I’ve said this several times to myself today, but I also had a couple of win wins:)


Absolutely none! I was up most of last night feeling sick (you don’t want any more details!) and it hasn’t been much better today. I have definitely ended up with dairy in me:( I have no idea where or when, but right now I still don’t feel like eating. I was going to exercise when I came home, got dressed, got the equipment out, started warming up and realized that I was definitely not well enough:(

Tomorrow is another day:)


I have written ten report cards today! I feel like that is all I have done! When my colleagues went home at six, I thought to myself, might as well stay for another hour and see if I can finish. I didn’t quite as I have 1.5 left to do tomorrow. I always like at least having a draft I could send home in a pinch. I’ll have to start watching the children closely so I can tweak reports as necessary.

The best thing in my classroom today was reading the book What If Everybody Did That to my class. I absolutely love it! This copy was the kindergarten teacher’s but ill for sure be buying it. I think I will also start saying that to the children. They loved the pictures and I loved the message so it was a win win!

The other good thing that happened was that a retired teacher from our school was the TOC (substitute) who came in this afternoon. She was so sweet and brought tarts for the staff and these chips for me

They are called Bean Chips from Costco and they were so good! I’ll have to keep my eye out for them! It was the thoughtfulness that she  that got to me! I have definitely worked with some amazing people and continue to do so!

I literally just got home from work so I have not read, baked or knitted🙁 All I have done other than write report cards is drop off my library books this morning and type out the Twelve Days of Giving Schedule at work (we collect certain food on certain days to benefit our local Share Foodbank),and try to find a book on YouTube about goal setting for children. I have to organize the January assembly now as it is on the first day back in January.


I did manage to finish a novella last night on my kindle as I was trying to distract myself. Winning Back His Wife is the first in a series that I have read some others in.

It tells the story of Michael and Heather who met at summer camp as kids. They fell into kid love and it feels into more when they met up again at Dartmouth College.  Unfortunately they now seem to be heading for a divorce as Heather has bought the camp they met at and has grandiose plans for it, which she did without consulting Michael!

I enjoyed this novella. The pace was good and I liked how it bounced around to different decades of their relationship. Heather is a strong female lead and Michael is believable.

I would recommend this story to anyone who went to camp as a kid is nostalgic for it. As well, it’s one of the better second chance romances I’ve read.
I promise to try and be more entertaining tomorrow. I figured I might as well post a little early as I dont plan to do anything all that exciting!

Right now I am going to cast on a handwarmer that I’m going to try to modify to also have a mitt covering. I didn’t like the pattern I found so I am going to try and alter my usual handwarmer pattern. Wish me luck!

I started a simple garter stitch scarf at lunch, since I didn’t feel like eating. This scarf will be another donation for the Christmas Market fundraiser at my school and will hopefully use up a lot of my small scraps of yarn! My second win win of the day!

I also got asked to knit my colleague’s dog a doggy sweater today. She is looking for one that buttons and you don’t have to stuff the dog into it. Any pattern suggestions are welcomed!

Have fun!


21 thoughts on “Might as Well or Win/Win

  1. Having most of the report cards nearly done must be a great relief for you! I always hated report time at work, so stressful and frustrating, and for me, sometimes pointless because they were only a box to check. Hope that dairy leaves your system quickly!! I now have student with celiac, so I am on the hunt for some decent gluten free flour that I can use when I make treats for the kids….don’t want her left out. If I replace the flour in a recipe, do I need to be concerned about baking soda or baking powder? (I’m thinking gingerbread, etc. so basic cake, with as few ingredients as possible) I’ll check the label, but I think molasses is safe, coming from corn. You, feel better!!!

    1. Baking powder and baking soda and molasses are all fine. I would get a flour like cup 4 cup as then you can just put it into the recipe and you don’t have to do anything else

    1. Abbey – I agree about the doggy sweater! – AJ, would love to read & see more as it progresses – perhaps you’d be so kind as to guest blog post about it? if you’re interested, let me know if you’d like my super loose boilerplate guidelines. am sure my readers would be delighted to meet you

      wishing you speedy recovery

      1. For sure! I definitely miss working with her everyday, but I’m always glad when people can retire early enough to enjoy it!

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