Well for a day that started out with the disappointment of my running buddy cancelling, it has turned out to be quite great!

With being on my own for my run, I suddenly got the idea to do a ten km run as I haven’t done so for a few months.  I started off great, but had my tracking program giving the time every ten minutes. It got tough to keep going when I realized that I was going to be slower than I had been last time. I seriously contemplated stopping at just over 6km when I got back to my place, but managed to push myself to keep going with the thought that the time didn’t matter as long as I finished it. I would love to know what my pace is in miles!

It was definitely harder to accomplish the run this time and I think it’s due to the lack of weight workouts lately. I managed to keep up my running in Boston, but not my usual workout.  If nothing else, my tough run inspired me to do the Burpee Killer workout I’ve been avoiding. It turned out not to be as horrible as it looked:) I also got a walk in this evening so I’m three for three for exercise today 🎉

Since it was cloudy and much cooler today, I took that as a sign that I could do some baking:) I had chosen the Skillet Apple Pie from my Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook. I love almond flour but buy it sparingly because of its cost.  This recipe didn’t turn out perfectly, but I think it was my fault, not the recipes!  First I would suggest getting all the parts put together in advance so you just need to mix together. None of them are difficult, just the timing is quick. Secondly, the recipe said to add the liquid mixture to the apples after you removed it from the heat, but I would actually put it in for there last minute or so, to help it thicken as it was still quite runny.  Thirdly, I may just put the skillet into the middle of the oven, not the top as it browned REALLY quickly!!! I also realized after I started that I no longer had a cast iron skillet which I think a 10″ one would be perfect for this recipe.  It would actually be quite a gorgeous dessert for company if you had that size. Mine turned out more like a crumble,IMG_8680.JPG but I’d definitely make it again because it tastes divine!  It was especially yummy with my apple pie ice cream from yesterday on top.  Thankfully, I quickly got it portioned out and frozen so I didn’t eat the whole thing today!

I got a few chores done around the house- laundry, tidying, little more on my Montreal album. I also surprisingly got my bathroom cleaned. I had bought a new shower curtain liner yesterday and I wanted to hang it but then decided if I was going to do that I should wash the shower curtain and then figured I’d clean the tub and by the time you clean the tub you might as well do the rest of the bathroom so now I have a nice, clean bathroom lol😀Never a bad thing!

I have been knitting furiously all day hoping that I’d be able to share a finished Nubby knit turtleneck, but I’ve come to the realization it won’t be done today. I’m so close! One sleeve and a collar to go! Just one question, does anyone have a better way of keeping track of rows than tally marks on a piece of paper ?

Well I’m back to knitting so I’ll be able to share a completed sweater soon!!

Have fun!


4 thoughts on “Surprisingly Wonderful

  1. I’m not a knitter so I can’t help there!! But your story of cleaning the bathroom is comical! Probably because it sounds like something I’d do😆 glad you were able to get some things done today and exercise! I did really goo at the beginning of the week, 3 for 4 days…not so good since then as I had cheesecake at 1:00 and just polished off a large taco salad for my “second” dinner. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to get out and walk tomorrow!!

    1. Thanks for reading and responding! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does that type of thing!
      I also definitely have my eating days! I just keep trying to remind myself it’s 80/20 that’s healthy. I don’t think I’d better do the math on whether I’m good 80% of the time though, lol

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