I feel like I’m continuously complaining of being sick lately:( This is not how I usually am and I don’t want to be that person here so there will be no more mention of the evil cold!


I didn’t run this morning but I did get a workout in this evening. It’s a Lyndsay special, a bodyweight challenge. 70 jumping jacks, 60 mountain climbers, 50 squats, 40 push-ups, 30 toe reaches, 20 high knees, 10 planks, skip for Five minutes and then repeat going up the ladder. It was a doozy doing it tonight, but I completed it:)


I don’t know if Christmas fever has hit early or what, but my students were a little crazy today!

We did a co-operative poem about peace and then choral read it. Peace seems to be very quiet to at least half of my class 🤣. Note to self: next time have students choose a specific sentence to write so half the poem isn’t the same.  We played a sight word game after that and it was really rewarding to hear one little boy say that it was “the most funnest game ever”🤣

Supposedly I had a flasher in the lineup at recess😳 so after recess I got to talk to one little guy about keeping his body private! As a teacher, I seem to wear a lot of different hats and teach a lot more than just how to read, write and do math!

Math was a bit of a bust, but the afternoon was lovely with a prep, planners, co gym and then the ADST bins. I finally got a picture of the children with something they created.  They really love those bins. I think it was quieter during ADST than it was during silent reading.

It’s been nice the past two days that I’ve had two parents comment that they enjoy the videos and pictures I send out in FreshGrade. I often wonder if I’ve crossed the line into annoying?? It was good to have the feedback and hopefully it will help there to be no surprises on the report card. Next week I want to video the children reading to me so parents can see that too.

I had my second parent meeting of the week, but so far they’ve been positive😀 Let’s hope they all go that way this year!

Thursday is plan and prep day so my co teacher and I stayed late and got ready for next week. I have one more thing to do, but mentally I was done tonight. Thursday is a long day, but it definitely makes the rest of the week much better as I don’t feel like I’m behind the 8 ball!

My mom very kindly proofread my report cards for me and texted me the changes to be made. I obviously need to give these people a pen!  I feel much better now that my mom has read them over and I’ll hopefully be submitting them tomorrow:) Yay free from reports soon!!!!

Knitting: nothing 🙁

Baking: My co teacher said the no bake cookies were really good. I just forgot to tell her to keep them in the fridge or freezer so they may all be one big cookie now!🤣


I have been lounging on my couch this evening watching the Hallmark movie, A Dash of Love. I’m a sucker for these feel-good movies and my mom said that as long as I didn’t start believing they were real, I could enjoy them. They aren’t the best by any means, but I like the guaranteed happy ending and it’s cool that many are filmed around here so I can recognize places in the movie:)

Ok I’m back to my chick flick!

Have fun!

54 thoughts on “Evil Cold

  1. One there is no cure for cold…it stays with us for 7 days – over the counter medicine does help to forget about it for no of hours the dose it contains. Grandma ways of curing it a. soup b . Warm water. C. Relax and repeat.
    Your Day list has lots to be proud of all the accomplishment.

    1. AJ, too true LOL. AJ hope you’re all well by now. I find that taking a bunch of echanecia at the first hint of anything helps avoid its getting hold of me.

      1. I’ll have to find something to entertain myself then as otherwise I don’t make it more than about five minutes on the couch

    1. I thought I had this one kicked, but obviously not:(
      Yes it was perfect timing for feedback as I had just started to worry about being annoying!

  2. Hope you can turn the corner in that cold this weekend…more hand sanitizer might be necessary, since you work in a regular germ factory, even thought they are sweethearts. I’m still pondering a first grade flasher! Should I laugh or cry?!

      1. Ugh and I laugh at taking time off for it because by the time you have the symptoms you’re no longer contagious!

    1. Well this one can go linger elsewhere as I’ve had enough of it! I’m thinking of trying to beat it into submission with a run!

  3. I wish we got the Hallmark channel but we don’t have cable and even with Roku one has to sign into his cable or satellite hook up. I had a kinder co-worker who wrote on her lesson plan book when something didn’t work well or when something needed to be tweaked so she’d remember for next year.
    I got back to working out today and boy, I’m hurting all over.

    1. I don’t get the hallmark channel either and I don’t have cable- streaming from Netflix or w network is the best I can do!
      That’s a good idea to make notes! I just always forget where i put the notes🤔😏
      That’s great you got back to working out- perhaps some heat and stretching????

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