Sorry there was no post up last night. My phone had died and I fell asleep before it turned back on:(


Yesterday I tried to do another run with Banks, but he was having none of it:(  He turned around halfway down the block on every walk and run,  grrrrr. I thought dogs were supposed to like to run and walk!

The best I got in the exercise department was a minute of jogging on the spot every time I steeped a cup of tea.


We had a short day yesterday due to parent-teacher conferences after school. I was lucky and only had to be there until 4pm, but I felt bad for the teachers who were there until 6pm!  Of course, they are all done now, and I have two more conferences to look forward to next week:(  I’ve always said that parents are the toughest part of my job! If there is an orphanage looking for a teacher, I’d jump on that!  The parents weren’t too bad – I spoke a lot about how physicality is normal for six year old boys and that we are still providing reminders to use our words, not our bodies. That time management is not a six year old’s strength, and that yes, they need to do practice at home!  All in all, not bad. I just find some parents difficult to read, so I never know if they’re satisfied with what I’ve said or not.


Nothing!  We had lunch brought in for us courtesy of one of our daycares and then the principal provided dinner. I need to get back to eating an appropriate amount of healthy food! My pants were tight yesterday morning:(  I have to make lemon bars for a co-worker’s husband next week, but I will try to make that my only baking!


The tea in my advent calendar was lemon yesterday. It smelled very strongly of lemon and that was neat, but I can’t say that it was my favourite:(


I delivered the dog sweater yesterday and I got started on the toque to match my niece’s handwarmers. It should be done relatively quickly and it felt good to make some progress on these projects that are hanging over my head!

Christmas Movies:

I went slightly crazy on Christmas movies last night. I watched December Bride, which I quite enjoyed. Then I watched the 12 Gifts of Christmas which was equally enjoyable and I finished it off with a Netflix Christmas movie which I can’t remember the name of right now.  I guess it wasn’t as good as the other two.

Well that was my entire day in a nutshell! I’m hoping for less eating today!

Have fun!


21 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. That is one different dog. I thought the same as you, that all dogs like to get out and explore. I’m really surprised you have so little conferences, especially for first graders. Usually parents are anxious when their kids are that age.

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