A good day with a surprise!


I’ve been sleeping in in the mornings this week so there was no run for me.  However, I got a real workout in this evening. I warmed up and then did six circuits consisting of two exercises each with a cardio blast after each circuit and bonus abs at the end. Each move was repeated twice and done for 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest in between. It felt so great to sweat and really workout with both cardio and weights!!  I’m baaaaaack:)


I only had sixteen children today, but I think each might have been the equivalent of four!! First, it’s only six days until Christmas and second, we had our first snowfall today!  

Sorry I missed getting the pretty picture of the tree outside my place that I wanted to:(

We were all about gingerbread today. We read a story, labelled a gingerbread man, and described gingerbread men. I taught about adjectives and it was one of those amazing moments where I got to actually teach a concept and the children got it!!!!😀

We also finished our parent cards and took the present and card home today. I sent home a card for each child from me as well. It was just photocopied, but it was cute and I wrote an individual note to each child inside. We could only give pencils because a child had an allergic reaction yesterday to a treat he had been given by a friend so our principal is hyper alert about this issue right now and all the candy canes said, “may contain Nuts”.  It’s definitely not the most exciting gift, but at least it’s a little something.

I also got given two presents today. One was a Santa container filled with chocolates ( that I can’t eat). I kept the container that is super cute and gave the chocolates to a co-worker for her children. The second gift was a natural remedies set from Saje which has spray, lotion, etc in it. It was so kind of parents to send me gifts, I just always feel so bad they’ve wasted their money as I can’t enjoy them so I just give them away:(

This afternoon we had a hold and secure drill which the children did fabulous at and we made a class book about eating parts of the gingerbread man. It turned out super cute as their pictures had to leave out the part they had eaten. I think the missing tummy was the cutest!

Picture Project:

I have had my album of my oldest friend’s wedding on the go for months and tonight I decided I needed to finish it! Mostly because I need to print and label some photos off my phone so I can make room for my upcoming holiday!  I timed myself and it only took 32 mi Utes for me to finish the album!  It felt so good to get it done! Now I just have to get some photos off my phone before Sunday!


I meant to go to the mall today to pick up some travel items and new headphones but after walking across the street, I decided not to. It worked out for the best though as I’m now going with Lyndsay after school tomorrow. It’s always more fun to do things with a friend!


Today’s tea was Organic The Spuce is Right. I tried it plain and it does have quite the spuce to it, but later in the morning I made a second cup and added almond milk to it and I preferred it that way. I don’t think this is a tea I would buy myself.

Christmas Movies:

Tonight I watched, A Boyfriend For Christmas. This tween girl asks Santa for a boyfriend for Christmas and he promises her one by the end of twenty years. Of course they meet and he lies to her so she’s not interested. I’m sure you can figure out the ending😜. It wasn’t the best one I’ve seen as I didn’t live the actors in it and I really don’t know why?!


My post is late this evening as I wanted to finish my niece’s rainbow toque. It turned out great though I really should learn to make a proper Pom pom!  I used the pattern “snow hat for kid” off Ravelry. I knitted it flat and seamed it and I also did an extra decrease row at the top as it seemed too big to finish to me.  I’m happy with how it turned out and it’s super warm! The great thing about my niece is that she’s the same size as me so I know that since the hat fits me, it will also fit her:)

Well, it has felt great to get back to accomplishing things in a day! I even got a load of laundry done. I always laugh at how difficult I can find it to put a load of laundry on when you think about a hundred years ago when laundry was an all day chore. I should really have no trouble putting it in a machine and pressing two buttons!!!

Well I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


39 thoughts on “Yipppeeeee!

  1. Lovely hat 🙂 Your niece will love it.
    I’m not impressed by that film either. I’ve watched it when there hasn’t been a better offering.
    So happy for you that you are feeling much better xx

  2. I adore Patrick Muldoon and he seems to be in a LOT of these movies this year but not all of them are good!
    What is a hold and secure drill?
    The hat is awesome! I want one too 😉
    I’m also glad you got in some exercise. I know you’re happy to be doing it!

    1. He’s cute but the movie just seemed flat. This one was from 2004.
      A hold and secure drill is for when there’s a wild animal or stranger around the neighbourhood and we need to keep the kids in the classroom but we don’t have to be silent.

  3. Oh my! What a wonderful day:)! I love the kind gifts. Even if you can’t eat or use them, the packaging is nice😊. Your exercise makes me want to get out there and run again. And that hat is fantastic! Yep it looks like a great day to me:)❤️

  4. How kind of some students parents to send you gifts. Even though you may not be able to enjoy some, it’s the thought that counts! I hope you enjoyed the first snow fall of the season 🙂

      1. It is supposed to snow again on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but I’ll be gone to sunshine. Maybe in the new year.

  5. I just knew we were going to get the snow too, it was so cold, but thankfully we didn’t. I fear it’s coming our way though, :D. Good luck with the children for the next 2 days, hehe!

    1. Thank you!
      Yes the advent calendar has been quite hit or miss for me, but it’s still cool to try so many different ones. I’m also enjoying not having to choose which tea to have each day!

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