I thought I’d be writing early today, ๐Ÿ˜‚ 


I met up with my running buddies at the Coquitlam River trail this morning. Unfortunately I was only one running again, so after agreeing to a half hour time limit I set off. I had been hoping to do the loop, you can use David Avenue to cross over the river, in order to take a photo of an area that’s super pretty in the Fall, but I knew with only a half hour I wouldn’t make it. I ran up the side and across the bridge and back. I felt like I was doing pretty good, despite the head wind and hills and I seem to have maintained the same pace the whole time. I got back to a message from runkeeper that I had set a record for how far I had run this week:) Yay! It was probably a good thing I only did a half hour run as my legs did feel a little heavy still from yesterday’s long run.

I thought my run would be my only exercise today, but Brenda and I went out for a walk after our meal around her neighbourhood which is also hilly. It was a gorgeous afternoon for it!


I thought I would have a finished scarf to show you tonight, but I don’t as I’ve had to rip it out five times now:(  It didn’t help that I was providing a bed with my lap!I wish I was the type of person who could put it aside and start something else, but I just can’t, so tomorrow will find me working on this scarf again:(

Eating / Cooking:

Yesterday I spent the day cooking and baking and today I spent the day eating!

After my run this morning we went for brunch. We do this about theee times a year and always hit up the Coquitlam Grill. It’s not fancy but the food is good and fast and the wait staff is amazing! I tried to go light as I knew I’d be having a big meal later but ended up having a slice of bacon, an egg, a piece of toast and hash browns. I think I could have stopped eating for the day then, but of course I didn’t:(

I’m going to include links to the recipes I made when I can, mainly for my own use,๐Ÿ˜‚. I went to make bread yesterday for the stuffing and couldn’t remember where I had gotten the recipe and when I went back to check my blog entry, I didn’t say where๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜ž.

I was excited to be sharing dinner with Brenda as I knew she would be willing to try out different recipes. So I went for it!

I remembered there had been a stuffing recipe in my Cooking for Isaiah recipe book by Sylvana Nardonne so I started with that. It called for cornbread and I had conveniently picked up a Bob’s Redmill mix that had been on sale so I started with that. The mix was super easy and it turned out great! So yummy!  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture before I cut it up to toast it.  The Bacon Apple Pecan Cornbread stuffing was very new to me. A similar recipe (without the three pieces of bacon) can be found here:


It was quite easy to put together and the recipe is well laid out in the book. I think it tastes like what I think people in the south eat, lol. ( if you’re from there you’ll have to let me know๐Ÿ˜€).  Brenda and I both agreed that it seemed dry, even with gravy on it. I have to admit it also doesn’t taste like Thanksgiving to me. I looked online for what to do with leftover stuffing though and some of those recipes are going to be the perfect use for it I think. I’ll let you know when I make them, but the recipes can be found here: 


I thought back to past Thanksgiving dinnners and decided to try to replicate a turnip- carrot mash that my dad does. It wassuper easy and yummy! Boil the turnips and boil the carrots, both until they are fork tender. I had cut them into small pieces prior to boiling to help with the mashing. It probably would have helped more if I actually had a good potato masher!๐Ÿ˜ฌ Mash everything up with some butter and milk ( or the fake equivalents like I use) and you’re done:)

I also wanted to make an apple crisp for dessert. I have come to realize that I really am a dessert girl. You could probably feed me anything as long as I got dessert, or even better, skip the meal and just let me eat dessert! ๐Ÿคฃ. I had originally planned to do a pumpkin pie from Oh She Glows cookbook by Angela Liddon but when I asked Brenda what her favourite dessert was, she said crisp, so I changed to that.  I went with the Mother Nature’s Apple Crumble recipe in the Oh She Glows cookbook by Angela Liddon. The recipe can be found here:


It was easy to prepare and I made no substitutions except to use regular white granulated sugar. It was so yummy!!! Brenda is the crisp expert and even she said it was good and had two servings:) A success!

I had planned to make a carmelized Apple ice cream ( adapted from the recipe here: 


But I thought it might be too sweet on top of the crisp, so I bought vanilla ice cream instead. They didn’t have any of my usual Coconut Bliss Vanilla Island at the store, so I picked up this:Brenda said it didn’t scoop nicely, just kind of fell apart and I found it had a very strong coconut flavour to it. I kind of wish I had made my own. I might still tomorrow:)

The last dish I made was a second type of stuffing. I texted my mom and she asked my dad and relayed directions on how to make the stuffing he always does. It turned out to not be that tough. I started by using the breadmaker to make some plain white bread. I still haven’t found the recipe I used before so it was a mush mash of three different recipes. I thought it hadn’t turned out because the top looked weird when it was done so I bought some white bread, but it turned out great! I thenboiled some pork sausage meat I had broken up into small pieces.  While that was boiling I sautรฉed (using butter and oil as directed) some onions, celery and garlic. When the pork was done I added it to the onion mixture and then I put in the bread cubes I had made from the loaf of bread. I added in the poultry seasoning and some salt and pepper as well. Please don’t tell my dad, but his stuffing was far superior to the other from the cookbook. It would just give him a big head! It might just be because that stuffing means Thanksgiving to me, but Brenda also said it was really good!
These are the two stuffings- the big bowl is my dad’s. We had enough food for at least six people! The one thing I really liked was cooking and baking the day before. It was so much more relaxed as I didn’t need to worry about having things done at the same time.  It was fun!

Well for thinking I’d be sitting at home alone crying, I sure ended up having a lovely Thanksgiving. We knitted and watched all three Hobbit movies (the scenery alone is worth watching the movies for) and made piglets of ourselves at dinner!

I’m off to bed now!

Have fun!



23 thoughts on “Eat, Knit, Repeat

    1. Thank you๐Ÿ˜€. I’m trying to take a picture of each place I run, but I’m starting to realize I seem to pick the same type of trail each time, lol
      AJ are the best initials!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you. You had a great meal with your parents. Glad you had a nice time. I loved your breakfast entree. Man, I love hash browns and eggs.

    1. It was a good Thanksgiving- better than I thought it would be for my first one without my family.
      The breakfast is always reliable at that restaurant:). I can’t wait for you to see what I had for breakfast this morning if you like hash browns and eggs:)

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