Sorry for no post yesterday. I got home last night and just went straight to bed!


Yesterday’s run was slightly better, not in speed, but in feeling. About halfway through I got into a rhythm. The new music suggestions from thedancingrunner really helped to get me going and keep me moving:)

My plan had been to come home from work and get a workout in, but my mom arrived home so we visited instead. It made the run my only exercise of the day though:(


It was not a stellar morning ( and I hope I don’t hear from parents), but the afternoon improved.  I’ve decided that I will only worry about this until Tuesday.

It was Meet the Creature, oops Teacher night tonight so I had to be back at work for 6pm and dressed up. In fact, I had to be back by 5pm to try and get a parking spot:(. It is not my favourite night as I’m not great at small talk, but it’s always interesting to see how the parents act with their parents. I had the brainstorm just before it started to put out puzzle pieces and have the parents write a note to their child for a class “quilt”. I’m hoping it will help with the separation anxiety some of my students are having. Overall, the night was pretty successful, if only because I got the laminating all cut out, sorted and stored:).


I finished the teacozy!  It was super easy ( with being a basketweave pattern) and seemed so quick after the afghan. The pattern is from KnitOneBrewOne and is called “David the basketweave tea cosy”. The only change I made to the pattern was to do six repeats of the basketweave pattern before decreasing, instead of just four repeats. I also did not do the pompon on top as my mom didn’t want one.  I am very happy with it because the colour is gorgeous! Sorry, my teapot isn’t the same size so it’s not a great photo.

The yarn just a random ball I had in my stash with no label on it. I’m given yarn sometimes for the knitting group I run with the kids at school, so I do have some yarn I know nothing about.  This yarn though has such a pretty pearlescent sheen to it!  It really helped to make a pretty boring teacozy a little bit cuter:). Now I just have to hope it fits my mom’s new teapot as I didn’t have it to try on as I went and my teapot is a weird shape.

Well, I’m off for another day of work, so I’ll be back tonight hopefully to tell you about my day.

Have fun!


7 thoughts on “Dog tired

  1. Great teapot cozy!! The yarn is very pretty.
    Back to school night is not so fun for parents half the time. I have to go to my sons school next week. He’s in high school so the majority of the conversation will be about consequences for missing work or bad behavior.

    1. Ya I spent a lot of time last night telling parents that their child might not always like me as I’m not there to be their friend, but to be their teacher.
      Thanks for the parent perspective! Maybe they should just do away with these nights since neither party is enjoying them, though I suppose in some lights they’re a necessary evil:(

  2. I sent my mom this year to the open house and she came back frustrated but said she really enjoyed meeting her grandsons teachers. Just so you know, itโ€™s not all bad! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Good job on the teapot cozy. And yay! that you’re a teacher. I’m a former one so I know how it goes. Many teachers get nervous talking in front of parents. Even junior high ones as my daughter’s Honor’s English revealed two weeks ago. Glad you at least got in a run, a good catharsis. I used to run but wasn’t mentally strong enough to stay motivated, LOL. But I’m happy power walking. I use the Soundcloud app to listen to mixes of music I love – freestyle, 90’s dance, and 80’s.

    1. I have quite the variety of music, but thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check it out.
      I don’t think I’d be a very good teacher if I didn’t run- definitely helps with my patience!

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