Today has been a quiet day- not even a run since I had a massage this morning, though I did get out for a walk tonight. I try to enjoy having a looser body for twenty-four hours.

I have been knitting on the Nubby Knit Turtleneck a lot today and may just finish the front tonight, or maybe tomorrow:)

I have definitely noticed lately just how goal oriented I am. Today I noticed that when I sit down to knit, I always try to do five rows and when I was working on my Montreal album, I realized I always have the goal of doing ten pages. I wonder if this is a good thing ???

The most exciting things I’ve done today have been in the kitchen. First, I got my spices organized. About a year ago I had bought small containers at my local dollar store and put my spices in them, but I had left lots of big containers of spices too. Today I decided I didn’t need big containers, just the small ones as the spice would need to be replaced long before I got to the bottom of a big jar. So I transferred what I could to the small containers, labelled them and threw out the old, big jars. I love organizing things (not events)!

I am trying out two different organizations for the jars to see which works better.

The second thing I did in the kitchen was to get busy cooking! It felt so good to be back working in the kitchen. I knew I needed to use up the apples so I decided to start with making Apple Pie Ice Cream from my new cookbook, Paleo Eats by Kelly Bejelly.  I had to hit the store for maple syrup and a second can of coconut milk so the recipe cost me approximately ten dollars to make as I had all the other ingredients already. It was an easy recipe and only took about ten minutes to prepare and then twenty minutes to churn in the ice cream maker. I like what the ice cream looks like and it has good flavour, unfortunately, I find I don’t like the texture. It is grainy or powdery and I’m not sure why. IMG_8675At this point, I would definitely say that the carmelized pear ice cream, from Food52, that I made last year was better!


Well I must get back to knitting if I want to finish Nubby by Sunday!

Have fun!


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