My day was pretty typical for lately. I want to get back to my normal reading, running, baking and knitting!




We got our parent gifts organized and wrapped today. Do I need to make a card to go with them?

We practiced our Christmas concert song again. The children did okay, but the music teacher changes our song slightly and we managed to mess it up today. I hope we’re okay for he dress rehearsal on Monday though!

This afternoon we did a directed drawing picture of a reindeer. They turned out so cute and the children were so into it!!

This was mine as I’ve already put them all up on the clothesline in my classroom. I love directed drawing because the children have to practice their quiet listening and usually the art turns out better!

I had one little guy this afternoon who after lunch said he was worried he wouldn’t be able to go to the movies with his mom after school because he hadn’t been good this morning.  Awwww:( Thankfully I could report he had an awesome afternoon:)

I ran home at lunch to let Banks out and then again right after work.


I met up with Emily and Melissa this evening to see the movie Lady Bird.

I knew absolutely nothing about the movie. It was quite artistic and I’m sure there will be some academy award nominations for the movie. I was shocked when the lights came up as the movie just seemed to end.

We finished the evening up with dinner at the Cactus Club. I was really hoping for something holiday inspired, but they really didn’t have anything so I ended up with tuna stacks and a seasonal daiquiri.


Today’s tea from the David’s Tra advent calendar is a raspberry cream pie. I’ve had two cups from it and the second was as delicious as the first. This is definitely a tea I would buy again!

Christmas Movie:

I’ve been trying to watch The Christmas Inheritence on Netflix this evening, but yet again Google seems to hate me and keeps turning off the projector:(

Oh well, that must mean it’s time for bed!

Have fun!


32 thoughts on “So Cute

  1. I love cactus club! Sadly it’s only in Canada! But when we’re there, we always go! I love the salmon, Rob’s flatbread and their yams are to die for 😀

  2. Yes! Make a card. Let the kids write what they want. Those are always the best to save with the misspellings and odd word choice:)
    The reindeer is so cute! I bet the kids loved drawing it.

    1. They did seem to have a lot of fun!
      Ok thank you for the opinion- I’ll set aside some time for a card before we take the gifts home.

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