Sorry I have a boring day to report:(


Two walks with Mr. Banks and a third to come, but that’s it. He really didn’t want to go for a walk, even though it was a beautiful morning!


Not a very exciting day. We just chugged along getting stuff done. There was no nudity nor melt downs and parents all co-operated with setting up conference times. I have five conferences out of twenty one parents and it’s a new report card so that seems pretty good to me.

We had a tea party after school today for a retirement. 

I didn’t get to stay long and wasn’t much into the food:( I was off to a doctor appointment where I found out my head and glands have improved really well and the upset stomach should go away in a couple of days.  Right now, I guess u might as well just see it as a diet tool to lose the high tea and book club weight gain:(

Dog Sitting:

Banks really didn’t want to walk this morning, but he was better when I came home for lunch. He’s been a bad boy this morning and has chewed up my EOS lip balm container and balm. Now I have to worry all night that he’s going to get sick:(


The tea today was coffee pu’erh.  I don’t like coffee so I didn’t particularly care for this tea either:(

Christmas Movies:

I am on my second Christmas movie of the day, well I guess technically third. I watched most of A Christmas to Remember this morning, though I needed to leave before it ended. They really need to adjust school hours so I can see all of the Christmas movies in the morning🤣. I watched the last bit of Four Christmases and a Wedding when I got home. Right now I am watching A December Bride while waiting for Mistletoe Inn to come on. LOL. My doctor says his wife likes watching Christmas movies too and they are Jewish. See these movies are universally adored🤣🤣🤣 except by my family!

Well I’m back to my Christmas movies.

Have fun!


33 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. Are these a second round of conferences for you so you only have five? Glad your day was smooth. No nudity? LOL that sounds like quite a story. There are boys pantsing one another at my daughter’s junior high. One boy got pants and he actually wasn’t wearing anything underneath; my daughter’s girlfriend screamed.

    1. No these are the first conferences of the year though I have met with some parents already. I’m happy with just five.
      The boys keep flashing people😳
      Ugh that would be shocking for a teenage girl!

  2. Oh what a wonderful retirement celebration. Im here to say Life’s great in retirement. I love volunteering at the Barn so much! Im glad you are feeling better.
    Oh pups. THey have to get into something don’t they?

      1. I’m home from the hospital and I was thinking maybe I should catch up on Christmas movies but I’m more of a Walking Dead kind of girl, lol, therefore I will probably catch up on those and other Netflix series I’m behind on. In between physical therapy and writing that is. Glad you are feeling better!

      2. My friends gave me a list of what I should watch on Netflix, but I just keep watching another Christmas movie, lol

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