It was busy, but it turned out to be fun:)


I ran this morning, that’s probably the best that can be said for it. I find it amazing how powerful the brain is and the fact that running for me is way more mental than physical. I ran almost exactly the same speed as I did yesterday and yet yesterday I had a good run and today I didn’t. My brain just wasn’t in it:( It was raining, I was tired, I was running too slow, everything was a hill, my brain found every excuse in the book to have a bad run. Grrrr! It better not continue!

I walked to work and also walked and ran with the kids today. That was the sum total of my exercise though as I am just getting home now.


Today was the Terry Fox run at school. It was very cool as we had the niece of Terry Fox come talk as we are in close proximity to his family home.  My students were very well behaved and I think they had a lot of fun. It was neat that I had three dads join our class. With only eighteen students today, it felt like such a small class! I ran with another teacher for three laps of the field so I got a bit of extra exercise:)

The rest of the day with the children was pretty good. They got to do puzzles at the end of the day as it was too wet to go outside and we spent a lot of the afternoon doing math (not the best idea for Friday afternoon, but they had started tally graphs yesterday and I didn’t want to leave it until Monday!).

I ended up bringing home all my laminating to cut this weekend which goes against my goal to not being work home, but I think it will be a good thing in the long run! I’ll be much calmer next week if I’m not scrambling to cut out laminating on top of getting ready for the assembly and having to present at the staff meeting and having meetings all Tuesday afternoon. It will also hopefully allow me to get some other programs set up and running quicker!


Tonight was a big night for me. I ran home after school (quite literally, while carrying a big roll of laminating), and changed. Why does everything in my closet say teacher???? I need to go shopping! I met up with two colleagues at Oktoberfest which is being held across the street from my house. It was supposed to be a staff social but no one else was there. We are thinking of meeting up on Sunday to check it out instead.

I then ran home so I could be picked up by my friend as we were headed downtown to the Miranda Lambert concert. A few weeks ago, Michelle had called me up to see if I’d use the extra ticket she had. I said yes as I try to say yes to as many social occasions as I can, though I didn’t know a ton of her songs or anything by the opening act, Brandy Clark.  It always seems like when I have zero expectations, the experience is fabulous! This was only the third concert I have ever been to and the first one I have been to with a friend. I loved it! It was a great time. Michelle didn’t mind my quiet concert behaviour ( I scream minimally and just like to move), and she wasn’t in your face or obnoxious, just a great concert buddy. We had fabulous seats as we were upgraded from the third section to the 6th row of the second section. I could actually see, and at 4’7″ that’s almost a miracle!The girls in front of me weren’t as obnoxious as I feared they might be when they first showed up. I think we both had a good time! It was even worth the packed skytrain ride on the way home!!

I owe Michelle an amazing dinner for giving me this awesome experience! I’ll keep nagging her to make sure it happens:) Michelle took all the selfies so if I get some good pictures I’ll post them in a different post:)

It’s been a fabulous day, but I so need to go to sleep as I’m being picked up at 8:30am for Knit City tomorrow!

Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Crazy, but Fun!

  1. I had to go look up Terry Fox. Quite an impressive young man. It is a wonderful statement about Canada that they took him to their hearts as they did. I’m afraid that in America, people would just nit-pick, and he wouldn’t receive the recognition he deserved.

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