Today was 99.9% fabulous:)


I started the day by heading out for a run, which almost always guarantees a better day ( as long as I stay away from English muffins, haha)! I decided to be lazy and not cross any streets so I headed out along Ioco Road. This decision was the last of my laziness as this Street is all up and down:( I seem to be choosing hilly runs lately, my butt better look amazing😜!  I got as far as Barber Street so I was happy. It wasn’t bad going into Ioco as there wasn’t much traffic and what there was, was on the opposite side of the street, but coming back was another story, so I cut down to the trail at Old Orchard Park and enjoyed the fabulous trail and morning the rest of the way.

A cute painting on the old fireball that I passed on my run.

I got my walk in by walking to and from school, and then after school was the first boot camp of the year. I work with an amazing woman who used to be an Olympic wrestler. She very kindly agreed to lead a boot camp class, Wednesday after schools for any staff who are interested. It was a tabata style workout and it was great! I was very sweaty by the end of it and felt fabulous for having completed all of my exercise for the day by 5pm:)


My to-do list at work seems to grow by five things each day and I only cross off one if I’m lucky. I decided that I needed to make some progress because this phenomenon was starting to get to me mentally:( I worked at all quiet times today and managed to get all of the children’s duo-tangs labelled. My colleague and I who both teach grade one are doing something g different this year- monthly duo-tangs. The vision teacher told me about them last year when she walked into a catastrophic mess in my classroom ( all revolving around the math duo tangs).  The concept seems simple- every month students start a new duo-tang and they place all work completed that month into that one duo-tang, regardless of which subject the work is.  We liked the idea because sometimes our duo tangs get too full, they often fall apart before the end of the year and we have to store all these subject duo tangs in bins the children can access. With monthly duo tangs, the ones for future months are just stored in the cupboard. Here’s hoping this process works well! It did feel fabulous to get all the books ready and to cross them off my list!


I’m having an interesting eating week as I’m trying to go as long as possible without going grocery shopping. Tonight I decided to reach into the back of my cupboard and pull out my 9 Bean Soup Mix and throw it in the crockpot. It can soak tonight and I’ll turn it on in the morning so hopefully it will be ready by the time I get home. It probably won’t be as good as my colleague’s smelled at lunch today, but it’s worth a shot:)

The 0.1% unfabulous is that all I seemed to do when I got home was eat:( Maybe it’s not good that I don’t have my exercising to do when I get home? Just hope I didn’t undo all the fabulous exercise!!!


I found today that as long as I had a bsndaid over my cut, I could knit normally so I got an entire pattern repeat done tonight. So far my afghan is 34 inches long with a border and four pattern repeats. By my calculations, I need six more pattern repeats and then the border. I have five and a half balls of wool left and am thinking I should go pick up some more balls of the wool. I just really don’t want to buy too much as I dislike having wool leftover after a project, especially a big project like an afghan. I’m usually pretty tired of the wool by the time I get to the end. So do I buy more wool or hold off?? 🤔The afghan is fabulously warm and cozy so far and I’m loving the pattern!

Well, I’m going to end my fabulous day with a little bit of reading.

Have fun!


5 thoughts on “Fabulous and Fit😀

  1. One of the ladies in our knitting group takes the small bits left over from a project and makes “sleeves” for dialysis patients. They start out as a flat piece of knitting about seven inches wide and long enough to go from the middle of the palm to the elbow. She sews them together, leaving a thumb sized hole about an inch from the end. I wish my dad had had one of these to keep his arm warm when he was on dialysis! We also make caps for preemies and cancer patients. Lots of things to do with left-over yarn!

    1. Yes it keeps stuff from going stale which can be a challenge when you live alone!! Plus it saves me when I’ve spent too much the other weeks:)

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