Sorry I fell asleep last night as 3am came very early yesterday morning!

I don’t think I slept much through the night. I was awake and ready to go when my brother picked me up at 4am! It’s usually at least an hour to the airport from my house, but yesterday we were there at 4:30!!! The airport was already busy, so I was thankful for my Nexus card:). I didn’t get hassled other than the guy asking if I was planning to do a lot of snacking on the plane. I had a big bag of cheezies in the bottom of my bag for my dad. 🤣 I waited around the airport for 3.5 hours. The sunrise was gorgeous! My picture does not do it justice at all:(


I got through several chapters of Jane Eyre while I was waiting for the plane and on the three hour flight. I’m now on chapter 15 Abbey:)


They didn’t take away my knitting needles! I’m so excited!! I can now put every flight to good use:)

I’m much happier with this toque! I doubled the yarn. It is slightly too long but I don’t think that will bother me!


My parents were actually at the airport to meet me. Nothing is better than a mom hug! Lol of course within five minutes, they’re bickering and I’m wondering if I should just turn around and go home🤣🤣🤣. Never, that’s just my family!


We stopped at Fry’s on the way home which seems to be similar to a Costco. They didn’t have yarn though:(. I’m going to be an unhappy camper when I run out of yarn! We bought some groceries and headed for home.


Met some of the other inmates of the park at Happy Hour. They all seem very nice:)


I tried to watch White Christmas but it wasn’t working:( My parents had Because I Said So on DVD and so we watched that. I love Diane Keaton, but it’s a tough story to follow at times!

So I’m off to enjoy Christmas Day, which means my book:)

Merry Christmas to you all!


17 thoughts on “Early Start

  1. Happy Christmas AJ 🎄🎅🌲🎁
    I love your torque, lovely color 🙂
    I watched a Christmas movie with Diane Keaton the other day. Jolly good movie but don’t know what it was called. In the one I watched Diane’s character was dying of cancer.
    Have a wonderful time and I do hope you find some yarn!
    xx 😚

  2. Merry Christmas!!☺️
    I’m so happy they didn’t take your needles!😅 the hat looks great!
    You’re making progress on the book;) I listened to a little bit this morning while doing my hair!
    Good to be around family! Enjoy the bickering I guess haha:)

    1. So am I! It was great to actually accomplish two things while I was on the plane! Now I just need some quiet time to get the book finished!

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