Today was a busy day, but fabulous! I dragged myself out for a run first thing and did a loop of the neighbourhood. Had to restrain myself from taking pictures of the houses as otherwise there would have been no run! They are all so gorgeous! You could pick any one of them to be in a magazine!IMG_7408.JPG

My friend has bought so many gf and df options that I just want to eat everything! At home we have Rice Chex cereal but the Vanilla version on the East Coast blows ours out of the water! So good!!!!

We packed the girls and her hubby off for the day and headed to downtown Boston to explore. We saw the Boston commons,IMG_7453.JPG the State House,IMG_7426.JPG Boston Gardens, Beacon Hill, Newbury Street, Back Bay, Prudential Centre with Eataly, IMG_7530.JPGthe Public Library, IMG_7550.JPGTrinity ChurchIMG_7566 and the Downtown Crossing!

We stopped twice for food in all of this adventure. We had lunch at a place called Tatte which my friend had been wanting to try. It is super small and super busy, but the pastries look to die for. Online it said it had gf but really thy just have flourless brownies and meringues which are baked in the same area and aren’t dairy free. I ended up having a ice chai latte ( they do have almond or soy milk) and a vegetable quinoa bowl without the feta. It took a long time to get my food, but it was certainly worth the wait!

The second food stop was at the Georgetown Cupcakes Newbury which was on my gluten free/ dairy free list. Unfortunately hey had a vegan carrot cake cupcake or a gluten free chocolate peanut butter cupcake but nothing that was both. My friends had the key lime cheesecake cupcake and the red velvet cupcake and said both were amazing! IMG_7512

We also popped our head into the Thinking Cup coffee shop near by but again there was only gluten free, no dairy free:(

It has been an amazing day and I feel like we saw a lot for just one day. So far, Boston has not disappointed!

Off to bed so I can tour again tomorrow:)

Have fun!



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