Yesterday was  a very looooong travel day for me so I just couldn’t write a post when I finally walked through the door:( The trip was fine but leaving my friend’s place at 2:30pm and finally getting home at 11:45pm (2:45 am if I stuck with the time zone I started with) did me in.

I was very glad that I had gotten a run in that morning. My last day to run in Lexington and I went along Burlington Street until I ran out of road as it turned into North. I retraced my steps, but with a detour down Hawthorne Drive which turns into Longfellow. The route had no sidewalks though:( I was running along on my way out when I realized there was something large right beside me. It turned out to be a flick of wild turkeys. Boy did they startle me! I waited until I was on the other side of the street to take a picture. IMG_8639.JPG

I wanted to talk airplane snacks today as that’s about all I did-eat!

I had picked up two gluten free and dairy free chocolate bars in Boston. I’m not sure why as I don’t particularly like chocolate, 😂.

The first was IMG_8649.JPGthis one! When I opened the package I noticed right away that it had softened a lot. That seemed as though it had softened very easily as my purse wasn’t particularly warm. The taste of this chocolate bar was really good, but because it is only divided into one large piece and one small piece, I found it hard to break apart into smaller pieces. It didn’t “snap” like most chocolate bars.

The second chocolate bar I tried was:IMG_8648.JPGI chose this one because it said toffee. Anything toffee or caramel flavoured is my favourite. The chocolate bar looked good when I opened it and was divided into nice, small pieces that snapped apart easily. Unfortunately, I only ate about three before I couldn’t bring myself to eat anymore. It just wasn’t the sweet treat I was looking for:( When I indulge I want it to be worth it and I don’t think this chocolate bar is.) I found it to be bitter (yes I know it’s dark chocolate) and it didn’t seem to have a strong toffee taste. In fact, if I hadn’t seen the package, I wouldn’t have guessed it was flavoured:( I’ll try another piece today to confirm, but I don’t think it’s worth purchasing!

In addition to these two chocolate bars I also had a package of seaweed from Costco which may become a staple. 100 calories for the whole package, it takes a while to eat it and it definitely would satisfy a salt craving.

I also tried a package of sea salt flavoured veggie sticks. I found these to be quite bland. Now I know why my friend’s kids prefer the ranch flavour!

Well, I think I’ll give up on sleep and go for a run!

Have fun!


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