It’s amazing how quickly your life can be put into perspective!


I tackled the crunch again this morning after missing the past two weeks.  I turned off my audio cues and just went. 

I was slower than I have been, but it’s not my worst time so I’ll take it!  I think it might be my last crunch run for the season. The trail is a wreck when it’s wet and I couldn’t go until later as you need light to run this path so there were already a ton of people on it. As well, it’s tough to run up a hill when your legs are stiff from cold. I just didn’t love this run today and I think I should at least get to enjoy my runs! I’ll keep up my Thursday morning hill work and I’ll walk the crunch regularly but no more running it until April I think.  Saturday morning will be filled by a longer run, I think, but we shall see:)

I also redid my workout from yesterday. It’s funny how a workout can feel so horrible and tough one day and be so enjoyable the next. I happily did two full sets of the four circuits. If you’re interested:

25 squats, 15 push-ups, 50 jumping jacks

25 plié squats, 15 tricep pushups, 50 high knees

25 single leg squats, 15 pike pushups, 50 scissor jacks

15 curtsy lunges each leg, 15 mountain climbers each leg, 50 second wall sit

Just in case anyone wants to join me in my madness🤣

I really do like doing a workout at night. I feel like it kind of atones for any misdemeanour eating during the day😂

I’ve been asked often how I manage to workout and run each day. I just love how it makes me feel and look! I spent a long time hating how I looked and felt and now spending an hour a day exercising is a small cost to pay for the other twenty three hours that I feel great:)


I had my mom to myself for the day so of course we Started with the most important thing- shopping!! I have to admit I love a good look through Value village. When I was a kid it was a necessity to buy clothes second hand, but now I’m just addicted to finding a great bargain! I apologize to anyone who is grossed out by this and you may want to skip this section! My rule is that it needs to be a good name brand because if I want to buy Joe Fresh, H&M, George or anything like that- I’ll go buy it new!

I was aiming for cords and warm sweaters for teaching in and being warm! My mom is amazing at finding the warmest sweaters, though after today, we both agree I had better just Knit faster 🤣

So I looked at sweaters and cords but didn’t really come home with either lol.

I headed to the kids department. This always makes me giggle because I spent most of my childhood shopping in the women’s department and now I shop in kids. I’m secretly pleased though when I find that even kids is too big:) I ended up with a very full buggy and three and a half hours later we left. Yes my mom has the patience of a saint! But I also know she thinks of me as her life size Barbie doll🤣

I’ll provide pictures of what I bought tomorrow once I’m organized, though maybe not as that could be boring!!! Hmm I’ll think about that 😀

After lunch my mom and I managed to et over to Winners so that I could return the skull baking pan. I didn’t want to put this off as I knew then it wouldn’t get done and I’d be stuck with a skull baking pan that I would never use! It took forever to return it and they only gave me a gift card so I decided to wander around and spend it before I left the store because I never shop there! I found a new sports bra! Yay! It was even something that was on my list:) I had $1.11 leftover on the gift card so I went and gave it to another woman in line. It’s not much, but better it et used than the huge corporation gets to keep it! It also means I talked so someone I didn’t know- another huge win!  😀I think a sports bra will get a lot more use than a baking pan and it’s black and white, like a skull, so it will remind me of that little bit every time I use it:)


We definitely needed sustenance after that shopping trip so we headed to the St. James Well pub. It was super busy and noisy but we scored the best seat by the fireplace. I had my usual fish and chips. I could have had bangers and mash, but I couldn’t have the potatoes:( Who wants that?? My mom had what I would have loved- half a corned beef sandwich. I miss being able to have a sandwich when I’m out!

Our food: it was as good as ever!

This evening I finally got around to trying out a new gluten free, dairy free product I had bought on sale last week when I mistakenly went to the grocery store hungry.

These cookies actually come already formed even!

Talk about easy! Open the bag, put them on the baking pan and put them in the oven for 12-15 minutes depending on how crispy you want them! They come out looking like this:

So what did I think of them!

They would be perfect if you’re not into baking and want something quick and easy! Personally I think they tasted better straight from the freezer when they were still frozen. I expect a cookie to be mmm mmm delicious if I’m going to indulge and these were meh ok. They just didn’t taste decadent and rich. I can’t really say they had any real taste to them, not even a strong chocolate taste:( I wouldn’t recommend them unless you’re desperate.


I thought I might finish The Cottage on Pumpkin and Vine in time to review it for you, but I haven’t:(   Hopefully by tomorrow!


I did three strands on the rued rug today, unfortunately I did the first one going the wrong way so I only have two to show for my hard work. I’m happy that I picked it up today even though I had finished my goal block for the month. I’ve been asked for a picture of this rued rug so here it is: 

I’ve also worked a bit on my New Hampshire handwarmers, but I’m starting to worry that they’re going to be too big. Now I have to decide if I’m going to keep going and see at the end if they’re too big or rip them out now and start a smaller size???


I got some bad news tonight that unfortunately I’m not allowed to share yet ( sorry I don’t mean to tease you- we just don’t have police confirmation or parental consent yet). Me and mine are all ok! It put all my petty little concerns into perspective really quickly! It’s amazing and horrible how quickly life can change! All I can say is give your loved ones an extra squeeze! I plan on enjoying every moment with friends and family tomorrow!

Have fun!


52 thoughts on “Quite a day!

  1. That workout is intense!! I’m tired just reading it😅
    Glad you were able to switch out the skull baking pan!!
    Those cookies looked yumm!! But definitely not going to waste calories on cookies that aren’t the best!
    The rug looks awesome, AJ!!! I really like it!!
    Sometimes there are those sad reminders that cause us to appreciate our family a little more!!

    1. It’s not that bad a workout actually:) it goes by quickly st least!
      Yes I’m so glad I got that pan exchanged. It was cute, but I know I’d never use it:(
      Yup I only want to waste my calories on really good things, like an entire container of coco whip or ice cream or pudding🤣
      Thank you! I just don’t know what to do with it😞
      Yup I guess life provides the reminders we need to be grateful!

      1. Oh my! I now have to go eat everything in my kitchen and it still won’t live up to any of that!! Yum bagel… though tacos sound really good too!

    1. Thank you:)
      I love the fish and chips there! It’s the only place I can eat it so I always get it:)
      Yup I have an amazing friend who makes up workouts for me so that I never get bored:)

  2. I’m glad you’re okay and had a good day with your mom. The cookies look good, too bad they weren’t the best. Skull pan or bra, I’m with you and that was so sweet to give someone an extra dollar!

  3. The rued rug looks like it’s huge, a monster! Is it needlepoint, that’s my guess if a square a month is the goal. I love the colors and the striping provides some variety while stitching. That workout looks like it works all the muscle groups, maybe I’ll try it ( a small dose,) I need things like that for when it is too awful to really be outside.

    1. That workout does hit all the muscle groups and you could easily do just one of each circuit or even start with just one circuit and work up from there.
      Yes the rug is needlepoint. I designed it off a few that I had seen.

    1. It definitely tasted better raw!!!
      Ok I will put some pictures up in tonight’s post:) I actually can’t wait as it’s been quite a while since I got as much as I did yesterday. Now I just have to figure out what to get rid of!! Lol

      1. I feel you girl lol. I need to go through my closet and do another donation trip before the year ends. I figure if I donate then I can totally justify buying some new pieces for myself right?

      2. Exactly! Of course yesterday I bought before purging, but now I have awesome impetus to get rid of a few things:)

  4. You go on the working out. What app do you use to keep track and to play music? Spotify? I totally understand how you feel and why you work out. I feel that way many times and I’ve been on the wagon and off the wagon. I need to get back on. I’ve gotten cheap w/clothing and haven’t bought any for ages which is why I’m sewing but it’ll be a long time before I get there which is why I may have to substitute for now.

  5. Another fine workout I must say! Thrift stores can be a great place to shop if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. How nice that you and your mom had the chance to share quality time 😊

    1. Oh it’s just a half cross stitch. I made it up myself from several patterns I had seen in some magazines of my aunt. I started it about ten years ago I think

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