A true holiday! I figure I might as well write early tonight as I’m in on the couch already.


Absolutely none except for a walk to and from the hospital (about three blocks total). I had plans for a long run today as it’s a holiday here, but then I slept in until 8:20 and stayed in my jammies until noon. I’m not sure I’ve ever done that before!🤣


I met up with my running buddy Brenda and we went to visit our other running buddy who was rushed to emergency at 3am Saturday morning. It turns out she had a pulmonary embolism and they also corrected her asthma diagnosis to COPD:( She was hoping to come home today but it looks like it will be another few days at least. We took her some things – lotion, mints, a novel, magazines, a notepad and pens to keep her entertained and hopefully comfortable. She says she’s feeling better than she has in a while. It’s great she gets this awesome private room with a garden view because she spent 45 minutes in a hospital in Holland😂. I don’t ever really like visiting hospitals- already spent enough time in them, but today wasn’t so bad because we got to sit out in this gorgeous little garden in the sunshine:)

I also went up this evening to let Sarah, my other running buddy’s dogs out as her and her man were both working. It was a fun half hour:)

I have also been tagged for the very first time on the blog today. I require some help before I can fulfill this tag though- can someone please tell me how I can link to someone’s blog in my blog. I often want to mention someone’s blog on mine, but don’t j ow how to do this properly so they’re name is a link to their blog. I’d appreciate any help anyone can give. You may have guessed, I’m not the most techy person! Actually when I worked for the university, they told me it would be cheaper for me to go interrupt someone else and have them do what I needed than to keep having to fix the electronic devices I touched 🤣🤣 (unfortunately a true story with no embellishment).


It’s a tie between breakfast and lunch for the best meal of the day! Lunch was a turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce sandwich, arguably the best part of Thanksgiving is the turkey sandwich the next day:). Breakfast, which was very late as I wasn’t very hungry when I got up, was a hash using the bacon cornbread stuffing from yesterday. I took a half cup of the stuffing and put it in the fry pan to heat and then broke an egg over it and allowed that to cook. When I slid it onto my plate, I frayed a half ounce of jalapeño cheese over the top. Woah was it ever good! This was definitely the way to eat this stuffing!

Sorry the picture does not do it justice!


I got down to my old house (wish I had never seen this sight😞😖 and cut the lavender there as well as at my friend Sarah’s place. It will be used for the Christmas gifts I’m making for my friends. I don’t think I have enough though. If anyone knows where to get dried lavendar or balsam fir, please tell me!

Knitting wise, I have now restarted my nephew’s scarf eight times! If nothing else, knitting is good for teaching perseverance. It isn’t even a tough project though! I have settled on a 2×2 rib and that’s just what it’s going to be! I was hoping to be done today, but I really don’t think that’ll happen. Maybe tomorrow. It has been lovely to sit here in the October sunshine and knit on this gorgeous holiday! I’ve been like a cat all day😂.

I’m ending my holiday with watching “The Inheritence”. It is a movie made out of the list novel of Louisa May Alcott. I picked it up at Orchard House this summer while I was there. My friends say they have never seen me buy something so quickly (yes I’m usually frugal and careful with my money), but I’d been looking for it for a while, so it was an easy decision when I saw it.

I hope you’re all having a great Monday, holiday or not!

Have fun!



15 thoughts on “Chilling in the October Sunshine

  1. Hi AJ, I didn’t realise I want following you…how did that happen…!!? Anyway, I am now 🙂 I watched The Inheritance for the first time the other day and really enjoyed it 🙂
    When it comes to linking with another blog… If I remember correctly you copy the posts url addressy thing at the top and on your own blog post you click on the link button on the tool bar , then paste it in the little window that pops up. You then write the word/s as how you want it to appear on the line below. When you publish your post it sends the author of the other blog a pingback message. Xxx

  2. Sounds like you had a fun day!
    I hope your friend is feeling well enough to go home soon. Having a diagnosis is better than not.
    To link to a blog, person or whatever there is a chain link looking thing in the tools. If you highlight the words you want to be the link, then click the chain link thing a box will pop up you can then copy/paste the link into that box. I hope this makes sense:)

  3. Sounds like a lovely holiday. For my Thanksgiving leftovers I look forward to the dumplings!!! And now this year we probably won’t be able to be with family, so I will have to rely on my sister to bring them back to me.

    1. Dumplings, yum! What are they made of? I saw recipes for sweet potato dumplings that I was considering.
      I was worried about being alone for Thanksgiving, but I have an awesome friend who made the day special for me:)

  4. I discovered that although I had the settings correct, I was not getting an email when you published a post. I’m wondering if WordPress is determined that everyone must go to the Reader. I will have to check the Reader every day, because I do NOT want to miss a single one of your interesting articles.

    1. Oh thank you so much! I just started the blog because there were so many aspects of my life, I wanted to keep notes on and I wanted to be more aware in my life – take note of the little things:) I’ve found as I’ve been writing that I really enjoy it, but I worry that my life is so boring that no one will want to read about it,lol

    1. Yes aren’t they adorable! I am lucky my friends and family have pets so I can get my fix:) I did have a great Thanksgiving, thanks to an awesome friend!

  5. Highlight the name of your friend’s blog, click the paperclip looking icon, and fill in the rectangle with your friend’s blog address. I hope your friend gets well soon.

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