The weather has changed by the hour today and so have my activities!


On my way to my run this morning it was raining cats and dogs, it was gray when we started and by the end it was beautiful blue sky and sunshine. I was on my own running this morning around Burnaby Lake. It was a wonderful morning though with the frogs croaking audibly and hopping over puddles. Just forty minutes as my body was asking if I was ever sending any oxygen down! A cold and a run don’t always go together but I’m glad I got out for something! I was almost completely under the 7min/km of my goal, but not quite:( The first kilometre did me in at 7:05.

I got a short weight workout in this evening, mainly because I didn’t want to admit I hadn’t. I’m trying to keep the weight training up as I notice right away in my running when I don’t!


I wasn’t very social during my post run tea today as I was busy booking flights on wifi while I could. It doesn’t sound like my brothers are going to celebrate Christmas together this year and I really don’t want to have to choose between them ( one lives close but the other lives on the island- about three hours and a ferry ride away), so I’m abandoning g both of them and going to visit my parents in Arizona. I really want to celebrate and do Christmas things with my nieces and nephews but I guess it’s just not going to happen:(. I really wasn’t planning on going to Arizona for that long, but the cheapest option was the 24th to the 6th so that’s what I went for.  It will be relaxing and of course nice to see my parents and some sunshine. Of course now that I’ve booked, my brothers will probably plan some great thing. That’s how my life usually goes.  I will be heading to the island to visit my brother and his family this coming weekend and will make sure to visit with my other brother and his family as well, before I go.


My co teacher’s husband has been helping me out on a project so I wanted to thank him. A little birdie told me his favourite were oatmeal raisin cookies so I got busy and made some this afternoon, after my lovely nap on the couch. It’s a new recipe for me, so I hope they taste good! I’ll let you know what he says and if they pass I’ll share the recipe:)


I managed to finish up my handwarmers today while I was listening to Jane Eyre on Librivox. I am pretty happy with them and I even have a little yarn left over so I can hopefully turn my beanie into an actual toque!!!

I made up the pattern. I used 3.75mm DPN. It has ten rows of k2,p2 rubbing. 25 rows of stockinette, cast off four stitches in the next row and then cast them back in in the row following that. Stockinette for another ten rows and then ten rows of k2,p2 rubbing again. On the last row, cast off twenty 2/3 of your stitches and knit across the remaining stitches. In the next row, cast back on the stitches. Do 8 rows of ribbing k2,p2, then stockinette stitch for four rows. On the fifth row and every odd row thereafter, k2tog at the start of each of your three needles. When you are down to 8 stitches, break yarn and thread it through the remaining stitches.  Weave in ends and sew on a button to hold mitt when not in use. I used a dragonfly button so a stitch just slips over the tail to hold the mitt back. Otherwise, you’ll need to do a buttonhole at some point.

I thought about using my yarn leftover to knit thumbs, but have decided to leave my thumbs out to use my phone with and to enlarge my hat instead!


I have watched four Hallmark movies so far:

A Dash of Love

The Best Christmas Party Ever

At First Bark

Broadcasting Christmas

I have enjoyed all even with the corniness and occasional bad script and acting:) I love them for their feel good vibes:)

Well it’s been a lovely day, but I need sleep to be a nice teacher!

Have fun!


30 thoughts on “This and That

    1. I hate how I finally make a decision and still feel horrible:( the sunshine and warmth does sound nice though!
      Thank you! I taste tested one and they were yummy:)

    1. Yup I love it when we get to run that lake. It’s 11km all around so would love to have the time to do the whole thing! As I write this I realize I should just go one Saturday and do it!

    1. Ya as I was wondering I was thinking “shouldn’t they be buried in mud by this time?”.
      Haha ya i would be famous for that picture!

  1. How lovely to have an excuse to fly somewhere for the holidays. It’s okay you had to choose because it’s about QT whenever you can. Oatmeal cookies rock. Those spiced ones I make are always popular with their recipients.

  2. Running with a cold…you are a determined lady, and I have heard that exercise does help you feel better…probably the endorphin boost, but good for you, and the cookies look yummy!

    1. Yes I have to make my November mileage goal, 🤣
      I’m trying to get more sleep so I’ll get rid of this cold!
      Thank you! I haven’t heard if the recipient liked them yet

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