Unfortunately, I’m not talking about a Robert Munsch book, that’s what my stomach has been doing since yesterday noon:(


My friend Lyndsay couldn’t work out this morning so I dragged myself out for a run. I probably shouldn’t have bothered. In fact, I should probably just call today a rest day since my run was only eleven minutes long this morning:( My stomach just wasn’t up for it:(. I walked to work and did manage to do a countdown workout tonight. It was perfect as it was short. Start at 50 and count backwards by 5s. For each number you do jacks and one other exercise. I did squats, jump lunges, crunches, push-ups, burpees,  and mountain climbers. It was a nice quick workout and about all I could handle today. Tomorrow has got to be better!!


I went to work as it’s easier to go in than plan for a TOC. As well I had to present on the new report card during staff meeting today and I didn’t want to leave Lyndsay to do that all by herself.

My list got shorter by three things today, unfortunately I immediately had to add two more:(. Oops, make that three as I just thought of another. I have two students with anxiety and so I decided to create a class “quilt” to hopefully help them with this. At parent night I had each parent write a short note on a paper puzzle piece to their child. I then coloured them (as one parent did this😬) and put them together to form a “quilt” that students will be able to touch and look at when they need to. I hope this helps as one little guy is getting much better, but the little girl isn’t:( I am finding her very frustrating right now as she throws herself down on the floor in the hallway each morning and cries.  I’ve tried several strategies, but haven’t found anything that helps yet:(

I also got a graphing game ready for tomorrow that students will play while I am assessing graphing. I laminated the cube foldables and was trying to glue them together, unsuccessfully. My mom texted and suggested hot glue and it worked like a charm! Thank goodness for my mom!!!

I think the children will like this BBQ graphing game and since it’s laminated it should last me several years, just haven’t figured out how to store the cubes well yet.


It was a late night at work so I only got sixteen rows of my razor cami done and then had to tink three of them. I wish there was a way to know how much yarn I’m going to need for the front and straps. I want to make the cami as long as possible, but also don’t want any yarn leftover.  I’m thinking I should probably divide now. Keep your fingers crossed I guessed the timing right!


I had a message from my friend’s boyfriend and it gave me a chuckle so I’ll share it with you:)

Well I’m off to bed, and am hoping an early night will help my stomach. I thought it was the stomach flu but it’s more like I’ve had some dairy (unbeknownst to me). I don’t know how I lived like this for thirty years?!?!
Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Gurgle, Gurgle, Gurgle

  1. Hi! What is a TOC? And about the little anxious girl, time and maybe her mom dropping her outside instead of walking in? That’s how I got my son to adjust. He learned that mommy will give him a big hug in the car and then he has to walk to class.

    1. A TOC is a substitute teacher (teacher on call). I’m hoping we’ll get to that point, but at this time mom has absolutely no English either so it’s tough to make suggestions:(

      1. Ah, understandable! I’m sorry it’s so hard on her. I hope it gets better quick too for your sake and the little girl!

  2. I love the quilt! It is such a sweet idea (I think you have to be an incredible teacher!) That’s sad about the little girl not getting any better! 😦 I had a hard time in the beginning of kindergarten and then fourth grade, so I know how she feels! What grade are you teaching?

      1. Yup I’m lucky that I love my job 99% of the time:) I like that every day is different and I’m literally running all day!

      2. Oh yeah absolutely!!:) That’s a blessing really! It makes it go quicker and it’s just a nice variety. When I started my job, I did the same thing every day and for a while it was okay because it was new and I was learning. After about a year I was frustrated, but then my position switched and each day varies.

  3. Eleven minutes running is still eleven minutes not spent lounging on the couch! Also, I hope your tummy feels better & quiets down; I hate it when mine talks.

    1. Thank you! I need to remember to celebrate every success, not just the big ones. I can’t wait for my stomach to be back to normal!!!

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