What a day!


I purposely slept for an extra forty minutes this morning instead of going for a run as I’ve been super tired and knew today would be busy. I walked to work and back, but also got a workout in with Lyndsay this afternoon. She had warned me it would be tough and it was! Six long intervals on the treadmill and then six floor exercises with two minutes of biking or rowing in between each. I was literally dripping sweat into the floor around the bike! It was tough because there’s this big mirror in front of me and I was feeling pudgy today and yet it was great because I was keeping up with Lyndsay! I did push-ups from my toes, I did walk outs, side crunch planks, pop jacks, reverse lunges with hops, plank rows, and crazy sit ups. I can’t do them as well as her, but I did every one she did:)

In my walk home, I felt like celebrating life- an awesome workout and a beautiful day!


Today was a busy day. The students were awed at the furniture being changed around this morning, but agreed they liked it this way and that we should try it out for a week 🤣. Perhaps the change contributed to their improved math abilities as they created these equations during calendar today.

Theyvhave definitely improved over the past thirty days that we have been in school:)

We worked on a pumpkin mini book to practice our prepositions off and on today but really, most of the day was taken up with dancing! The staff had a practice at recess and really I enjoy dancing, but feel completely stiff and uncoordinated and like I’m not cool enough to do it 🤣. We then all got to watch the dress rehearsal after recess. The students really enjoyed the staff performance and I was laughing at myself through the whole thing so looked like I was having a great time! The principal taped it and I didn’t look as bad as I thought I would:). This afternoon we managed to get planners and silent reading done before we got called to perform. They weren’t perfect, but boy were they cute! One of the other staff members kept reminding everyone that, “flawed is better than perfect”.

The only other thing we managed to accomplish today was art. Unfortunately the awesome art project I had chosen off Pinterest no longer had directions attached to it, so I ended up putting the image on the smartboard and then doing more like a directed drawing lesson. The students were awesome about it and it turned out pretty good🙂

Or at least better than the other grade one class🤣 (excuse my competitiveness)

Well I’m going to continue taking it easy on my couch tonight as tomorrow seems to be shaping up to a busy day! I had been thinking I would leave today and go over to Vancouver Island to spend the night at my brother’s place because it is my nephew’s birthday on Wednesday and then go down Island and spend the day with my parents before coming home tomorrow night, but just talking about this plan wore me out at lunch, so I decided to stay home and it’s a good thing since I now have plans tomorrow:)

Have fun!


25 thoughts on “🎶Dance, Dance, Dance🙈

  1. The bridge picture is so pretty🍁🍂
    I was literally just thinking about your dance today in the car and I was going to ask you when I got on tonight if you had a practice yet!! That’s awesome you and the kids had a good time🎶💃🏼
    Your kiddos pumpkins definitely turned out better😉

    1. Yes that bridge is about one minute from my house but I’ve never seen it look so pretty!
      The dance is done! Staff only gets two practices before we have to do it in front of the school. I think that’s what makes me so nervous as I’d like to know it better!
      Thank you! I thought so🤣

      1. I know right!!?!
        I think I’d have no problem doing it if I could be taught it on Monday and then have another three days to practice!!! Lol oh well, it’s over for another year:)

    1. Oh yes! When I watched the video after I found one of my little girls in the front row doing it up big, 😂 At least at this age- they’re all cute!

  2. AJ you make me tired just reading about your exercise. 😊 Yay for the kids thumbs up on the new arrangement. After all that work it’s nice when they like it. Art was always my favorite subject! So happy that they did so well with it. 😊

  3. I want to see the video!,😀. You may be rubbing off on me, AJ, I rolled out of bed and dish 5 push-ups and a 15 second plank on each side…Max And I did our 1.8 mile walk though, we’ve managed that 3 days in a row despite the crazy wind! Once winter hits we usually opt for the 1.1 gig, but since I am home during the day, I’m trying to work him back to a 10 walk when it is actually daylight! 😄

    1. It is great having Lyndsay! I get to work out with her twice a week and she inspires me to do the rest on my own! The working out has definitely made my running feel easier which I also find inspiring😀

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