Today was a busy day which is both good and bad. I love to do all these fun things but I also like to do very little on my weekends so that they feel longer and I actually get some rest! Oh well, maybe next weekend.


I got up this morning and didn’t really know where to run so I googled it and a mapmyrun result came up that showed a lot of different options. It was really cool! It inspired me to walk up Heritage Mountain Boulevard and then run fifteen minutes out along Favid Avenue and then turn around and run back home. I ran up Heritage Mountain years ago and remember being so proud because that was just the warm up and I managed to do the hill repeats after that. Today, I thought that might be too much for me and it’s a good thing I walked up because it turns out David Avenue is all hill!! I often think I want to run it because it has a lovely wide, paved path that runs beside the road and it goes forever and lends itself to loops, but I think today’s run cured me of that yen.

Unfortunately there was no other exercise for me today:( I need to get better at scheduling my workouts so they happen!!!


For years my mom and I have been wanting to go look at the variety of trees that dot the landscape of Riverview Hospital in the neighbouring city. From the road they look magnificent and I can now tell you that up close they don’t disappoint:). Earlier in the week my teaching colleague had asked if I wanted to go with her and I jumped at the chance. It fulfilled her “go to a festival” entry on her fall bucket list and fulfilled my long desire. The festival was small with about ten different ecological focused tents and kids activities, but you could also do a tour of the historical buildings and take in a museum on the grounds. I would have also liked to do the building tour but unfortunately the tours were at the same time:(. I learned a lot about the different trees from the certified arborist who led the tour ( she teaches at a local university) and she was fabulous. I’m hoping I have her lined up to come and do a tree talk with my class of grade ones in May.  The only disappointment of the day is that we got told about ten minutes in that we weren’t allowed to take pictures:( Thankfully I got a couple before we were told that. I totally don’t get this as we weren’t anywhere near the buildings and were just taking pictures of the trees!


I did a second batch of the Swedish Cardamom Buns today and I can’t say they turned out any better, though they aren’t burned this time. I think perhaps they would have been best served warm as they were quite hard by the time we were eating 😦 I did like how they were shaped much better this time! I’ll have to play around with the recipe a bit.

Book Club:

I always love going to book club as we read a book and then make food based on the theme of the book. We’re a very easy going book club as you’re allowed to come even if you haven’t read a book and we have one awesome member who doesn’t read many of them so the rest of us all feel ok when we don’t finish one:) lol Tonight we were discussing the book, A Man Called Ove by Frederic Backman, which I read about a year ago. It’s about a man who lives in a housing complex and is trying to kill himself, but he keeps getting thwarted because people keep needing him.  I loved it!! It is tough to get into, but then you’ll be hooked!  I think the premise is that we all need to feel as though we are a part of a community and have connections in order to be truly happy.  It is an awesome read and I would recommend it to anyone!!!

Well it’s been a super busy and fun day, but I need some sleep so I can get up for a 6am workout in the morning.

Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Busy, but Fun

    1. It is so good!!! I’ve been on a Scandinavian author binge:) the unlikely pilgrimage of Harold fry is another good one, as is the 100 year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared.

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