I kept waiting all day, but so far, nothing!


I slept in this morning on purpose. I know I need more sleep since I still have this cold so decided to sleep in and just get home early enough for a run outside. My co workers laughed when I said I was going to be home by 4pm today, but I almost made it! 4:06 I walked in the door; I think I walk slower in heels. I changed and headed out the door immediately. It was great to be in daylight! I noticed almost immediately that I felt better than I have in a while! I felt strong and yet loose and ended up doing more than I was planning:)

I had awesome timing, except when I stopped to take this photo! Note to self, figure out how to turn on auto pause. It ended up being my fastest 5km:) I kept waiting to be tired, but it just never happened and I got down as low as a 6:11/km- fast for me:)

Love how runkeeper celebrates everything:)

That was the only exercise I did today, but the plan for tomorrow has a workout and a run:)


I got my new student today and spent the day waiting for the other shoe to drop! So far I have noticed that he’s a snazzy dresser with a cute little sweater vest today. He knows how to read, he prints better than 3/4s of my class, he knows to raise his hand, he remembered where his spot on the carpet and in the lineup was. I’m still waiting! I think I have the right to expect the worst as he brought a gift for each kid in the class and his parents showed up after school with a huge tower of Ferrera Rocher chocolates for me. Who does that if there’s not a problem???

We wrote our letters to Santa today though we didn’t manage to finish them so that will be tomorrow. It was. It’s to see what the children wanted- lots of Pokemon cards which I can’t stand, bet blades which I thought were out of vogue now but I guess aren’t, and thankfully lots of Lego still:) I love Lego as it’s so creative, well for everyone but me. I just spent all my time sorting my brothers Lego by colour and size🤣🤣

Today was my last day of peace at work as tomorrow we start learning our song for the Christmas concert. I always pick a traditional song as then there’s a chance I’ll be able to sing it🤣. This year my co teacher and I are putting our classes together and thankfully she can sing so no one will need to make a last minute effort to fix my class song this year😀😂

(Can you tell I am the least musical person you’ll ever meet???)


After running I didn’t have a ton of time but I am working on my photo album project as now I need to clear some pictures off my phone if I’m going away.  I got some done and think I’ll have about two more days worth of work.


I got my handwarmer project entered on Ravelry and got it entered for a class in HPKCHC – the Patronus class. I only got three classes done this month, but hopefully along with the six last month, that’s enough to get me put into a house for next term!


I watched another Hallmark movie tonight. I should really do other things that would accomplish something!!!

Well I’m off to sleep early as I want to be able to get up for my workout!

Have fun!


36 thoughts on “Waiting for the other shoe to drop

  1. Great job on your run! One thing I do when I want to be productive but also be lazy and watch tv is do both. I’m big on doing chores while watching tv or doing crafts with a movie on.

      1. I should try that for when I’m doing the dishes. Actually o have to load the dishwasher so maybe I’ll try that right now!

      2. It worked great! I happily cleaned my kitchen this morning! I need to remember that for any jobs where I am staying in one spot.

  2. Love the photo!
    May be the gifts are because the parents are trying (too) hard…? It seems like a neuro diverse thing to do. I’m probably wrong but it was my first thought.

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