It was a fun day at school and a fun evening so a win-win:)


I got a workout in with Lyndsay after school today. We did the 12 days of Christmas. It was a ladder workout of a plank, burpees, push-ups, star jumps, dips, double crunches, squat jumps, punches, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, superwomen, high knees. ย It was quick, but intense. There was a lot of planking in there!

Unfortunately no run for me and probably realistically not another one until Saturday:(


When I came out this morning to get the children, there were only seven in my lineup! Boy would that be a quiet day! ย I got up to sixteen eventually, but there were a lot of stories about frozen car doors๐Ÿ˜‚

We took the opportunity of the snowy scenery to go for a nature walk in the forest. It was very cool! We talked about how we know it’s winter, why snow doesn’t melt in some places, and though we didn’t see any birds, we heard a Northern Flicker! The children all seemed to enjoy it:)

We did a lot of reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today to get ready for watching the movie tomorrow. We only have five pages left do we’ll get there:)

This afternoon we decorated gingerbread cookies. We had a ton of parent volunteers so it went really well! We did it in the multipurpose room by laying roll paper out on the floor and have kids across from each other. It was so neat to see the different ways children decorated. Some spread icing and then literally dumped every candy they could on top, while others went much more minimalist and carefully. It definitely highlighted the children’s personalities:)

My class gave me a group gift today that was so perfect! I got a David’s Tea classic teas set, a colour changing mug with an included strainer, a beautiful warm scarf in my favourite colour and a gift card!! I was so spoiled!!!!ย 


I’ve been putting off going to the mall for weeks now, but tonight I went with Lyndsay and it was way more fun to have company! We got Wal Mart, Sephora, Bath and Body Works, London Drugs, Lululemon, and Chapters in two hours! ย I got everything I needed to so I’m happy:)


It was carrot cupcake tea in my David’s Tea advent calendar today. It is the first tea ever, I think, that I couldn’t drink. It did not taste good to me:(


This evening I have gotten a few of my gifts wrapped up. I’m not giving anything big. It’s a tea hot pad that I sewed along with a couple of tea bsgs and a chocolate. Just a little treat for the people I care about:) I saw the tea hot pads in Maine this summer and thought they were such a good idea. They look like a hot pad, but they have essential oils in them so when you put a hot tea mug on them, they smell good:). I hope everyone can enjoy at least one relaxing moment over the holidays.


I’ve been getting a bit more of The Nagic Strings of Frankie Presto read over the last couple of days as I would like to get that and Jane Eyre finished this year!

Well that’s it for me tonight!

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “A Fun Day

    1. Aren’t they gorgeous!!! I guess it pays off to have a parent liaison for a second time- she definitely knows my taste!
      Thank you! I hope they will get enjoyment out of them!

  1. Yes, and I am interested in the tea hot pads, do you think you could make me one sometime, or show me the pattern? Wait, if they are knitted I don’t know how to knit, but if they were crocheted…How are the essential oils put in? I’m so intrigued because I use essential oils every day, I drink coffee (and tea) and I think your friends are receiving a wonderful gift from you!

  2. You know, homemade gifts are the best so I think those are the best gifts you could give!
    Sorry you didnโ€™t get a run in, glad you worked out though. And shopping is always more fun with a friend!

    1. Yes those errands went much faster with Lyndsay along!
      I’ve always made homemade gifts so at least everyone is used to it by now:)

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