I just don’t seem to have gotten much done today:(. I really dislike that feeling!


I got up this morning and did another of sBea Free’s deck of cards workouts. She posts different workouts each week but these in particular work for me because they are quiet. Today it was all about abs- leg raises, mountain climbers, toe touches, and reverse crunches. That’s a good thing as my abs could definitely use some work!

I walked to and from work, though I realized once I got there that I should have driven to take the bins up. Oh well, tomorrow! I love that my routine is walking and that’s what I naturally do:)

The Runner’s Den Tuesday night clinic was moved totonigbt due to Hallowe’en, so I headed over there. It was an interval workout, but the intervals were long and there was quite a run in between them. The run went fine though it wasn’t particularly fast:( What drove me nuts were the people. Some people came dressed in costume (which was cool)

But they took that as an excuse to move down a couple of groups. That would have been fine if they had slowed down, but no, this group pulled the group, didn’t listen, were loud and obnoxious. I didn’t say anything but it definitely wasn’t my favourite run:(

I got an email today that advertised the “My Better Half Run” in February in Seattle. It sounds fun, but I figure that as soon as I sign up and pay that will ensure it’s snowing like crazy and I won’t be able to get there.  I sent it to one of my running buddies, so we’ll see what she says. I really just need someone to be enthused about a run and get me going!!! I do wish runs around here came to my inbox as easily, it makes them so much more attractive if I don’t have to go searching for them.

My other fitness conundrum is what I’m going to do tomorrow. I’ve been loving running in the morning but it is getting very cold and dark. I’d probably get to go further if I went after school and I’d get to run trail instead of sidewalk, however tomorrow is knit night so I don’t have time to do both a run and workout after school. The quiet workout is all I can do in the morning which I’m sure does something but I’m definitely not dripping sweat like I am after a Lyndsay workout, which I can only do when it’s ok to be noisy. I just don’t know which to sacrifice the quality of- my run or my workout?? 


Today was pretty routine I got all the children assessed on the pumpkin life cycle. I sent this out on FreshGrade to parents and one came back to say she thought her son did pretty good. The boy had two in the wrong spot and needed me to question it before he even realized it. It’s tough because I can’t send videos of the other children so parents have nothing to compare their child to. This boy is definitely approaching though!! His mom’s response does explain a lot about his behaviour however!!! I also got the home reading and special helper calendar ready for November. This evening I got the children’s treat bags ready for tomorrow. I wasn’t planning on giving anything but my co teacher got her students treats so I felt I had to. It’s not very exciting, just a pencil, two small erasers and fake fangs. The dollar store didn’t have much selection:(. I had to buy a pumpkin to carve with the class tomorrow, wow, $8 for a white pumpkin! Needless to say my class will be carving a small peach coloured pumpkin 😂 


Only one cinnamon bun today but I’m starting to think I’d better take them to work as freezing them obviously didn’t do the trick:( I’m already thinking of eating one for breakfast! I really need to get off the sugar again!!!!!

I have been loving the gingerbread tea today- so yummy!!! I’d recommend it to anyone:)


Haven’t started any projects, just don’t know which one to do:(


I haven’t read anything either:(
What have I been doing today??? I haven’t accomplished much:( workout, work, bought treats and pumpkin, caught up on the blog posts, ran, put treat bags together, bed. Hmmm I’m going to blame it on not sleeping well last night- I was too hot and my stomach wasn’t happy!

Well I’m off to read in bed and hope tomorrow I’ll be back to normal:)

Have fun!


28 thoughts on “Unproductive:(

    1. I do listen to music when I run. I keep meaning to try listening to a book but I haven’t yet.
      Let me know if you like the tea:)

  1. Sometimes days just aren’t productive, don’t beat yourself up about it. I’m sure your students won’t care that the treat bags aren’t exciting as you put it. It’s the thought that matters!

    1. Thank you! I definitely have a tough time not being productive:(
      I hope they like the treat bags! I think the fangs will make it all ok with the boys,🤣

  2. It sounds like a pretty productive day from over here. Maybe not as productive as you might’ve liked but still a perfectly good day in my book.

    What is it about paying for a race that makes terrible weather an absolute certainty. I’ve registered for a 10K at the Toronto Zoo twice now. It happens in mid-October and every time it is the worst mid-October day, cold drizzle and wind. It’s a long ride away by transit so both times I just skipped it. I think I need to get better at just going out and running…

    1. Yup! I don’t know what it is, but it seems like a certainty. Seattle is quite a drive from here and one I don’t want to do in snow!!!

    1. Yup I’m in a better frame of mind tonight and realize it wasn’t too bad. I don’t know what was up yesterday! Definitely not normal for me!!!
      Glad I’m inspiring someone:) You inspire me to read more widely and just more! I can’t keep up🤣

  3. Can’t tell you how many times we signed up for races only to have it either pouring rain or snowing. Yuk! I know how you feel about needing to put gift bags together. I would have done the same. I bet the kids loved the treats even though they didn’t have candy in them. How did the pumpkin carving go? I think pumpkins, no matter what the color, are outrageously expensive. My daughters paid .30 per pound which made one of the pumpkins $20. Yikes! 😳

    1. Yup I’m thinking I’ll just hold off until closer to the race dates. I’d rather pay more than waste my money on a race I can’t do!
      Ouch – $20 for a pumpkin! I want to try growing my own next year so I can not pay for them:)
      We didn’t actually even get around to carving it, but not one child said anything,lol

      1. Lol I hope so:) I found it odd as usually they will ask and ask, by it worked in my favour as I got to take the pumpkin home and roast it last night:)

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