Not an exciting day, but a few surprises.


I had a good run this morning of my usual morning loop. I again felt like I did this summer and I really hope this feeling continues. It’s so much easier to run when you’re having a good run! I’m worried that this is going to get boring really quickly, but I don’t seem to have a lot of choices for lit areas in my neighbourhood.  Actually, now that I think about it there are other lit areas, but they’re very hilly or short.  When I finished my run and was stretching I looked over and saw people in the gym running on the treadmill and I just know I can’t do that! Every time I try to run on the treadmill I end up bored out of my mind and quitting after twenty minutes. If anyone has ideas on how to make an old runner by toute feel new again, I’d love to hear them!

I walked to and from school so I got my walk in, and my proudest moment for the day was when I came home late from work (7pm so an 11 hour work day) and worked out!!  I did the Super sweaty tabata workout which alternates between a tabata and 3 minutes of weights. I did burpees, walking lunges, push-ups, high knees, skaters, squat jumps, planks, reverse lunges,  squat with overhead press, bent over dumbbell rows, mountain climbers… pretty good for the end of the day and I was super sweaty!

A successful exercise day😀


I didn’t actually teach today. I met my students at the door as I knew some of my anxious ones would be upset if I wasn’t there as I’d forgotten to warn them yesterday, but then I went into a meeting and spent the rest of the day planning and prepping two training sessions on the new report card for our teaching staff. There were some hair pulling moments, but the exercise definitely helped me to better understand this new report card.  I was just so thankful I was working with my co- department head who is super organized, a joy to work with as we’re similar, and a friend. It definitely made the best of what could have been a torturous day!

We even had an hour at the end when I got to plan the next assembly I have to run, which turns out to be next Thursday!!!! That came as a major shock this morning, and not a good one!!!  Thankfully, with help, I now have a plan:)

I wasn’t planning on quite that long a day ( I do t think I even make minimum wage after eleven hours), but it did feel good to make some progress on a few projects. Unfortunately, I yet again have a pile of laminating to cut out:(  The long day was definitely made better by watching a Hallmark movie while I cut, pasted, organized, prepped, planned, explained and generally went crazy. 😜


Thankfully I got two rows done before I went to work this morning as I haven’t had any more time today since we had a meeting at lunch as well:( I’m thinking I should find a small, simple project to leave in the staff room that I could work on just at lunchtime. My school has a Holiday Market that I usually try to contribute some knit goods to, so perhaps it could be for that.  🤔 I’ll have to try to find an appropriate pattern- something simple do I can still visit.


With my crazy day of meetings I have to admit I didn’t get the chance to look at WordPress until just now. Boy did I get a great surprise- a lot more views today! Seems like a positive note to go to end the day on:)

Well after that work day  I’m ready for bed!!

The couch I wish I was falling asleep on right now! Some friends broke my couch at book club this summer so I’m on the hunt for a new one. Unfortunately at $4700 this one is still living at the store!😳

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Proud!

    1. I was never much into exercise, but I’ve become addicted to how it makes me feel:) I started with just walking, but I now love to sweat! It’s a sign of accomplishment for me:) I like my friends workouts because they are short and have lots of different parts so I don’t get bored!

    2. Ugh, the couch! I do t want to cry the first time I spill my tea on it and I don’t want to spend so much that I have to keep it forever!

    1. It looks vintage, but it’s not:( It’s for sure not coming home with me for that price!!!
      I am looking forward to some couch time on Sunday!

  1. I need to start doing more besides running! I was doing really well with weights for a little while but sort of fell off the bandwagon with that between back to school and starting to amp up to longer runs. If I figure out a solution to the running in the dark dilemma, I’ll let you know. I think I’m going to try to check in with some local running groups and see where they do it because I know others do!

    1. I really have felt that the weights has made running feel easier so it’s easy to keep going once that feeling kicks in, but it is tough to get into the habit

  2. I have a hard time running the treadmill too. I can literally listen to music and read subtitles on the TV and still be bored out of my mind. I try to do one-minute intervals. I’ll run at say 6mph, then 6.2, then 6.5, then 7, and finally put it down to 4 mph. Because I’m always changing it up, it helps temper my boredom.

    Things for running that keep it fresh for me are changing my runs. If well-lit areas are your concern, is there a “greenway” or walking/running path close to you that you can run? We have one in my town and there’s normally always at least a few people on it to make my feel safe. Also, if for whatever reason I’m not running with my dog, I can pepper spray with me. Hope this helps!

  3. Yay on meeting your exercise goals for the day. I love to power walk. I had started biking until my bike chain broke; it’s awkward holding onto a bike and walking; I was sore.

  4. I totally agree with you about the treadmill. They couldn’t even trick me if they put the view up of some nice running spot!

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