I try to be as organized as possible, but sometimes life just laughs in your face!


I did 28 minutes of weights from my old Shape magazine this morning. All of it was groan worthy as I’m suffering from the swing lunges I did yesterday morning. Note to self: do a lot more swing lunges!!

I walked to work, but this ended up being my only other exercise for the day.


Today started off fabulous! The little girl who cries every morning didn’t cry this morning (yes! With a fist pump). The anxious little guy was special helper and he did a fabulous job at calendar. He actually provided the awe moment of the day. The children were asking their five questions to try and figure out what his sharing object was ( a great way to practice questioning). The last question was, ” what shape is it?”  Answer: “the shape of a dog”.  When it came time for the three quesses as to what the object was, “is it a dog?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

This afternoon was a little tougher as one little guy had to go without any books during silent reading as he wasted all of the choosing time talking! I’m trying really hard this year to use natural consequences with the children, but it’s always a catch 22. I want him to spend time with books, but I also want him to learn not to waste time! Grrrr😖

We went on a nature walk today, but I think all the nature took off when they heard 38 children coming along the path. Quiet does not seem to mean much yet, lol.


I wanted to go to the dollar store after school to get some supplies to start setting up some STEM bins for my classroom and my mom had some shopping to do as well so I got to do both:) What a treat to get to spend time with my mom!  We hit the dollar store and I got a few things, but as usual I wasn’t as organized as I should have been and forgot to look at the package I have to see what quantity I need of each thing:( We also hit the Superstore where I finally got some of the delicious beer hummus that a friend had introduced me to. Yum! In addition, I had time to look at some knitting magazines and this gluten free recipe book. 

I decided that I should not impulse buy and should think about whether I really wanted and needed it. Maybe I’ll see if I can find some reviews.


Late last night I had made my first loaf of gluten free bread in the breadmaker I was given. It wasn’t a new breadmaker with a gluten free setting so I wasn’t sure that it would turn out, but it did! I had a slice for breakfast with peanut butter and jam on it and it was so good!!! I got the recipe here:

It was so great to have homemade bread without all the work. I got to knit and have homemade bread. I was worried it wouldn’t turn out as everything seemed to say you needed either a gluten free setting or to override your machine’s settings ( like I have any idea how to do that!!). I am happy with this result and will definitely try it again.  Of course, now I’m going to eat way too much bread!

I learned something else while making this bread as well. On Saturday my mom had helped me move some furniture around so I could try out having more counter space in my kitchen. I’ve been thinking I want to do an island type counter at one end of my kitchen, but I like to try things out first so I moved my desk into the kitchen to give it a try. Well, during the bread experiment, I really liked having another sturdy surface to work on. Hmmm now I need to start looking at pictures to figure out what kind of island counter I want.

My mom and I decided to hit Roos Public House for dinner tonight as my dad was otherwise occupied. I had a pear Magners cider which was different, not bad, just different. We shared the spicy chicken street tacos which they did in lettuce wraps and the salt and pepper chicken wings (yup really healthy😳). All the food was really good, I just wish I had taken a picture of it! The chicken street tacos were really pretty in the lettuce wrap! The bartender who was our server was also awesome:)


I got a couple of rows down on my razor cami at lunch today, but that’s it so far. I have been taking my knitting to work to help use up the time after I finish eating. I feel very pudgy lately:( but am not hungry, just eating because I’m in the staff room. It’s been working great. I really only have two project bags though 

So I will be looking for some more this weekend at Knit City. The beige one I’ve had since I was a little kid- nothing very interesting. The other was my Grandma’s so it has sentimental value. It is better for larger projects however so I think I’ll look for a more interesting small project bag! I also, of course, need to stock these bags with the basics. Hmmm I think my Visa card is shuddering already, 🤣.

I’m only just finishing the bottom rubbing so I want to go get that finished before bed!

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Just when you think you’re organized…

    1. Well eating wings and tacos instead of exercising wasn’t exactly the plan for today!
      You do have the advantage of being tall and naturally slim. I’m incredibly short and used to be much heavier so I try to be really careful- don’t want to go back there😖

  1. Beer hummus sounds interesting. Also, I know from my teacher friends that the dollar store is the BEST place to get supplies!

    1. oops it’s beet hummus 😦 It is really good though! Yes! I definitely spend too much money at the dollar store! I’ll be going back again today.

  2. Whew…I’m tired after reading your post. You are productive and busy. I see you teach little ones. Oh boy, when the tween was a kinder I used to volunteer in her class and some of those kids were a trip. When the youngest was in 2nd grade, her class would exhaust me on field trips. Yay on using weights! M,W,F I do a half an hour power walk + weights, crunches, and squats.

    1. Thanks for reading!
      Yes my class definitely keeps me busy and I am trying to concentrate on the cute things they do this year! I think field trips are just plain exhausting, but I definitely appreciate all the parents who volunteer in my classroom and for field trips!
      Yay for you – walking, weights, crunches and squats covers all the bases:) I like to keep workouts simple as then there is more chance I will do them, lol.

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