Well my holiday cost me two pounds and a lot of muscle tone. It could have been much worse ( I think running all but two days really helped), but it was enough motivation to get me back on a healthy lifestyle:)

I did my usual run around the Burrard Inlet to Rocky Point Park tonight. It was weird because at times I had the feeling I was kind of running sideways, like some dogs do🤔. My times weren’t too bad though so I was happy!

Those two pounds were also motivation for some healthy grocery shopping and meal prep. My fruit salad is ready for the week. This week it is cantaloupe, watermelon, pear, plum, Apple, banana and a mandarin orange. My veggies are cut up and ready to be munched on. I also splurged and got the individual packages of guacamole to eat with my veggies as I figure portion control is going to be very important as I get my stomach shrunk back down to its regular size.

The two pounds also motivated the Pylo Circuit workout this evening and a walk. Not bad for my first day back from holidays!

My walk was only half of the usual because I had a bee that just wouldn’t stop following me. That was enough motivation to come home!

I had meant to stop in at Matteo’s Gelato so I could enjoy a treat since I was going to  be in the area, but I was so focused on wanting to see the eclipse today that before I knew it, I was out of Port Coquitlamand up getting my groceries. I guess the eclipse provided good motivation today too:)

I spent a lot of today looking at slipper patterns on Ravelry. 46 pages of them in fact. I’ve narrowed it down to the fact I want a pair I can wear over socks, they need to have an interesting stitch pattern and they need to have one button that is just for pretty! I spent all this time looking as slippers are what I want to make out of my New Hampshire wool, but then I realized I had my turtleneck on the go still and my parent’s afghan to make. Wanting to get started on my slippers motivated me to get the back of my nubby knit turtleneck done. Hopefully it will continue to motivate me!!!

Reading a wordpress blog I follow also motivated me to join KAL fanatics on Ravelry. Lately I’ve heard so much about these KAL’s that I’m intrigued. Hopefully this board is a good place to start. If there’s a better place, please tell me.

My sweater has also motivated me to stay up until an appropriate West Coast bedtime. It’s good I had the motivation as I’ve been wanting to sleep for a while now! I think I’ll give in:)

Have fun!


Crunch, Crunch, Crunch

Yesterday was  a very looooong travel day for me so I just couldn’t write a post when I finally walked through the door:( The trip was fine but leaving my friend’s place at 2:30pm and finally getting home at 11:45pm (2:45 am if I stuck with the time zone I started with) did me in.

I was very glad that I had gotten a run in that morning. My last day to run in Lexington and I went along Burlington Street until I ran out of road as it turned into North. I retraced my steps, but with a detour down Hawthorne Drive which turns into Longfellow. The route had no sidewalks though:( I was running along on my way out when I realized there was something large right beside me. It turned out to be a flick of wild turkeys. Boy did they startle me! I waited until I was on the other side of the street to take a picture. IMG_8639.JPG

I wanted to talk airplane snacks today as that’s about all I did-eat!

I had picked up two gluten free and dairy free chocolate bars in Boston. I’m not sure why as I don’t particularly like chocolate, 😂.

The first was IMG_8649.JPGthis one! When I opened the package I noticed right away that it had softened a lot. That seemed as though it had softened very easily as my purse wasn’t particularly warm. The taste of this chocolate bar was really good, but because it is only divided into one large piece and one small piece, I found it hard to break apart into smaller pieces. It didn’t “snap” like most chocolate bars.

The second chocolate bar I tried was:IMG_8648.JPGI chose this one because it said toffee. Anything toffee or caramel flavoured is my favourite. The chocolate bar looked good when I opened it and was divided into nice, small pieces that snapped apart easily. Unfortunately, I only ate about three before I couldn’t bring myself to eat anymore. It just wasn’t the sweet treat I was looking for:( When I indulge I want it to be worth it and I don’t think this chocolate bar is.) I found it to be bitter (yes I know it’s dark chocolate) and it didn’t seem to have a strong toffee taste. In fact, if I hadn’t seen the package, I wouldn’t have guessed it was flavoured:( I’ll try another piece today to confirm, but I don’t think it’s worth purchasing!

In addition to these two chocolate bars I also had a package of seaweed from Costco which may become a staple. 100 calories for the whole package, it takes a while to eat it and it definitely would satisfy a salt craving.

I also tried a package of sea salt flavoured veggie sticks. I found these to be quite bland. Now I know why my friend’s kids prefer the ranch flavour!

Well, I think I’ll give up on sleep and go for a run!

Have fun!


Food, Food, Food

Today I actually set a goal for my run. I did Burlington Street to Hancock and then all the way down Hancock to the centre of Lexington. I wanted to see if I could get there in the fifteen minutes before I turn and … I did, with one minute to spare! 🎉🎊Once I got home and had breakfast, I turned around and did a speed walk with my friend and her daughter and it felt great to be active!

It took a while to figure out what we wanted to do today as we wanted to avoid downtown Boston  the the free speech rally. We decided on Walden Pond which turned out to be a really beautiful place with quite warm water.IMG_8594

We also went out for lunch at B.Good. It is an order at the counter Cafe that has tons of gluten free and dairy free options! The clerk was super helpful and checked their reference guide to make sure that I wasn’t going to get sick. I decided on a Kale Crush smoothie, sweet potato fries and a West Side burger on a gluten free bun.IMG_8585 It was a ton of food and incredibly yummy! Yet again, I was thankful we had gotten there just before lunch because when we were leaving there was a lineup out the door.

We also stopped at Wegman’s for groceries in Burlington. Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a larger gluten free section in a normal grocery store. They also had some cookies that looked good enough to eat and like normal cookies! I think I could have spent hours in this store looking. It is the Thrifty Foods feel (for anyone who lives on the West Coast) but a Costco size.  I want to go back!

We hung out at home for a while and I watched Campfire Kisses on Hallmark Channel. It was ok. I just didn’t feel like the two main characters matched well. “Dana” just seemed too young for “Steve” and to have a son that age!

We finally got up the energy to drag ourselves off the couch and go downtown on the Subway. I didn’t notice any difference today except for the number of police officers around.  We walked through the Boston Public Market but unfortunately I couldn’t remember the name of the place that supposedly had gluten free and dairy free cinnamon buns in here. I did get to talk local knitting for a moment though at New England Farm to Fiber. imageKaren was super knowledgeable and a delight to talk to! I liked how there were swatches knitted with each of the wools available so you could feel what they were going to be like. All of the yarn was as unprocessed as possible, so of course were a little rougher and all shades of brown and gray.

Of course, I liked the alpaca the best but it unfortunately didn’t come in a good colour for me:(

For dinner we went to the Italian district in Boston, the North End. It was so busy everywhere!!!  We decided on La Famiglia Giorgio. It was a twenty minute wait ( exactly the time they told us) and had a very cozy feel. I had the Frutti de Mare with gluten free, dairy free fusilli pasta and a glass of sangria. IMG_8628.JPGIt was all very yummy and easily organized. The waitress was helpful, though she seemed ticked at the end when we asked to have the bill split up. Nobody wanted to pay the extra I had to though- $41 for Pasta!!ouch:( It was yummy though!

We wanted to check out Mike’s Pastries but the line didn’t seem to be moving at all so we went to Modern Pastries instead. I was all excited as the clerk thought they had a gluten free, dairy free cannoli, but it turned out to only be gluten free. The only gf/df option was a packaged chocolate chip cookie. Oh well, I didn’t need those calories anyways!

I’m so tired!

Have fun!


Walking and Eating

I jumped out of bed at 7am this morning and hit Burlington Street for a run. The plan was to go to Estabrook Elementary but that only took eight minutes so I had to continue onto Grove Street which has a big hill!

Today we took in some history in Boston. We hit the Seaport area to take in the Boston Tea Party Museum. IMG_8424.JPGI asked the ticket booth and it was $28 for an adult ticket, but you have to take a guided tour, you can’t just wander around. The tour looked cool as it is led by people in costume and supposedly there is a reenactment, multi -media displays and a movie, however, it is also an hour and fifteen minutes long. With an almost three year old, this just sounded too long! We were heading in to just look around the gift shop when one of the tour guides let us in on the fact that if we bought tea in Abigail’s Tea Room and sat on the balcony to drink it, we would be able to hear the tour. We headed through the gift shop, which had lots of neat things but all were quite expensive, to the tea room. We decided to have their tea sampler which is up to four cups of tea and two scones. The gluten free options only numbered two and came in plastic wrap, so I left the eating to everyone else. The blueberry and chocolate chip scones weren’t bad, but weren’t anything spectacular I am told.  I have to say I was very disappointed with the tea. It was very strong and slightly cold so it must have been sitting there for a while:(IMG_8438.JPG

We moved from the Tea Party Museum along the Harbour Walk to By Chloe which is a vegan restaurant about two blocks away at 107 Seaport Drive. IMG_8484.JPG It is tucked around a corner so persevere when looking for it. This restaurant started in New York and now has a location in the Seaport area and in the Fenway Park area of Boston. We walked into a very quiet restaurant with very natural and airy decoration.

You order at the counter and have quite a lot of choice of ready made items and to order items.  It was such a tough choice, but I finally decided on gluten free mac n cheese, a chai tea with dairy free half and half and gluten free vegan salted peanut butter ice cream for dessert.

Everything was super delicious! I’m glad we got there before noon however as by the time we were done our lunch there was not an empty seat in the place.  This was a  treat for a gf/df person as everything is dairy free and there are a lot of gluten free options. It seemed slightly expensive at $17, but it was a nice change to have so many options.

We headed out of Boston and down to Harvard. It was so amazing to stand in Harvard Yard and look at the beautiful setting around me. I could have stayed there for a long time! IMG_8500.JPGAll I could think about was the scene from First Daughter with Katie Holmes walking through the Harvard Yard.

We also stopped on the way home at Wilson Farm Market which was a wonderful experience! It has a big selection of amazing fruits and veggies as well as a deli, bakery, cheese counter and butcher. I grabbed a bag of dairy free, gluten free whoopie pies made by the Sweet Treats Without the Wheat Bakery. It was one of the bakeries I had read about before coming to Boston and I’ve since learned whoopie pies are a big thing on the East Coast.  I have to say they were ok, but all of us noticed they had a distinctive taste to them:(

Well we are busy trying to determine what to do tomorrow while we avoid Downtown Boston.

Have fun!



Today Dover, New Hampshire became one of my favourite places.IMG_8340.JPG We got off the train and walked one block down the street and arrived at a lovely knitting store! I’ve been having withdrawal as this is the longest I have ever gone without knitting since I was taught the skill at age four!

Spinning Yarns is at 511 Central Avenue in Dover, NH.IMG_8360.JPG It is a bright and lovely shop that opens to a view of two comfy rocking chairs in the window that just invite you to sit and knit. The store has lots of yarn and gadgets, along with some samples. I found the prices to be very reasonable and there was even a lot of wool on sale because of a store wide sale that had started the week before. Supposedly the store has been there for fifteen years and is going to be repainted this weekend and a special celebration of this facelift is planned within the month.

The owner was incredibly helpful and patient and I liked how there was a computer provided for customers to access Ravelry.  There was a variety of wool from novelty Yarns to beautiful merinos and silks. The decorating was also great as I spotted a book called “Leave Me Alone” and a license plate that would be perfect for any knitter!

I asked for something that was local or representative of the area (as I do in each new knitting store I visit) and she suggested either the Harrisburg yarn which is produced near there or the Madeline Tosh yarn that is named for NH. I chose Granite State Madeline Tosh and 100% Merino in fingering weight.  Unfortunately the store only had one skein left so I’ve been kept busy trying to determine what I’m going to do with 420 yards of gorgeous gray wool! I also picked up some stunningly buttons made from deer antlers that are produced in Henniker, NH by Favour Valley Woodworking. It was a tough choice as all the buttons were incredibly lovely and unique!IMG_8413.JPG

Dover continued to be favourable by then providing a large selection for my lunch at the Dover Naturals Market and Good Karma Cafe.IMG_8362.JPG The Cafe is situated on the corner of Chestnut and Sixth Streets, about three blocks from the Amtrak train station. Wow, I think it’s the first time on this trip that I’ve actually had a choice where I didn’t have to ask to have food items altered. I decided on the Shamrock Shake, a veggie and cheese sandwich on homemade gf white bread and the cafe’s most popular bar. It was all very yummy, but way more food than I needed!

Just be aware that everything is made by just two people so you need time to enjoy this Cafe. My friend and I were a little worried that we were going to miss the train!

Lol the funny thing is that after all this eating, our friend picked us up in Woburn and took us to Legal Sea Foos at Burlington Mall which I’ve been dying to try! img_8411.jpgI was pleasantly surprised when the waitress brought me gf/df? dinner rolls to enjoy! I followed this up with the steamed mussel appetizer.IMG_8412.JPG I was just too full to truly appreciate the wonderful food at this restaurant. The waitress are the experience very simple and easy which was a nice change from lately!

Id better get to be done though as I now have to run three times as far tomorrow morning!

Have fun!


Shop, Lobster, Repeat

Today we spent the day in Freeport, Maine.  Woke in a lovely room in the White Cedar Inn and went down to a delicious breakfast of eggs and sausage cooked by our host Rock and served by Monica. IMG_8181.JPGThat was the gluten free, dairy free  breakfast they provided for me. My travel partner had a delicious looking orange croissant French toast with sausage. There was also hot coffee, a big selection of teas and a few juices to choose from. Yum!

I quickly learned that the knitting store and children’s consignment stores I wanted to look at were just too far away for walking:( So we headed out to explore the Main Street shopping. One of the neat things about shopping in Freeport, Maine is that most of the stores are in buildings that are either old or built to look old. It really makes for a lovely, quaint shopping experience, and the whole shopping district is quite compact!

Stop #1: Georgetown Pottery- absolutely beautiful pottery and many other local crafts as well. I was especially intrigued by the mug rests filled with Balsam Fir, but if you want something bigger they had everything, including a bathroom sink!

Stop #2: Sherman’s Book and Stationary Store- this is way more than just a book store! I of course found two knitting books I wanted and a cookbook. They even have a large selection of Maine authored books. To add to this you can get stationary, cooking gadgets, jams and jellies, clothing,…

Stop #3: Coastal Maine Popcorn Company- wow! All but one of the flavours is gluten free and many are dairy free! The young clerk also allowed us to try way more than the states two samples. I have to say I loved the Maine Maple, the  Marshmallow Treat and the Jey Lime Pie flavours. My friend bought a small package of the New England Berries Flavour. Again, someone came up with a cute sign!IMG_8192.JPG

Stop #4: Mangy Moose- this is a souvenir shop that offered a lot- both big and small. Plenty of the usual magnets and t-shirts but also just cute little stationary supplies. I picked up Massachusetts glasses for my friend and a lobster oven mitt for myself. My friend found a Maine salt grinder here.

Stop #5: Wicked Whoopies- supposedly this is a Mains treat staple. I asked but they had no gluten free and dairy free options. There were some very interesting flavours and a variety of sizes from mini to gargantuan!

Stop #6: The North face – a good kid’s department and everything was 50% off, but I ended up with nothing because of the exchange rate:(

Stop #6: Patagonia- the store is very small so it quickly feels very crowded! It had some pretty looking prints, but personally the two Burmese Mountain Dogs out front were more interesting to me🤣

Stop #7: A Wilbur’s Chocolate Shop- this was a very cute shop upstairs of a florist. IMG_8202.JPGYet again I asked about gf and df but was told they had those at the store attached to their factory, but not in this location. Wouldn’t you think they’d have something if they make them????

Stop #8: The Orvis Company- we had never heard of this store before, but have since learned that it is a fishing store. It has some clothes but not anything that really appealed to me:(

Stop #9: J Crew- seemed the same as at home, but not as good of sales:(

Lobster #1: Linda Bean’s Main Kitchen and Topside Tavern- my friend and I shared the Big Lobster Claw Salad. It was a chef’s salad either lobster added and the restaurant kindly put the gluten and dairy ingredients separate and brought two plates. A lovely place with sidewalk dining or balcony dining as well as inside options. IMG_8203.JPG

Stop #10: Sea Bags- I loved this store and everything in it. IMG_8206.JPGGorgeous bags of every shape, size and colour and some beautiful accessories to go along with them.

Stop #11: Freeport Village Station- seemed like a small outlet mall with stores such as Coach, Haggar, LL Bean Outlet, Francesca’s, Old Navy, Nike, etc. IMG_8207.JPGIt was fine, but I didn’t feel the need to buy anything.

Stop #12: Abacus- turned out to be arts,crafts and gifts. It had interesting items, displayed in a bright, clean store, but the clerk was definitely not welcoming, helpful or friendly:(

Stop #13: Cotton Weeds Quilt Shop- absolutely beautiful store with lots of material and tools along with samples and even previous samples for sale at very reasonable prices! If only I had more room in my bag:(

Stop #14: When Pigs Fly – turned out to be a bread store! It smelled divine, but I can’t tell you how anything was because there was flour flying everywhere in there so I got out quick!

Stop #15: Freeport Historical Society- this had one show on right now of donated objects, but everything was very local and well documented. The atmosphere was bright and fresh:)IMG_8222.JPG

Stop #16: Gap outlet- just like every other Gap outlet in the world. My friend did find some dark wash jean Bermuda shorts that she’s been looking for.

Stop #17: Frosty’s: a make it yourself doughnut shop. It was pretty picked over by 3pm but it’s an interesting concept so I suggest checking it out early in the day!

Eating #2: The Lobster Cooker and Upper Deck Sports Pub- I only saw the downstairs of this shop which is a take out counter with tables and chairs set up outside. I asked about gf and df lobster rolls as it showed up on my “Find me GF” app, but really they were just going to give me lobster with nothing on it on top of lettuce. I think I can find a more exciting lobster dish somewhere else.IMG_8216.JPG

But the sign outside was quite cute! Someone has a sense of humour:)

Stop #18:  The LL Bean Campus. It feels as though this town should be called LL Bean Town as it is everywhere! However, I’ve heard they are a good employer and a great community member so I guess it’s a good thing:) They certainly have a pretty campus and offer a wide variety of events and activities in the community. We checked out the Ben and Jerry’s, but they only offered Berry Berry Extraordinary and Lemonade flavours of Sorbet so we decided that wasn’t interesting enough to waste calories on. We saw the big boot and backpack art and had fun taking pictures with it and checked the menu for the 1912 Cafe which had lots of gluten free options listed for their sandwiches, salads and soups, but no seafood.

Eating #3: Coffe by Design which is in the LL Bean Store. They had a variety of coffee and chai options and provided soy, almond or coconut milk alternatives. They also had about five gluten free treat options. I went with an iced chai latte with coconut milk and an OAT ( Oats Any Time) blueberry tart ( though it looked and tasted more like a cookie) which were both very yummy,but also came in at $8 and change!IMG_8260.JPG

Stop #19: Great Foods and Gifts from Great Britain- I have to admit this store only got a quick look because it was freezing inside!!! It had a variety of things, including absolutely beautiful knitted and wooden garments, but everything also seemed quite expensive:(

Eating #4: Harraseeket Inn’s Broad Arrow Tavern- I had the Seasonal Tavern Salad (Demi size) and added lobster to it. It was just the right size for me and was delicious as it came with a champagne vinaigrette. My friend enjoyed the complimentary bread and butter and we both enjoyed the hunting lodge decor. The food came very quickly as well:)IMG_8284.JPG

we finally did something other than shop and eat lobster after dinner when we went for a walk along Main Street to West Street to South Street and then up Bow Street. We saw a statue dedicated to sailors and soldiers IMG_8299.JPGand enjoyed the very quiet neighbourhood street.

Freeport didn’t disappoint in any way, but now it’s time for bed asstonorrow is another travel day!

Have fun!


Finally Freeport

Today has been a travel day, but I did manage to get a run in before we left Lexington this morning:) My friend had suggested I run Redcoat Lane so I did that and Flintlock Drive, then carried on to run Victory Gardens. Wow is all I can say to the 12-15 monster houses that make up this community. They are obviously new but made to look old and they are massive, but at least they are on decent sized lots and not six inches apart.

We caught the 9:23 Downeaster train at Woburn. It was super easy as it’s from the same station where the Logan Express bus came from the airport. We met a very nice couple who gave us a few pointers.  We had decided to take advantage of the multi-stop trip option and elected to stop in Wells, Maine on the way up to Freeport. We stopped there because on the website it showed a trolley tour from the train station. Haha, isn’t the internet an amazing thing. It turns out the trolley buses are the town’s bus service. The driver, Ton, was super helpful but we spent two hours driving around on the trolley for $1 and then they ensured we got back to the station. They had said we didn’t have time to get off and look at everything, but in hindsight we probably did. I’m not sure I would recommend Wells as a place to stop as it mostly looked like a tourist trap near the beach, IMG_8072.JPGbut the people were very helpful. After continuing up the coast, my friend and I both wish we had chosen Old Orchard Beach as you can se the ocean from the train and it looks like you can walk all along it and there is even a Ferris wheel!

With almost two hours at the train station to kill, I finished my kindle book, Stripping the Billionaire by Noelle Adams. It was a good read, though it felt as though the characters didn’t actually communicate enough to solve their problems, they both just figured it out in their heads. I do prefer my books slightly more realistic than a multimillionaire hiding out from his family and falling for the rich, gorgeous but lonely neighbour. Oh well, it was a good summer read! I also exercised a bit. I noticed the platform was a nice long flat surface so I skipped to each end and performed squats and push-ups each time I got to an end. IMG_8132I suppose this wait was meant to be!

When we got back on the train, both my friend and I felt like we were going in the wrong direction, but we did finally arrive in Freeport, so I suppose not:)

Upon arriving, Freeport did not disappoint. There was a volunteer at the train station handing out maps and he kindly explained how to get to our B&B. It seems like a very straightforward town and everything is close together. Except for the knitting store:( I was so looking forward to visiting the LYS, but it’s a ways out of town and without a car, it looks impossible😫

Our B&B, the White Cedar Inn, is gorgeous as you approach it. IMG_8171We met Monica tonight who was super friendly and helpful. Definitely gave us a happy first impression! She recommended the Jameson Tavern for dinner which was wonderful. They took my gluten and dairy allergies seriously and I enjoyed an awesome mussel, shrimp, lobster, and scallop scampi without the pasta, lol. Oh and a Blueberry Sangria that was very yummy!IMG_8159.JPG

After dinner we hit the CVS in town for sundries and the BowStreetMarket which was a lovely surprise from the gluten free, dairy free angle. They had a ton of products I had never seen before. The clerk explained they are a Hannaford’s Independent store which gives them a lot of leeway in products. Definitely worth the two minute walk!!!!!!

Well, I’m going to do a little exercising as I feel sick from all the treats I tried from the grocery store and then fall into bed.

Have fun!



Today has been an interesting day!

It started with another great run around Lexington, MA. I ran down Burlington Street to Hamilton, along there to Ledgelawn, to Revere, and back. I passed the trail my friend told me about and it looks awesome! I’ll have to check it out!

We headed out today – three adults and one three year old and what a day we had:)

We went to Concord and toured the Orchard House which was the home of Louisa May Alcott and her family and the setting she used for Little Women as she was living there when she wrote the book.  The house is set in beautiful grounds. IMG_7924.JPGYou have to take a tour to view the house, but it’s only ten dollars and the tours seem to happen frequently. The tour starts with a video in Louisa’s art gallery and this consists of about half of the tour. It was disappointing that you’re not allowed to take any photos anywhere else in the house😞 It was a lovely house with lots of artifacts and the guide seems to be quite knowledgeable, I would love to see it be a little longer though and non-flash photography allowed!

We stopped for a quick look at the nearby Minuteman National park in Concord, MA. We just had a quick look at the visitor centre so our little guest could ride her bike:) The park seems extensive and has a lovely walk around it that documents important events in the area, including the capture site of Paul Revere!

After that we came home as my friend needed to be home for an appointment. I’m packed for Maine in the morning and spent most of the rest of the day relaxing.

We did go into “downtown” Lexington to look at the Minuteman statue and the battle green which is a beautiful area.

There are also some beautiful old houses in the area on Oakmount Street.IMG_7959.JPG

By the time we picked the older daughter up from her gymnastics camp the threenager was in full tantrum as she didn’t want to go to the grocery store. My friend told me the term threenager today and it seems so appropriate. This little one just didn’t know what she wanted. Lol I’m just glad she did this in the car and not during the Orchard House tour! I’m not sure the term should even apply to one so cute!

We’re just relaxing for the evening as we’ll be heading out early.

Have fun!



Today has been a super great day, but really busy! I’m exhausted!

Started the day at exactly 7:35am when my friend’s alarm went off very loudly! I got myself out the door for a run. I’m staying in Lexington right now and am just running the streets as the pretty houses distract me really well! I ran Simonds Street to the end and then came back along each side Street. At times it was tough because there were a lot of hills, but I’m doing a lot less exercise right now and a lot more eating, in this I found great impetus for running those hills! I still haven’t allowed myself to take any pictures of the houses, lol!

We set out early for the Museum of Science IMG_7734.JPGwhich turned out to be really cool, even for an adult! We got to build bobsleds (either fast or slow), learned about caterpillars, saw the Now and Then exhibitIMG_7668.JPG which explained the history of the museum, made slime and explored animals, minerals and fossils, saw the pop culture exhibit, and played  on their indoor playground. That was only a small part of the museum. The cafeteria was also great, lots of options- Starbucks, salad bar, pizza and pasta, Mexican, a grill, and prepackaged sandwiches. Even for gluten free and dairy free I had the choice of Mexican, the grill and some of the salad bar.IMG_7716.JPG

From the Museum of Science we headed outside to take our duck tour. We had read online that some tickets for each tour were available for last minute purchase but I would recommend buying your tickets online in advance as when we got there at 9:45am, the next available tour was 1:30pm:( With two little kids it wasn’t optimal.

The duck tour was great and a lot of fun! Our guide was very cheesy, but also very knowledgeable! Our youngest guest fell asleep almost immediately, but going into the water revived the other child. The tour is an hour and twenty minutes long so be prepared! They took a picture of us before we got on the duck and then tried to sell it to us at the end, but it was very low key.

I dont know wha we were thinking, but we headed onto the T and over to Government Centre so we could check out Faneuil Hall. Faneuil Hall was very small, quiet and empty (but a gorgeous building)

while Quincy Market behind it was packed! Quincy Market is a single aisle with good stalls on both sides. It was absolutely packed on a Sunday afternoon and not great with a stroller. I had checked online and there was a big listing of gluten free places online, but absolutely no mention when we were actually there. I take it this is somewhere you need to ask. We decided on Joey’s Gelato where I had the raspberry and the mango sorbet. It was fine, but nothing to write home about. IMG_7821.JPGWe went outside to eat and checked out the magician and other buskers. There were tons of stores and restaurants in the area! The harbour area at the end was amazing for photo ops and the carousel was only three dollars and so cute with animals!IMG_7832.JPG

We checked out Wagamamma for dinner. They had a gluten free menu with about four entree options, three sides and one dessert. The restaurant took my allergies seriously and were careful. I had the duck lettuce wraps and the prawn skewers. IMG_7833.JPGThe only weird thing was that all of our orders came out at different times.

We decided that was enough for one day! I’m exhausted so I Ant imagine how the three and six year old feel!

Its weird, but I haven’t seen a knitting store since I got to Boston😞

Im going to go relax on the couch!

Have fun!


Go, Go, Go, Stop

Today was a busy day, but fabulous! I dragged myself out for a run first thing and did a loop of the neighbourhood. Had to restrain myself from taking pictures of the houses as otherwise there would have been no run! They are all so gorgeous! You could pick any one of them to be in a magazine!IMG_7408.JPG

My friend has bought so many gf and df options that I just want to eat everything! At home we have Rice Chex cereal but the Vanilla version on the East Coast blows ours out of the water! So good!!!!

We packed the girls and her hubby off for the day and headed to downtown Boston to explore. We saw the Boston commons,IMG_7453.JPG the State House,IMG_7426.JPG Boston Gardens, Beacon Hill, Newbury Street, Back Bay, Prudential Centre with Eataly, IMG_7530.JPGthe Public Library, IMG_7550.JPGTrinity ChurchIMG_7566 and the Downtown Crossing!

We stopped twice for food in all of this adventure. We had lunch at a place called Tatte which my friend had been wanting to try. It is super small and super busy, but the pastries look to die for. Online it said it had gf but really thy just have flourless brownies and meringues which are baked in the same area and aren’t dairy free. I ended up having a ice chai latte ( they do have almond or soy milk) and a vegetable quinoa bowl without the feta. It took a long time to get my food, but it was certainly worth the wait!

The second food stop was at the Georgetown Cupcakes Newbury which was on my gluten free/ dairy free list. Unfortunately hey had a vegan carrot cake cupcake or a gluten free chocolate peanut butter cupcake but nothing that was both. My friends had the key lime cheesecake cupcake and the red velvet cupcake and said both were amazing! IMG_7512

We also popped our head into the Thinking Cup coffee shop near by but again there was only gluten free, no dairy free:(

It has been an amazing day and I feel like we saw a lot for just one day. So far, Boston has not disappointed!

Off to bed so I can tour again tomorrow:)

Have fun!