A good day, but there are just not enough hours in the day for all the things I want to do!


I got my butt out of bed and went out the door for a run. It was a tough go so I said I’d just do five minutes out and five back, thankfully it turned into my usual run, though I didn’t quite make thirty minutes. I was just glad to get out!

I did the workout Wednesday with the children and then also ran two laps at the start of gym with them. My legs feel very sore though:(

After school we had our staff bootcamp. It was only four of us today so quite quiet. It was lots of cardio today as we did: high knees and v ups, skaters and punch crunches, reverse lunge with lateral raises and donkey kicks, running and leg curls, reverse lunge with a hop and planks, bench lateral step ups and push-ups, side shuffle and plank shoulder taps. It was a good workout, but it’s funny that it felt like working out again when I got home.  On Sunday one of my running buddies was talking about getting addicted to weight training and I said he was crazy, but maybe he’s not.


We had a pretty normal day. We read a friendship book and made connections, did some work with base ten blocks and wrote about our hip hop dancing at the end of October ( I completely forgot about doing hallway writing about it!!). All throughout these activities I was busy getting all the children assessed on math. I really dislike when I have to do these formal assessments as I pretty well have to stop teaching to do them. I film the children in FreshGrade and that means I can’t stop and help or review work with any of the other children. I feel like assessing makes me a bad teacher:(. I think tomorrow we will do tons of game playing to make up for the past two weeks!

I finished my report cards this morning and have switched with Lyndsay for proofreading. I so hadn’t thought about the fact I would actually have to read hers when I suggested this🤣 I also sent mine to my mom to get her to proofread them. She’s an awesome editor and it will make her feel at home 😂. The goal is to hand them in on Friday so I don’t have to think about them this weekend!


I made some no-bake cookies tonight. My co-teacher shared her avocado and grapes with me today (she doesn’t think I eat enough) so I want to take something for her tomorrow. The recipe is from here:


It was super easy as it only had four ingredients: oats, peanut butter, coconut and maple syrup (though I used agave syrup instead).  I’ll let you know what Liane thinks of them tomorrow:)I think they took me a whole six minutes start to finish though I’m going to leave them in the freezer overnight as they still seem sticky!

I thought Of Maureen tonight as I had a baked potato for dinner. It was yummy ! I never think of having a potato but it was quick, warm and filling- perfect for this cold, rainy night!

I tried a new non dairy egg nog the other day. My friend had mentioned this one before so when I saw it I grabbed it!

It was thicker than the So Delicious one I usually buy but I found it didn’t have the strong egg nog taste I like. If only they could use this texture and the So Delicious taste!  I’ve decided that there will be no more egg nog! No wonder I’m feeling pudgy!

The other news in eating is that I found an aerosol can of rice whipped cream. I was so excited, but the can is broken and I can’t get anything out:( I unfortunately don’t have the bill anymore so I can’t return it. Anyone have any advice for me??? I am so disappointed as I was really looking forward to it as I had read a fellow blogger’s Review!


I have gotten the cuff done on one of my handwarmers but that’s it:(. There are just not enough hours in the day! Today a blogger mentioned taking a holiday day just to crochet. I’ve always wanted to stay home from work for a day just to knit, but unfortunately I just can’t bring myself to do that:(

Well I have to get back to reading Lyndsay’s report cards.

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “Not Enough Hours!

      1. Ya usually I show up to work even when I’m sick and they send me home:( I definitely can’t take a day when I’m not sick!

  1. Where did you buy the can of whipped cream? I would try to return it without the bill. Or even call the company. I did that when a hair product bottle stopped working and they sent me a coupon for a free product.

  2. I would just go and tell the customer service that it was broken when you got home and you need to exchange it. They will probably do that, you’re not trying to get something different.

    1. They were super easy – literally six minutes. My colleague said they tasted really good today – she just unfortunately didn’t keep them in the freezer, LOL

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