A full day of just two events:)


Wow I just realized I’ve done no exercise today:(  I had plannedtorun when I got home today but I literally just got home! It’s dark and raining out there:(

Socializing/ Shopping:

Earlier this week a colleague/ friend asked if I wanted to go to The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market. I have to admit this isn’t really my style but I don’t mind looking and I enjoy the time spent with friends. I picked her up at 10am and we got there about 11. We were parked forever away and there was a lineup to get in!!! There were some cool things to see:) One of our other colleagues was there and bought a blanket ladder. The friend I was with bought apainted wooden duck and a coat hook for a friend. It was really cool that they gave you a listing of all of the shops and a map this time. Being me, I checked off the shops as we saw them and took notes about where I wanted to go back to. This was almost as much fun for me as seeing the stuff🤣  I saw cute Christmas ornaments – they were hearts made out of piano music so I might try to make one for my friend who is a big music lover. I found some candles that I loved! They just smelled so good! There didn’t seem to be any of that artificial scent to them that so many have. I couldn’t buy one as I couldn’t decide which scent I liked best. They are online at justcandlesco.com so I’ll be looking and ordering online I think:)

There was another place with a ton of cool buttons, but I think my mom was right, I need a completed project before I can buy buttons because it never fails that I don’t have the right ones:(

Otherwise, I was looking at dressers as ultimately I would like to find one that would fit in my closet. I really need to take measurements and decide exactly what I want though!

It was a successful day though as I enjoyed the time with my friend and I actually bought something. I drive my friends crazy because while they spend $400, I usually spend about $4, but today I spent more! I love words and always wonder why I don’t have any in my house, but I solved that today😀

It’s a little more rustic than my place is but at least the writing is in black and white! It was a good deal and I like the sentiment:) I must like it because it’s already been put up:)

Today was also a success in that it started getting me into the Christmas spirit as there was Christmas music and cute decorations around:)

I obviously take after my mom in liking snowmen!

The most difficult thing about going to these shows is that most things I look at and think, ” I could make that or my dad or brothers could make that”. The problem with coming from a handy/crafty family!

I stopped in at Michaels with my friend on our way home as she wants me to make a dog sweater for her dog. She bought a nice Hercules yellow, so I’ll need to get on that. I did finally get to see the Caron cakes and cupcakes I’ve been reading so much about on other craft blogs. They sure are cute! She almost picked one but ultimately went with a bulkier yarn so the sweater would be warmer!

I actually just got home when another friend texted to ask if I was finally free to go get a mani and pedi at Citrus Nail Lounge.  We have been trying to put this together for weeks, so I said yes:). I always have such a difficult time deciding on a colour, especially when I can’t just go by their names!

Here’s what I went with! It was a new experience for me tonight as they had two people working on me at once. I can’t say that I found the experience relaxing as they seemed to be in a rush. Plus, I have to admit that I am super ticklish so getting a pedi is never all that great for me, but I did use up a gift card! Yay me, only three more to go!


In between the two events of my day, I made some custard.  Tomorrow I need to tackle oatmeal raisin cookies for my colleagues husband.

Thankfully I swept before I left home today so I got one thing accomplished!  Nothing other than a hallmark movie is happening now!

Have fun!


38 thoughts on “A Full Day

    1. Thank you! I didn’t realize I really like snowmen until that’s what I kept taking pictures of today.
      They did a good job of making my horrible nails look better. I should take better care of them, but I don’t:(

      1. My mum loves snow men too. They are just so cute!
        I used to bite my nails all through growing up. Within the last four years(?) I finally stopped….but now I pick the skin around my nails.😫 I’m not sure which is worth. I have nice long nails…with awful skin:(

      2. Snowmen are so cheerful:)
        My nails are incredibly weak so I just end up peeling them all the time. I have bad nails and bad skin as I always have hang nails from filing😫

      3. If I catch a nail on something it will just tear right off. I don’t know why- my grandma had the hardest nails I had ever seen. I should google what would harden my nails up!

      4. Hmmm that’s odd. I would definitely google it and see if here’s something you could eat or maybe a vitamin. I know there is a vitamin, but I can’t think of the name. I have a cuticle oil and a fancy gold gel that I was gifted, but I don’t use it often enough.

    1. Thank you:) I left it at first but when the lady lowered the price, I knew I had to buy it and probably would have even at full price. Seems right for someone who likes to bake:)

    1. I’m a nail peeler but they still managed to make them look nice. My friend got me shellac/gel on my nails and supposedly it’s harder wearing and will last longer.

      1. Does that also make your nails longer?
        As much as I love long nails, I get annoyed with them easily. The most simple tasks seem such a struggle, even wiping after a toilet visit! haha.

  1. Great mani/pedi and how fun to go to that fair. I need to work on my nails tomorrow. They are too long. I used to get pedi’s but gave that up when we bought a house. I keep meaning to paint my toes but I forget and get lazy.

    1. I get about one a year at the start of summer, but this was a freebie as I had a gift card. I’m just not good at that type of upkeep

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