I made good decisions today, I just wish everyone else I came into contact with had as well!


I got out this morning for my run along Guildford Drive. After it being so busy on Friday morning I was surprised to see no one out this morning. I passed one dog walker and a couple of people at bus stops, but no runners. It wasn’t my best run, but not my worst and it’s done so it’s a success and a run is always a good decision.

It’s unfortunately the only exercise I got today because I had a massage and had to miss my usual Wednesday workout with the staff at school. I was so mad as this always feels like such a great workout!!! I checked and I have five more massages on Wednesdays this year. I’ve asked to be put on the wait list but if nothing else comes up, I’ll have to go as I become a rusty robot who can’t move without them:(. Here’s fingers crossed that I get different appointments because I can’t make the poor decision to skip them!


I spoke too soon yesterday. We had tears and wailing this morning:(. This little girl was just really defiant all day. I turned around at one point during clean up at the end of the day (I had crouched down to tie a child’s shoelaces) and she was standing on a stack of chairs eating!! We’ve talked about both of those things not being allowed in class!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr😬 You can bet we reviewed it again!

I was principal today as my principal was away and most of the time nothing happens and this is an easy gig, but not today:( I had to take an hour out of my afternoon to get to the bottom of three grade two girls’ bathroom antics.  Who would want to hang out and play in the bathroom? I just don’t get it! I made each of them write out exactly what had happened and why it was not appropriate. Then sent it home with a note to parents and said they had to bring it back to me signed in the morning. I really wanted to make them clean the bathroom as I figure that would keep them from doing this ever again, but I’m not allowed to:(. I so dislike having to get my tough persona out!!!


My teaching partner had brought me her turkey bones so I threw them into the crockpot with water this morning. This evening, I’ve removed the bones and added celery, carrots, rice and spices. This is definitely the easiest way I’ve found to make turkey soup. I had to put all of my extra celery in because I’d forgotten to wrap it in tinfoil so it had gone soft (the best discovery my mom and I have ever made! We drove all the way to Chilliwack, an hour away, to a quilting store that turned out to be nothing special, but we picked up a free country newspaper and learned to wrap celery in tinfoil to keep it fresh and crunchy for weeks!). Hopefully this will make an awesome dinner tomorrow night:)


I declined doing much cleaning, only tidied and cleaned the bathroom and swept even though I have company coming tomorrow night. Knitting won out over cleaning! I finally finished the Canucks scarf for my nephew! 

I saved 10 grams of the yarn in case I need to make the toque larger. I’m just so happy to be done with this yarn for now! The scarf is simply 36 stitches, Knit 2, purl 2 every row. It definitely looks like a little boy scarf and I tested it on myself and I think the length will be okay.

On Sunday when I went to Brenda’s for dinner and knitting I had such a difficult time deciding on what my next project was going to be. I finally realized it was because I was looking at my new yarn when I really do try to switch and do a project with some of my recycled or older yarn between each I do with new yarn. One of the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup classes for October asks for something to be knit in gray so I found some gray in my stash and spent some time this evening measuring out how many meters I had. (Thanks mom for leaving your metal straight edge ruler at my house! Muhahaha you’re not getting it back now!) I have 136.8 meters so now I’m on Ravelry looking for a pattern. At least this new Ravelry group is helping me decide on projects, as I’m truly awful at making decisions!


Here’s my test for linking to  another blogger. I figure I have to figure this out before I can do the post that Abbey/Three Cats and a Girl tagged me in. Would someone please let me know if this link takes you to Abbey’s blog.  I just hope it does as putting that there has now taken me 16 minutes!!!!

Well I’m back to searching for my next project:) I just hope your days have been calmer than mine!

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Good decisions, bad decisions…

  1. The link worked!
    At least you did a workout, that’s better than none.
    The little girl is now in her testing you phase, that’s why I didn’t want a girl! Boys testing is much easier. 😂
    The scarf is adorable and I can’t wait to see your next project, I can’t knit at all (I’ve tried) so I love vicariously through yours. 😀

    1. Thank you!
      Well she found out I don’t bend on the rules and expectations!
      Yup, lol I’m known for dealing well with boys. I think it comes from growing up with so many around! Boys are easier- they get physical and then it’s over.
      Glad I can provide knitting for you:)

  2. The linked worked great. Loved the scarf – I tried knitting once and gave it up. Never really got the hang of knit 1 -purl1. But this is so lovely. Great soup recipe -my crock pot is my best friend(LOL) – but that celery trick -I need to try that. Thinks for a great post and hope you have a fun day .

    1. Oh thank goodness I finally got the linking. I just hope I can do it again!
      I love knitting – my grandma taught me as a very young child and I’ve been at it since!
      I promised myself I would use my crock pot more this fall and winter!
      Yes I’ve saved a lot of celery with that trick, otherwise it doesn’t seem to last a day:(
      Have a great one!

  3. Definitely a boy scarf! That little girl is quite creative in her naughtiness, and those girls in the bathroom…you are so right, learning how to scrub the toilets would definitely help them to remember not to play in the bathroom, or at least cleaning up the mess they made. No wonder you need a daily run!

  4. I never seem to be at a loss for what to cast on, but now I have a hard time deciding which block to make on the afghan! yeesh! I need my knitting mono back.

  5. Yes, it worked. Good job. When you talk about your kids crying I think of the new kindergarteners. When I had volunteered at my daughters’ school I would see the principal walk a howling little girl down to the office.

    1. Yup the crying is normal for kindergarten, but not for mid October in grade one. This little one can turn it on and off and it appears to work really well with mommy:(

  6. A meter is just about a yard, and for most people the distance between your nose and the tip of your finger – arm straight out to you side, horizontally. Just pull the yarn along between your nose and your hand, and you’ll have the measurement without needing a ruler. (When I was about five years old, I watched my mum measure some material, and asked her if she could small how long the fabric was.)

    1. Lol that’s so cute! My mom called me up and told me to figure out how long my arm span was too, so I did. I have to have both arms outstretched for a meter, but now I know:) She’s still not getting that awesome ruler back though 🤣

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