I’ve been waiting for this day since April and it finally got here:)


Absolutely none:( I walked across the street to the drug store today, that’s it. An epic fail! It all started when I woke up at 7:52 this morning when my friend texted to say she was picking me up earlier than 8:30 so we could stop for coffee/tea! I can’t remember the last time I slept that late, but I guess I needed it. I think I’ll try to make tomorrow’s run longer to make up for today.


I got two activities cut out of the laminating. It’s a start and I’ll try for one more tonight and then some more tomorrow. I’m trying to sneak it in between knitting and reading so that my brain doesn’t realize I’m working on the weekend, 😂.


I finally finished the book, Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan today.

It’s the third book in this author’s From Manhattan with Love series. I devoured the first two books really quickly, but this one took longer. I don’t know if it’s because there was such a long gap between reading the first two and this one that I wasn’t as  connected to the series or if it was just the characters I couldn’t get into. It was still a good read. The book is about Eva who is the third friend in a company called Urban Genie- a concierge company in New York. Lucas’ grandmother hires Eva to decorate his condo and fill his freezer with food while he is supposedly in Vermont. Of course, he’s not in Vermont and a relationship ensues. I love reading series, and I love Sarah Morgan’s books, but I just found these two characters hard to relate to.  I liked the relationship between them and the fact that the friendship still played a role in the book.  If you like New York romance books, you’ll like this one. I would suggest reading the other two books first though.

Now that I’m done that book, I have three “good for me” books that I need to get going on!! Plus all the ones I’ve read reviews of on here lately.


Since I did a knitting store shop hop (Woolith Fair) in April, I have been waiting for Knit City. Supposedly this is the third year this event has been held, but I had only heard about it last year and missed it:(

My friend picked me up at 8:15, and we arrived at the venue at 8:45, only to find a ten minute line up of cars and a line up of people that went around the building!! Supposedly people started lining up at 6:30 this morning! Why can’t I find anyone to knit with if there are this many knitters in the Vancouver area?!?!  Thankfully the line up moved quickly and we were in shortly after 9am. We saw lots of people wearing knitted garments. I had thought about doing this but then decided I didn’t need to show off my wares, but maybe I should have, (perhaps I would have been warmer!)

We decided to work out way around the outside and then do the middle vendors, this plan fell through though as the rows don’t line up and there seems to be booths everywhere:( Both myself and my friend were immediately overwhelmed, but we forged ahead 🤣.  We did one whole loop of every booth in about two and a half hours. We were both hungry by this time and had read that there were supposed to be food trucks so we decided to take a break and then go for a second round to make sure we hadn’t missed anything:)

There were about six or seven food trucks – Reel Mac n Cheese, Serious Sausage, Varinicey Pakoras, C’est Ci Bon Pastries, Namachickpea, and Melt City grilled cheese. I ended up with a small pakora and a chai tea, but really wish I had walked one more truck over as they had gluten free, dairy free grilled cheese sandwiches at the Melt City truck:( We got out there at just the right time as by the time we were done eating there were lineups everywhere!  The thing I noticed most at lunch was how friendly everyone was- two ladies joined us at our table and we had an awesome conversation with them (thankfully my friend is good at talking to strangers), and another woman overheard me talking about my purchases and gave me an awesome Ravelry tip- there’s a Harry Potter themed group!!! I friended her and joined the group immediately and a new project starts tomorrow so I’ll tell you more about it after I do some reading:)

Our second round was faster, but we realized we had missed a lot on the first round, though I think this is an instance where you would never be able to see “everything”!

We ended up visiting two booths multiple times as they both had sale bins that they kept adding things to!!! I love a good sale bin and these two were definitely my downfall!

Mini skeins were everywhere! I didn’t know what you could do with them until a woman suggested a sweater using them for stripes. It sounds really cute, unfortunately the box of minis I liked, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on:( The colours were amazing and there were twelve of them, but they seemd smaller than all the other mini skeins- only about 50 yards each. I just can’t figure out a project for them and without one in mind, I guess I had better leave them:(. They look like a jewel box!

So cute- a rainbow of minis, but so expensive:(

I also discovered that I absolutely love yarn that has silk in it. There was a booth where all the yarn featured silk and if you bought the yarn, you got a free pattern. I loved two of the patterns! I just wish I remembered the name of the booth as I’d look online and get them when my Visa recovers!

My suggestions or changes if I was in charge of this event would be:

1) a grid layout to the booths so that it was easy to navigate and keep track of what you had seen or not seen.

2) more space between the booths. We found it very crowded, especially after lunch!

3) a bigger variety of vendors. There was some variety but most vendors were predominantly yarn or patterns. I was looking more for the accessories, tools and some cool knitting jewelry and clothing. There was a bit of this stuff (though no clothing whatsoever), but not much and most was crazy prices!  I had really wanted a few project bags but they started at $45 and went to $130. I guess I’ll be sewing my own!

4) Have more skeins of the custom show yarn as it was gone in the first half hour:(

Ok so what did I buy?? I had pretty good control until the last stop, though I still came home with way more yarn than I should have and I think my Visa card is still smouldering🤣. Thankfully I have a plan for most of what I bought:) Here’s an overview:

The Woolith Fair pamphlet at the bottom is to remind me of the dates for my next shopping extravaganza. I will try to behave myself until then!

I bought Harry Potter themed stitch and progress markers. I just couldn’t resist as I love Harry Potter and I don’t own a progress marker or very many stitch markers! 

I bought the two tote bags as I am forever putting my projects into reuseable shopping bags and every time I do, I wonder what I had in them before that is going to get all over my yarn.  They were both so cute, I just couldn’t decide between them!  These aren’t project bags, but they will have to do until I can make myself some. One is going to hold a simple project in the staff room at lunch so I can quit taking my current project back and forth!  

The Vancouver Canucks skein doesn’t count against me because it is going to be used to make a birthday and perhaps Christmas present for my eight year old nephew who is crazy about the Canucks. It was also in the sale bin! I’ll now be on the hunt for a child’s toque pattern in medium.

The black and gray variegated wo that I managed to find two skeins of in a sale bin will become a wrap that I got the pattern for a few weeks ago.

I found some cool sparkle neutral variegated wool which I think would make a very cool entrelac project and I’ve been wanting to try that for a while, so now I just need to find a pattern I like (and that is simple enough for a begginer entrelacer).

The pretty blue lace weight yarn will become a Purl Soho pattern for a shell I printed the other day.

I should probably get this yarn entered into Ravelry and put the projects in the queue that nothingbutknit2 introduced me to:) A new project for tomorrow!

The other six balls of yarn, I have to admit I don’t have a plan for yet, though these ones have enough meterage for me to get a sweater out of them:)

The other three balls were just too pretty and too good of a deal to leave there!  I’d love some suggestions on what to do with them:)

Lastly, I got a free pin that was made for me!

Overall, the day was very fun though I didn’t come home with what I thought I would! 🤣

I spent this afternoon mainly knitting on my razor cami so I can get it done and be onto the next project as I now have several more!

I hope your day was as good as mine:)

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “The Long Awaited Day!

  1. Sounds like a fabulous show! You were restrained with your purchases I think:)
    Don’t forget to add your yarn to your stash on Ravelry. You can add notes as you use it so you’ll know how much you liked it, did it wear well and would you buy it again.
    Project bags are super expensive. If you can sew, make your own. There are free tutorials available online. I made a couple of box bags that are functional but not pretty. My sewing skills are poor at best:(

    1. Thank you🤣 I’m definitely not feeling guilty today:). I’m going to tackle inputting the new yarn right after I get my food ready for the week. I need more hours in the day because now I have so many projects I want to be working on!
      Thankfully I do sew, so I will definitely be tackling some project bags!!! It’s just tough to choose between doing that and knitting, lol

  2. It sounds like you had a great day! I love the food trucks up there. My stay in downtown in 2012 had me walking everywhere so I needed those guys! And yeah, thy never leave enough room for people to walk around in those things.

  3. Knit City sounds like it was a success!! 😊 The skeins you bought are so pretty, I love the gray and black the best!! I can’t wait to see what all you create! I do enjoy those pins and bags! You bought stitch counters, I think you called them, how do those work?

    1. Knit City was a success! I was giddy:). I love the black and gray best and am going to tackle entrelac with it.
      Stitch markers are used on your needle to mark a spot where you need to take a specific action. I use them mostly when I’m knitting in the round to show where the start of the round is. They can also be used to show where you started decreasing for sleeves, etc. If you’re still confused, just say and I’ll come up with a different way to explain it:)

      1. Entrelac is a knitting technique that when done looks like basket weave, but is created by knitting squares facing opposite directions. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while:)

      2. Lol I just read a pattern and realized it’s more complicated than I thought! I’ll take a lesson from you and find a video on it. I really want to try it though;)

      3. haha oh man! I just looked it up on youtube and it makes a lot of sense as to what it is…but I can see why it would be hard!:) Do you make a blanket or clothes with the pattern? I’ve never seen it before!

      4. It looks like you can make anything. I saw a bag I wanted to make out of it, but after reading the pattern, I think I may stick with a scarf! Lol

    1. It’s the only show I know of in my area so I definitely felt like I had to make the most of it! Now I don’t want to do anything else:)

  4. Oh I’m quite jealous, I’ve never made it to a knitting show yet. You’ve got such beautiful yarn, and everyone knows if it’s on sale then it can’t be counted against you 😉

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