Still a very busy day, but at least it had more of the things I enjoyed and was a bit more typical for me:)

Exercise: I have given up on anything other than walks with Banks where he is in charge of where we go and how fast. We have had three walks today, but thankfully I also got a bootcamp in after school. I already hurt 😭 It did feel good to sweat and get back to it though!

On my walks with Banks I have discovered that I really am particular about which Christmas light displays I like. I really like the houses that just have warm, white lights. I missed the gorgeous tree I love, but here’s a couple:)

Ha! I found one of the tree from last Christmas:)


Me and nineteen monkeys hopped up on Christmas described my day! 😂. We worked on decorating paper bags to put our parent gifts in.

We had a family group activity today for an hour to create trees to decorate the gym for the holiday concert. This is where every teacher has a group of children from kindergarten to grade five with them and siblings are together. It sounds crazy, but it actually often turns out to be quite peaceful! I put some Christmas carols on and we decorated “balls” to put on our tree.  After seeing what some of the other teachers did, I’m not that happy with mine, but oh well, it’s “kid art”.

This afternoon we had our first practice getting on and off the stage in the gym.  It went pretty good! We did it twice and they actually all were in the right place the second time. Usually grade ones end up bunched up on one end of the risers 🤣. I had two boys who were being silly even after several warnings, but maybe their parents need to see that.


I had all the crusts and a couple of slices of bread left from the sandwiches I made for the tea yesterday so I made bread pudding up tonight. This Recipe was super easy and quick. The only change I would make is to add cinnamon. I also cooked it for about 30 minutes, rather than 25.


I had knit night tonight with Brenda and actually accomplished finishing the dog sweater. The ends are even sewn in, though it turned out the buttons were too small, so I will check tomorrow in my button collection at school to see if I have three big buttons all the same. Otherwise I’ll see if my co-worker wants to put them on herself or wants me to find some. I’m just glad I finally have one of these small jobs done, Only three more to go before I can start my sweater vest!

Well I think that’s it for me tonight as I haven’t read, nor watched any Christmas movies.

Have fun!


26 thoughts on “Better:)

      1. It’s easier with grade ones as they’re always cute. when I taught older grades, I used to tell them they had to be really good because they didn’t have the cute factor anymore.

  1. I love how you describe the balls for the trees as “kid art”. It’s so funny how to an outsider it doesn’t look that great but parents treasure that stuff. Glad boot camp went well!

      1. Some teachers are very strict and want the art to look perfect or like it should. I am definitely not that – most of my art looks like the kids did it,LOL

    1. a toque for my niece to use up the handwarmer yarn, change a hat and cowl I don’t wear to a bigger hat for a co-worker and take my purple handwarmers and beanie and make a bigger toque.
      Hey so I have access to a computer – how do I make a “contact me” page?

      1. Ohh okay! so some reusing type works! 🙂
        Okay, I think every blog, no matter what theme you choose, has a contact page provided for you. So go under the My Site in the upper left hand corner.
        If you are already there, under the menu/options on the left of the screen you will click on Site Pages. It should show you all the pages you have whether they are showing up on your blog or not. It should say Contact, I think that was the original name that WordPress gave it.
        If it is there, then go to the menu again go under Customize under the Personalize option about half way down the menu.
        Then under Customize, you choose Menus. Then you will choose the menu that has your Favorites and About page in it and click the button that says Add Items. Under the adding option you will choose the Page category and then under Page, you click the plus sign by the Contact page.
        That should do it! If for some reason that doesn’t work or you can’t understand what I am saying (which is highly probable lol) head to my contact page and fill out the form. Then I can take screenshots and send them to you!

      2. Ok I’ve created the page, but it still seems as though my email will be broadcasted, so I’ll have to come up with a different email:(

      3. I just checked your website out and I see the two Contact pages you have there, just no form. I think I know what you are saying though when you say that your email will be shown! When I look at my own Contact page, my name, email, and website is automatically filled in. That could be why you are seeing yours!

  2. School fun at Christmas time is so important for kids and Teachers! Thank you for creating something with your group. I LOVE finding my kids Christmas work from school.
    I love your sharing the lit trees outdoors. All of the posts at this time of year are so warm and meaningful.
    I want to see the dog in the sweater please

  3. Years ago we began to comment on Christmas light displays, and that’s when we discovered there were some we had no use for. The ones I dislike the most are lights strung in circles around deciduous trees. We said, “Why bother?” That became shortened to Y BA. We’ll drive down a street and say, “There’s a Y BA.”

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