I don’t know what’s up with me today, but can I be like this all the time please? 🤣


I did my run over to the park and back this morning and I didn’t meet any weird people:). Maybe I can go back to that run as I much prefer an out and back or a single loop over running the same loop multiple times!  I got to run a full thirty minutes and every kilometre was under 7min!😀🎉🎊. I started wondering how many times I needed to do that before I could check that goal off when a friend told me, “when it’s every time”. Lol I guess that answers my question. Amazingly I didn’t even feel as though I was running that fast!

That was all of my exercise for the day as I had a massage after school. I try not to ruin the effects too quickly. 🤣


Today was a pretty good day:) we got through a book review activity this morning that just happened to be on a book about being peaceful towards each other😂. We also finally got started on problem solving. I planned to work this into my math A/B week plan from the start of the year, but it just didn’t happen. We started with the strategy of drawing a picture to solve the problem. It is going to take a lot more practice, but we at least got started!!

This afternoon we had “collaboration”. All the children are in the gym with the principal and non classroom teachers and we get together in grade groups to work. My co-teacher and I tackled our report card template today and got it done:) we have a brand new curriculum this year that came with a brand new report card so everything is new, unfamiliar and difficult:(. We also got a list made of what we need to do with the children so we can write these report cards:). We are making progress😀

I actually got quite a bit done today as I got the rest of the sight word games cut out and packaged and I finished sorting the math concentration games. I only got two sets of the game trimmed (you should never have grade twos cut something out for you) and labelled, but tomorrow is another day:)

Another card today, maybe these two boys are in a competition to see who can make me the most cards. I thought this one was cute because the Li toe guy came over to study the letters on the end of my desk to make sure he got the spelling of my name right. Good thing he didn’t have to tackle my full name.🤣


I have eaten a ton of new things today, unfortunately I also feel like I’ve eaten a ton:(

For breakfast I tried a new type of cheese on my toast. I liked the simple packaging of the cheese and it smelled wonderful when I opened lithe package- spicy! It even tasted good, but boy is it dense and rubbery! I also don’t think it melts as it didn’t even soften up on my warm toast:( if you’re hiding the cheese in something, like a sandwich with lots of veggies, I think the taste would make it a winner, but if consistency is going to be noticeable, I’d give this cheese a pass.

I also tried a new bagel at lunch. We had the leftovers from yesterday today. The bagels were Udi brand. They felt dense like a bagel should, were not overly dry, split in half nicely and were a good size. I would definitely recommend this product if you’re looking for a bagel.

I have also done some baking this evening. My co-teacher has been fabulous lately and so I wanted to make her cookies. She is diabetic so I know not to use sugar and I have been trying out different types of “banana cookies”. I call them this as they utilize bananas for sweetness. I tried this Recipe by Foodolic for banana maple walnut cookies. I followed the recipe, but mine don’t look like hers:( We’ll see what they taste like tomorrow!

My cinnamon bun bread pudding seemed to be a hit at work as there wasn’t much left when I left the staff room at lunch. I love the idea of not having to throw out my failures so I’ll have to keep that recipe in mind:)


I made myself do three threads on the rued rug to make up for the days I missed this week. It just doesn’t seem to progress very fast:(

I also got my yarn wound into a ball in preparation for making a toque to go with my new jacket. I just want a nice simple toque so that the gorgeous colour variation in the yarn will be highlighted. If anyone has a pattern suggestion, please let me know! I want to start it tomorrow at knit night!


I got my house tidied this evening. I can’t say it’s clean, but it’s at least tidy:)

I have the best mom in the world as she didn’t say a word about how messy it was when she was here sewing today. I know she says she doesn’t care, but I want the place to be nice so everyone will like it as much as I do!

My mom also grabbed the BB cream I had been looking at on the weekend and a sweater hanger for my closet. I really wanted to move my running gear into it, but I made myself tidy instead so it will have to wait:( I can’t wait as I think it might be a system that will work really well for me!

Well I think that’s it for me tonight! I’m going to go finish the last ten pages of my book:)

Have fun!


31 thoughts on “Unstoppable

  1. Don’t you love when a run is fast even though you don’t feel like it is?! Just means you’re getting stronger 🙂
    Sometimes the house/apartment is a mess but that’s life! I’d rather have a messy apartment for a few days but enjoy life and different outings then stress about always having it 100% clean. Just my philosophy though!

  2. You work really hard and push yourself even harder. It shows! You are great! Thanks for all your help with my son too. I had to mention your blog because of it. 😀

  3. Looks like you may have used steel-cut oats and not rolled oats for the cookies? that will totally change the outcome. If not, don’t worry about how they look, its the taste that matters! I’m so glad your bread pudding was a hit! I knew it would be!

      1. I understand, lol! I have some yummy recipes using steel-cut oats on my blog if you want to look back through my posts. Or just let me know and I’ll find them for you!

      2. The sad part is that I had the rolled oats on the counter to use and then went into the cupboard and got the steel cut oats, LOL

  4. Wow I got tired just reading your post! But its a great feeling when we manage to accomplish all that we set out to do isn’t it… problem with me though is I get slack after and then things pile up again! LoL! I love the colour of your yarn ball and can’t wait to see what you make with it!

  5. That was an action-packed day… Congratulations on your running! You’ve inspired me to do something about my oft-missed exercise goals.
    Maybe you could try making a toque constructed vertically? The shaping is done using short rows, and I think they show off variegated yarn very well.

    1. Oh I’m glad I’ve inspired you:) there’s nothing like moving- I’m addicted to it now!
      Oh that sounds like an interesting toque. Do you know the name of a pattern I could search for?

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