ve given up for today, but I’ll have to tackle it again tomorrow.

Well I want to finish off my book in bed, so I’ll leave you to the night!

Have fun!


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