A busy day that rearranged itself into a quiet day. I was supposed to go for a run and lunch and then shopping with another friend, but…


I slept in this morning and didn’t wake up until 8am. I never put an alarm on as I don’t normally need one but I may have to start using one for Saturday morning. I felt it was too late to go do the crunch as it gets super busy there so I said goodbye to the cinnamon roll for today. Lately I had been thinking about the step aerobics video I used to do daily when I first started getting fit in university. I decided to try it out this morning. I popped it in and did the whole thing. I was warm and glistening but not dripping sweat like I usually am after a bootcamp workout. It was nice to know I’ve improved in fitness over the past twenty years 🤣

Later this afternoon my running buddies joined me for a run around Coquitlam River. I have been wanting to run here as it’s beautiful when the leaves turn colour and fall, but there really weren’t any picturesque spots yet:( I had to make do with these photos. Kula had been at doggy daycare so we didn’t know how far we’d make it before he refused to go any further but we actually got all the way around- a 5km run. At the end we saw this cute signboard on the fence.He is getting better at being a running buddy every time we got out though he still provides cross training in the form of jumping over him as he cuts you off😂 He was definitely tuckered out by the end!


I finally finished all the Thanksgiving leftovers (but not the turkey soup yet) and got the chance to try another one of the Vegan cheeses my mom had brought me from the Oliver Wine Festival. I tried the smoked Gouda this time. It was again a little slippery to the touch and the flavour was light, but still quite delicious. Would be great with an apple in a sandwich as it’s not a strong taste. 

So far, I’ve been impressed with these Vegan Black Sheep cheeses!

I also had the chance to go out for sushi today with my human running buddy. Kula decided to stay home for a nap instead 😂.  I’m lucky Sarah was willing to drive to Maple Ridge so we could go to Wasabi Sushi which has a huge gluten free sushi menu:)

I managed to decide on the salmon avocado roll, the BC roll and the Botan Ebi nigiri. It was all so delicious! 

I highly recommend this place! It’s even nice enough for a date:). The only thing was that tonight they made a point of bringing me gluten free ginger; I didn’t realize there could be gluten in pickled ginger. I’ll have to look into this.


I finally did something useful today and organized my circular knitting needles. When I checked Pinterest for ideas on how to store them, I liked the CD case idea, but settled for the page protectors I already had. I’ll have to bring home a binder from school on Monday.  Is it weird that I wish I could buy new circular needles to replace some of mine just so that they would be in their original packages. I’ve now learned to store my needles in the package they come in, but I have to admit I didn’t always know this and now I regret it😞

I also got the yarn organized that has been piling up in the basket beneath my coffee table. It was a real wreck and was getting out of control! It is now a lovely organized basket:) If anyone has any pattern suggestions for what to do with multiple small sock yarn ends (less than 100 meters and some as small as 20 meters), please let me know, otherwise I may need to garbage them.

I have started just a plain pillow cover for my mom as she was right when she said that a pattern wouldn’t show up with the fluffy yarn I’m using (sometimes I hate how she’s always right lol). Hopefully I’ll be able to show you a finished product soon!


You may have noticed I had an unusual blog post earlier today. Abbey at Three Cats and a Girl (an amazing reader and interesting person so check out her blog) had tagged me in a reading blog and I finally got it finished today. It was a tough blog post! First I had to learn how to tag people, then I had to figure out the answers. That was quite the task as I’m not great at remembering what I’ve read.  I had Goodreads to help me, but I’ve recorded 1152 books I’ve read on there so it was still quite overwhelming. I never did learn to cut and paste so I had to retune everything on my phone which took a lot longer than it probably should have. It was an interesting experience and really made me think so probably a good thing!


It really worked last night writing about my book club book as I got a few chapters read and am now almost 1/3 of the way done. I’m hoping to get a few more chapters read tonight. Perfect night for it as it’s cold and dark here!


I’ve had pictures from my Boston trip printed for a while but haven’t written the date on them yet so they can be deleted off my phone ( the whole point of printing them!) and today I finally asked myself why?  I realized it was because I have pictures printed and dated from my last three trips that aren’t in albums yet and I want to get them dealt with first so I don’t get all these photos confused.  So here I sit organizing the photos from my trip out East in May for my friend’s wedding. I don’t know if I’ll get them labelled tonight but they will at least get put into an album today:)

With knitting, reading, album making and laundry to do tonight, I had better get going!

Have fun!


28 thoughts on “Rearranged Day

  1. Kula is so cute! I’m not a dog person, but he is so dang adorable!😍 and I love the sign you found while running. Those type of things you see randomly are uplifting as things can get to be so negative at times.
    If you get any ideas about what to do with the small balls of yarn, I may use them too. I just was gifted a crazy ton of yarn (wooo!!) and there were a lot of small balls. I’ve found a couple headband/ear-warmer type patterns, but they were for crocheting, not knitting. But they still have worked nicely. The other thing I thought of was using the smaller bits of yarn for a stripe or two in scarves, ear-warmers, or hats. I tried pom-poms for on the top of a hat and/or decorative flowers (again, crocheted) to add onto a hat or ear-warmer too!
    Thank you so much for the kind words in both posts!:) That was so sweet of you!💛

    1. Those are all good ideas! So great you got given wool! I always love that- it’s like Christmas:). What did you decide to work on now?
      I’ve been enjoying getting to know you:)

      1. It was!!:) I couldn’t fit it all in one basket, so I put the fuller skeins in the closet to use some of the smaller-medium sized balls up first! I’m in the process of two things actually! On a trip last weekend I finished up a hat I was knitting, so I started a pair of mittens (the first thing other than a hat or scarf). Unfortunately I was watching a YouTube video on it in the hotel and then realized I didn’t want to use that much data in the car on the way back. So I made up my own pattern for a scarf haha nothing fancy, just alternating between sections of purling and knitting to create a ribbed look. Then once I got home, I got all of the yarn! So I paused on my scarf and started to crochet some headband warmer type things because they crochet up very quickly and use up the smaller yarns. I’m going to put all the ones I make into shoeboxes for a program called Operation Christmas Child through a charity/group called Samaritan’s Purse. So I’m working on those, my scarf, and then tomorrow I think I may start one of the two wrist warmer patterns you showed me because I miss knitting lol:)
        I’ve been enjoying it too!:)

      2. Wow you’re becoming a knit and Crochet machine! Great idea to use up the small balls first. I’m going to finish my pillow cover and then force myself to work through some of these smaller pieces. I like the idea of the headbands/earwarmers as I can donate them to the Christmas Market.
        Let me know which handwarmers you decide on and I’ll do them too:)

      3. That’s a good idea!
        I think I’m going to do the 98-33:) it seems to be fairly straight forward and since this is my first different project, that will be nice! So it’s cast on 42, Purl the first 4, knit the middle 34, Purl the last 4. Then move needles. Would it be then to knit the whole row? Since we want the first 4 and last 4 to be purled, but the middle as garter(which means just knitting all rows, right?)

      4. I’ve been wanting a pair of handwarmers for work and these will be perfect. I think I’m just going to use one strand of yarn,

      5. I just don’t like the thought of Sparkle wool as I don’t like anything scratchy. Have you casted on? What colour are you doing?

      6. Oh, that’s a really good point! I can’t stand scratchy materials either. Not yet! I went to do it last night, but I realized I had one row left of a headband. So I finished that first, but then ended up going to bed haha it’s a teal blue color that I was given! What about you?

  2. Also, 1152 books on Goodreads is a crazy amount of books!! That’s so awesome!
    Second also, (I knew I forgot something in my first reply) I just went to Boston for the first time in February for work and it was so lovely. I’m not a city person at all, but it was just so beautiful. I really loved it!

    1. Yes I read a lot! I only started keeping track a few years ago. If I have a day with nothing happening, I can easily do two books, but I also read a lot of trashy romances too so it evens out:)
      Boston was amazing! I loved it and want to go back though I’m not a big city person either! I always feel like when you visit a city you could be in any city:(
      It took me until a couple of days ago to figure out that your picture is where I had tea too!
      I meant to ask what you do for work?

      1. That’s awesome that you can read that much! I used to read crazy fast when I was young, but not as fast any more…..I tell myself it’s because the books were shorter when I was younger, so I finished them quicker;)
        Oh yeah, that’s right! My picture is outside the tea shop. I had forgotten you said you went there (I think it was you at least!) I had part of a blueberry scone in there…it was delicious! My boss snapped that picture for me and we told my mom, who actually works at the same place as me, that I met a man in Boston!😂
        I work in the office at a business called Window World…..they are all over the U.S.!

      2. Yup it was me:)
        Haha I’ve done that to my mom too!
        That’s so cool you work at the same place as your mom and that you get to travel for work:)

  3. Kula is adorable, please give him a hug from me.
    Hmm… I have a great gathering of yarn and other crafty things taking over my sitting room. I’ve been meaning to address it for some time but instead I sit spinning creating yet more yarn!

    1. Oh he gets tons of hugs from me! His parents probably think I’m trying to steal him, lol
      It took a long time before I actually tidied!

  4. You had quite the productive day, AJ! My solution for ends is usually crazy socks. My college girls thinks they are a hoot, so I combine things that match or things that don’t, and make them up. They get used for camping trips or and extra pair for in the house, stuff like that.

  5. What a jam packed day! You wear me out. LOL Have you thought about making preemie hats with the sock leftovers? Combine two similar colors and alternate in stripes or just knit until your run out and then add the next color.

  6. I’m going to get out my Kathy Smith CD soon. I remember seeing it in a drawer somewhere. It was a general workout, and as I remember, didn’t take long to do the upper body or lower body routine. Thanks for writing about yours.

  7. The sushi looks good; I haven’t tried gluten free ones yet. I wouldn’t mind trying a vegan wedge cheese. My daughter had picked out shredded vegan but it’s okay; yeah a bit rubbery and slippery. Although I don’t mind vegan desserts as I can’t tell the difference.

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