A jam packed day!


I did manage to get out of bed for a run this morning. After writing last night and talking with a friend, I realized there was a neighbourhood five minutes run away that I could do laps around. It worked pretty good, though I need to figure out how to add two and a half minutes to it as I was short this morning:(

I walked to and from work and I also did a bootcamp workout after school with the staff. We did high knees, v sit-ups, bench press, bridges, frogger jumps, walking lunges, jumping jacks, wall sit, skiers, bench up and overs, plank jumps, skipping, and reverse lunges. I was so tired before we started, but it’s amazing how much energy I get when the music starts! It was a great workout and worth cancelling my massage for.

I have been going to the same RMT for about eight years, but her hours have changed since she now has two kids. I have her last appointment for the day at 3:30 which is really tight. I love the direct billing that company does, but don’t know if it would be weird for me to start going to a different RMT who works there??? Thoughts??


My students again started the day with a hip hop lesson. It’s going to be interesting as they are still teaching them new parts and the performance is on Friday! I’m just glad someone else comes in to do this for the week as no one would want to see me try to teach dance! I have to start learning my dance tomorrow😳😳😳😳

There isn’t much teaching time left in our morning so we crammed the language arts in with the math. It made the day go quickly, that’s for sure! We also got to some more pumpkin learning this afternoon. Today we learned that pumpkins are a fruit, not a vegetable and that you can eat pumpkin flowers!!! I knew about the fruit, but not the flower eating!  Good thing I teach so I learn these new things, 😂!

One of the little girls in my class was celebrating a birthday today. This year I am giving the children a birthday certificate with a lollipop attached( and no I don’t normally give food rewards). Many students bring a treat to share with the class. I mention this because sometimes it feels as though parents think I operate a party store. I’ve been sent full on cakes that need to be cut and served on plates with forks! This is not my job people!!! The parent of today’s birthday girl had a brilliant idea- a bag of strawberry twizzler licorice. All I had to do was open the bag and hand one piece to each student😁 The mom is a teacher too and it shows!  I want to celebrate children’s birthdays- turning six is a big deal, but please don’t make my job difficult!

We also had a baby shower at lunch for a teacher who is in maternity leave this year. I had to help set up for it this morning as the woman who was supposed to ended up taking the day off as her son was sick. Not quite what I had planned for my morning, but I wasn’t about to leave my co-teacher to do it on her own!!Her son was so cute! It was nice to get my baby snuggles in, but was very rushed! It was nice that another retired teacher showed up so we got a visit in with her too:) It’s amazing how relaxed these retired teachers look! I can’t wait to look that way!

I also spent time after school inventorying and organizing some supplies the school had bought last June. Ugh all I did was create more work for myself as I now need to go buy bins and create a sign out for the different materials:( one day, but not today!


I tried out a recipe from Cook and Enjoy Recipes for Feriel’s stir fried mushrooms on toasted rye bread. I of course needed to alter it slightly to be gluten free and dairy free but this just meant using gf bread and a dairy free Brie cheese I had instead. It made for a very yummy breakfast and was super fast! It took longer to toast the bread than to put the dish together. Of course, I might be slightly biased as it had garlic in it and I love anything with garlic!!!

Lunch was a great because I didn’t have to make one, just take gf bread to work. I tried a new bread. It was Canyon Bakehouse Deli Style Rye Bread. I had been looking for some fancy bread to take, but this was the best I could find at the IGA after my run last night. It was good! Tasted just like rye bread and made for awesome open faced sandwiches! I’m glad I brought the rest home. It held together well, didn’t crumble into pieces, was not overly dry or grainy and made for a solid sandwich base! I like dense bread sometimes so this hit the spot today! I would recommend it:)

I ate a lot at lunch today, probably because of the social situation. I wasn’t happy with myself for that, but I am happy that I’ve refrained from overeating tonight so hopefully it all balances out:)


None happening today. I figure my hands deserve a break and hopefully I’ll find a project to start with the lace weight yarn I have tomorrow. All suggestions are welcome, though I’m looking to make an article of clothing, not a shawl:)


I am going back to my book now so that I’ll hopefully finish it tonight and be able to review it tomorrow:)

Ugh I just realized I can’t read yet as I need to tidy up as knit night is at my house tomorrow😳

Have fun!


24 thoughts on “Jam-Packed!

  1. I’m amazed that you write so much every day without repeating yourself. I don’t think I could do that. It’s so much fun to read about the various things you do all day.

    1. Oh I’m glad it appears that way as I was just wondering today, if I’m really just repeating myself each day?🤣 I do find myself considering doing different things though so I can talk about them:)

  2. Sounds like a sweaty, but worthwhile workout!! As far as the massage goes…I think she would understand if you switched people! Her schedule just no longer works for your schedule!
    I’m excited to hear how your hip hop lesson goes today🎧
    Knit night sounds so great! The only people I know around me that knit are like 30-40 years older than me😳 there’s a knitting group that meets at my library, but I’ve never gone before!

  3. That fried mushrooms on toasted bread look yummm! And cakes that need to be cut/serve ha ha ha. I hope to remember when my girls have birthday 🙂

    1. Yes it was so yummy and I wouldn’t have thought of it for breakfast!
      Yes please remember the teacher is a teacher and not a party planner lol

  4. That certainly sounds like a good workout. Many teachers here are firm about their birthday policies and state it in their Back-to-School Night packet. Jellybean’s teacher doesn’t want sweets and I think allows healthy snacks.

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