My day has been slightly crazy!


I started the day off well by meeting up with my friend who I worked out with last year. We’ve restarted our Monday at 6am workouts and it felt awesome! I’m always dropping sweat when I workout with her.😀 She needed to leave a little early today, but that actually worked better for me because it got me home earlier so I didn’t feel so rushed during my morning routine.

Unfortunately, other than walking to and from school this is the only exercise I got today:( If this keeps up I’m going to have to tweak my regime because I don’t like feeling like I’m failing every day at getting my exercise sessions in:(


Last week I forgot to contact my building manager so today I had to hang around home until 8am to find out if I could leave my key with her for the fire alarm testing. It was fine but it meant I had to come home at lunch to get my key back as she leaves at four and I don’t get home on staff meeting days until at least 5:30 (though today it ended up being 6:30😞).


I just had to show part of my walk to school as it’s sometimes the most peaceful part of my day. I changed schools seven years ago so I could walk to work and it has made such a huge and positive difference in my life! No more starting the day with road rage:)

I have already identified the boys in my class who are going to be a handful:( I had to send them to their desks on the first day!!! It may be a long year!

We did a talking circle today about what we love best about ourselves. It was very telling that one little girl said it was her brain (she seems quite bright), for another it was her heart, we had a couple of “my hair” and a few ” that I can run fast”.  They didn’t do too badly and this makes our second class book for the month already! Yay!!

We started an introduction to graphing. They’re a tough group to read so I don’t know if they really got it?

At the end of the day we played telephone. The message started as “we had s great day” and ended as “a car”. I always try to relate it to not spreading rumours because you don’t know if they’re true. Hopefully by the end of the year they’ll get that message.

I was super excited when we were given our new classroom IPads at the staff meeting as I’m wanting to start on Fresh Grade, but there’s no apps or FreshGrade on the iPads so they’re practically useless:( I will see how long it will take to get them fixed up. It drives me nuts that the district expects us to use technology and be cutting edge, but then they manage to make it impossible. Grrrr!


I finished the book, Crazy For You by Rachel Lacey. It’s the second book in the Risking it All series. I enjoyed this book once again because the strong friend group added a great element to the book. In addition, the book, including its problem and solution, were realistic.  If you like outdoorsy books and self-made people you’ll enjoy the book. It has a great message for everyone as well, but isn’t preachy about it. I’ll definitely be reading the next in the series.


I managed to get three rows done tonight. It was kind of funny because I had to hold my left pointer finger far away from the needle so I wouldn’t hurt myself, but as I k toted it made all its usual movements in the air. So funny to see- like invisible knitting🤣. It was great to get back to my afghan and I’m hoping I’ll be able to do some every day now as I’m desperate to finish this project and get into the next. No, I’m not allowed to start another until I’m done, just another rule I have for myself, lol. I probably have too many rules for myself!


I watched the movie, Inside Out for work tonight. It was a good movie. It was brought to my attention as part of a SEL lesson, and it would be great for this, but it was also just an entertaining movie. It’s all about the emotions inside an eleven year old girl and as you can guess, it gets tumultuous!

Well, I’m exhausted from my day, so I’m going to crash:)

Have fun!


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