It was a great day all around:)


I got up this morning and did a deck of cards workout. I did squats, push ups, crunches and reverse flies.  It went quickly and I like how I covered all of my body,  it just one area.  I wish I could have included cardio but I figure I’d get a visit from my downstairs neighbour if I did that😳

I also got home today in time to go for a run. It felt so great to be running in the sunshine with the leaves crunching under my feet!! It was a fabulous Fall day for a run and actually the perfect temperature too:)

I love how tall my Shadow looks in this picture🤣

This run brought my total for the month to:

I was about to beat myself up for not making 110km when I remembered that my goal had only been 90km so yay me for surpassing that goal:) I am blaming that slower pace on the fact that I did a lot more hill workouts this month! Now I’m going to have to think about what my goal for next month will be. I have a night to sleep on it:)

The other great thing that happened with this run was this:

My goal is to consistently be under 7min which I haven’t done. This is actually the very first time I have managed to attain this. Now I just have to try to do it more often!

I have come to the decision that I will workout before school on Mondays and Tuesdays and then do a run after work. This will be reversed on Wednesday and Thursday with the run before and the workout after. Friday I can sleep in a bit if I’m working out with Lyndsay because that always includes a run and workout. I feel relieved that I finally got that straight in my brain and have a plan:)

I also signed up for an email group that should apprise me of local runs. I found three contenders for December so now I’ll just have to figure out which one would work best. A task best left for another day:)


Today wasn’t as crazy as people might expect. I’m actually thinking tomorrow will be worse because the children will be tired and full of sugar. This morning I had a student being me a coffee crisp mini chocolate bar. It was so sweet and I trick or treated my nephew and gave it to him. I suppose that’s actually a reverse trick or treat:). I had another student who brought me this:

It’s a skull cake pan. I’ve never had a student being me a gift for Halloween before!! Obviously he’s been paying closer attention than I thought if he realized I like baking. I love how the pan is a Wilton but the mom included a gift receipt and I may look to see if I can exchange it for s pan I would get more use out of.

This morning we did a pumpkin investigation where we compared a big orange pumpkin to a smaller peach pumpkin.

It was so cute and so fresh! I was impressed for $3.64. The kids were calm and fully engaged and it was actually a lot of fun! The smaller pumpkin actually had more seeds!

We then spent the rest of the day watching Monsters Inc. and having a parade around the gym in the afternoon when we were all dressed up. 

I was unable to take my costume bag down so I just took the first costume I could reach. I ended up like this (please excuse the bad photo):

The dress used to fit better, but it did the trick:) I even carried my wool and needles with me in the parade. Too bad I can’t knit and walk or I could have been accomplishing something!!

I happily got all the Halloween decorations down and them and my costume put away and the room set up for a new month while the children were watching the movie.  It was probably the best and calmest Halloween I’ve ever had at school:)


My sister in law had texted that she didn’t need me to babysit this weekend, so I decided to go trick or treat my nephew after school. I’ve done this every year and wanted to keep the tradition, besides I was really missing him and needed a Gussy fix! He showed me his costume and pumpkin:

Gave me a hug and I gave him a treat, so I count the visit as a success:)


Brenda and I had knit night tonight as I can’t hand out candy as I live in a locked building and brenda didn’t want to. It was quite productive as we started working out some of the logistics for our weather scarf next year. I also finally chose a pattern for my Granite State wool and have decided on convertible handwarmers. I only got the cuff done so no sense showing you s picture yet. I also got quite a bit fine on my rug as Brenda was working on a tea towel she’s not enjoying so I joined her in misery and worked on my rug. I realized I don’t love working on the rug because the material is rough and scrapes up my skin:(. I’m going to have to put this on my goal list so it gets done!


I had brought the pumpkin seeds home to roast. Unfortunately Brenda showed up just as I was getting them ready for the oven and somehow I forgot to douse them with oil:( I ended up throwing out 334 pumpkin seeds:(. I just hope my co teacher had more luck than me!

I at least got the pumpkin roasted properly:) I really want to make a recipe for pumpkin chili that I saw on here recently, but now I can’t find it:( If anyone else has seen it and remembers who posted it, could you please let me know:)


I haven’t had much chance yet today:( I just looked at my Goodreads and I e only read six books this month. That seems low to me, but then again I’ve never looked before. It will be interesting to see how many I read this month.

Well I’m off to bed so that I’ll be calm and patient in the face of sugared children tomorrow🤣

Have fun!


46 thoughts on “Fabulous:)

      1. There are several recent pumpkin chili recipes listed in WordPress search facility in the reader but I guessed you checked that out already.
        Lol, the things you do when you can’t sleep! 😃😃

      2. Hehe…I was searching through comments and likes trying to find you but had no luck. Nevermind, there are a lot of yummy recipes out there and I think I’ll try making it myself 🙂

      3. Lol I was doing the same thing! I’ll go through the reader one more time today if I have a chance and then I’ll just pick one to make:)

  1. I’m glad the kids had a great Halloween school day and that’s awesome that the child brought you an actual gift!
    Your running is fantastic too, keep up the good work.
    I was going to post a link to the all recipes pumpkin chili until I saw yarnanspencil had already put in 3! 😀

  2. AJ, I am curious about your running. You are extremely dedicated, so I am wondering if you have a marathon on your bucket list, or if it is just your favorite form of exercise? As you know, I am not a runner but walk nearly every day (gotta keep these joints moving!) If you don’t mind, share your story?

    1. As a teacher- I love getting gift cards for Starbucks, the book store, a prepaid visa, tea, stationary supplies that are cool or neat, books. I love it when parents really think about my interests and take that into account. I’ve gotten knitting, reading, running and tea stuff in the past which really shows the parents and their children thought about me specifically, which is great and makes me feel special:) I’ll keep thinking about teacher gifts:)
      For a knitter, I’d probably say either a gift card to the local yarn shop so they can get what they really want or I would say a cool or interesting tool:)

  3. Congratulations on the run!! You did awesome this month! 😁
    I’m so glad Halloween went smoothly for you! That’s a relief!🎃👻 The cake pan is so thoughtful and fun!☠️ but yes, probably not something you can use that often haha
    I just saw a pair of mittens that converted into handwarmers….they looked amazing!
    That’s so sad about the wasted pumpkin seeds😩🎃

    1. Thank you! I’m happy with my totals for this month:) Now the hard part, coming up with the goals for November!!😳
      Yup Halloween was great in my classroom and is over for another year. I get November quiet and then December first hits and it’s Christmas craziness!!
      Yup my mom is coming into town tomorrow and she likes to do girl shopping so we’ll hit winners and see if I can exchange it for something else. I love the thought though!!!
      Yes! I’m finally excited about something with that yarn! I can’t wait to be able to wear them!!!!
      All is not lost because I’ll make pumpkin chili with the pumpkin which is new for me:)

      1. I’ve never had it either but figure it might be a good way to use up this pumpkin. What kind of pie do you have at thanksgiving and Christmas if you don’t like pumpkin?

      2. I downloaded the app you suggested but it seemed to need an internet connection to use it and I don’t have wifi at home so I’ll need to find a different option.
        I thought I’d look on Pinterest for a poster I can follow.
        Maybe tell yourself you’ll just do the intro and that will get you into doing it. I often trick myself by saying I’ll just do five minutes etc and then end up doing it all.

      3. Ohh yeah it does use wifi…so that’s a bummer for you 😕 Pinterest would be the perfect place! I’ve found a lot on there!
        Ooh that’s not a bad idea! Cause I do the same thing…I’ll just do half and then I’m like “well, I’m this far in! I may as well finish!”

  4. Love the photos from your run! So many beautiful fall colors. Too cute the shadow photo. Awesome that you were able to get your running schedule figured out. No more thinking about that. So sad about the pumpkin seeds. They are always so yummy! Congrats on the baked pumpkin. I bet it smelled yummy in your house. 🙂

    1. Thank you.
      I love having a plan!!!
      It smelled good while I was roasting the pumpkin, but I can’t say I love how the “chili” turned out- more like vegetable pumpkin soup:(

  5. That’s a fun costume and a cool cake pan. Look at you roasting pumpkin – hardcore! Love Monsters Inc. Have you heard of Meetup? It’s an app and has groups of all interests. That’s how I joined a book club and a local knitting group. I’m sure they have running groups in your area.

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