I saw a little bit of Christmas everywhere:)


I got out for a run after school today- nothing pretty or fast, but at least I went. I know I did at least half an hour as I just did a usual route, but my phone turned off halfway:(. Grrrrr!

I was so happy to get out before dark but this picture would have worked better in the dark!


We had the dress rehearsal for the holiday concert today. The Holstein did very well. Now my co-teacher and I just have to figure out what we’re doing! 🤣

We made cards with our big buddies this afternoon. They are not quite finished, but are already interesting! My favourite says, ” you are my favourite parents”.🤣

I just realized that my students didn’t pick up a pencil at all today, except to write their planner message. I’m obviously being way too easy on these children! It was funny when a very sociable little boy came up to me today and said, “I’m the second one done my planner and I didn’t talk to anyone!” Now I just need him to make the connection between those two things!!!🤣 (I did try to help with that connection).


The tea today is cream of Earl grey which I have had many times before. I forgot my fireplace on today so am feeling too warm for tea tonight:(


I went to a retirement party for one of my running buddies tonight who works at our local running store. It was held at a local brewery. If it had been anyone else or if I didn’t have this blog to fill, I would have stayed home on my couch!  It was a lovely few hours. I just don’t really get the appeal of standing among huge vats on a concrete floor drinking beer?!?!  I am glad I went as I hadn’t been in this local brewery before and I always like to experience things once, but I still don’t get it. It was nice to see so many people to come out to hibor my friend- I definitely wouldn’t be a runner today if it wasn’t for her and her husband!


I got signed up to be sorted for the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup group that I am part of on Ravelry. I really don’t care which group I am in, just love that it helps me decide which projects to do!

I’m also glad that I got a few of my projects put up on Ravelry too. I seem to be getting behind in everything:(

For those of you who were wondering, here is a picture of the dog sweater that I made for my colleague’s dog.

She kept saying today that I should be selling my work, I didn’t tell her that there are many people way more talented than me who are selling their work. It’s just a hobby for me:)

I am still working on my niece’s rainbow toque tonight as I watch Christmas movies.

Christmas Movies:

Well I am in the middle of Christmas in Homestead where a movie star comes to film in a small Idaho town and the mayor is not happy about it. Lol I’ve never seen such a young and cute mayor in my life!

Have fun!


30 thoughts on “Christmas All Around

  1. The dog sweater is adorable!
    I’m glad you got to run too. I know you’ve been missing it.
    I watched Merry Kissmas last night on Netflix. We’re having fun with these cheesy Christmas movies, aren’t we?

  2. ɢ∞פ⋆ᖙᵒᵝ ٩꒰”̮*ू꒱ on the dog sweater. Yay for a student concentrating and taking care of business. Kids can say the sweet things and he/she will definitely make his/her parents smile at what he/she wrote. I loved having buddies for my fifth graders. We had kindergarten ones and first grader ones. With the kinders we did whatever activities my friend wanted who had done this program at her old school; we did things like make peanut butter from scratch; sadly Trudy is gone; she passed years ago from pancreatic cancer. With first graders we studied countries around the world and put on a play at the end of the year.

  3. You mentioned the young cute mayor and I immediately thought; but you have Justin Trudeau. 😄
    I’m getting some Christmas movies in this week too as my sister is staying over and she’s addicted!

  4. The only trouble with trying to sell your work is that people honestly don’t want to pay you what it’s worth. You can barely get the cost of your material before they start complaining! (Ask me how I know THAT!)

    Can you drink beer with celiac problems? Most of the folks I know can’t handle it. The barley gets to them.

    1. Yup you can never charge what it’s worth for the amount of time put into it:(
      No I can’t drink beer. I have tried one gluten free beer but it was really awful:(

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