Sorry the blog post is named that just to bug my mom:) 🤣🤣🤣🤣


I once again got out for a quick run. I need to fix my audible stats as I thought I was turning at twenty minutes but it turned out to be less so I was a little short on my run. Oh well, I’m on holidays so at least I ran!

One of my running buddies this week:). He goes my speed🤣

I also got a quick twenty minute workout in this afternoon. I went back to my own creation and did one minute of running in between each of the following moves- jumping jacks, skipping, lunges, squats, fast feet, in/outs, moguls, high knees, kicks, and toe taps. It was quick, but I was sweating:)

Tomorrow I want to try out a workout that I read about on Living Out Loud! I love not having to figure out a workout!


I was supposed to get to start my vest today, but instead I redid the hat for Cindy as she wanted it to be about an inch longer. It really just took an hour and a half, but it was interrupted so it seems longer. I’m just glad she is happy with the toque! She wanted to pay me😂. I like it when people are truly happy and will actually wear the item and will happily fix something so this will happen, rather than have them say they like it and then never wear it. I put effort into it, I want to know it will be used:)

I’ll start the vest tomorrow:)


I went into Ajo today to go shopping. For just being an IGA, the store has a pretty good selection of gluten free, dairy free items. I’ve managed to get photos to update my favourites page down here. I am doing this in the hopes my mom will buy some of these products and bring them home with her (only the things she’s allowed to bring across the border of course!).

Today I found my Dang Coconut chips again. These are an item I found in Maine this summer and loved and haven’t found since. These were just the original flavour, rather than the salted caramel I had this summer, but they were still very yummy! I ate the whole bag in one sitting!!!! They are very sweet, but also light. I don’t think I would ever get a stomach ache from eating these. They are super sweet though, so if you don’t like sweet, don’t buy these!

I also picked up more tortillas as Mission makes awesome soft ones!


Talking of salted caramel I have been drinking a new type of tea while I’ve been in Arizona. It is Bigelow Salted Caramel tea. It has been super flavourful both on the first use of the tea bag and after several more dunkings. The tea can also handle the addition of milk without losing its flavour. It is a black tea, so if you’re looking for a cold weather tea, I would recommend this one! It didn’t even go bitter after sitting for hours:)


Still working on Glazed Murder. I finally got past the first chapter and realized there are recipes included in the book. So far it was a donut recipe and I already have a favourite one, but we’ll see if future ones tempt me!


First thing this morning my parents used the puzzle to solve the Hitchcock murder mystery. This requires you to read the short story pamphlet and look at the puzzle for clues. It was kind of cool and redeemed the puzzle slightly, though the missing pieces still bugged me!!!


My brothers and I have not lived at home for about fifteen years and et my dad still cooks as though he is feeding large, growing boys! On occasion this works in my favour as there was leftover rice in the fridge. This evening during happy hour, I made up some rice pudding. I love puddings! I found a super simple Recipe on Pinterest. My mom and I agreed that it turned out with a nice consistency, but I would lessen the amount of cinnamon in it next time. I also questioned whether there is different rice in the states like there is different flour? I’ll have to try the recipe again at home to find out. Unfortunately it was all gone before I could get pictures of it.


I managed to finish the Murder She Baked movies today. I enjoyed this series though it is quite different from the books. Again, if you like cosy mysteries I would recommend the Joanne Fluke Hannah Swenson series and this series of movies.

Well I think that’s it for my day. Now I need to go entertain my mom so she doesn’t go to sleep too early and get up too early!! The jobs of a daughter are never done🤣

Have fun!


38 thoughts on “Ho Hum

  1. Interesting puzzle idea!
    I would pay you too. They are super cute and look way more warm then the ones you buy.
    Good on the exercise! That tree though, too funny!

    1. It was interesting to say the least!
      I just couldn’t take money for an hours worth of work when I enjoy knitting!
      Yes I find the plant life very weird here!! So different from home!

  2. Isn’t that a shame when you put artistic effort into something and it goes unused : (

    Reminds of the time I made some delicious “Eat Clean” Granola and my best buddy said he left it at work and mice got to it, and then my younger brothers bag was sitting unused in the cupboard after two months, (as you can tell I’m still bitter lol). BUT, redemption was found with my best workout buddy when I brought a bag over a month ago, and he said he and his wife loved it, so I made a fresh batch Sunday and put it in a large mason jar to give him this week!

    That bigelow salted caramel looks fantastic! Bigelow makes a really good Earl Grey too!

    1. Yup I’ve learned to be selective about who I give homemade treats too. Some people just don’t realize the work involved and don’t appreciate it. You can gift me healthy granola any time🤣🤣🤣 actually I would really love your recipe as it’s tough to find good granola!
      I’ll look for the earl grey:)

      1. That’s a good tip be selective if they don’t appreciate it! I told them both, “no more granola for you!” (But I wasn’t sure if competely meant it). I bet you would definitely love it, it’s gluten free and with a nice crunch with the addition of millet and cornflakes!

        Recipe definitely coming in the next few weeks for a lemon ginger granola; it is soo good, just want to experiment a few more times with a little more lemon to see what happens. Currently there’s just enough fresh ginger and lemon peel so it sits in the background and doesn’t overwhelm the other flavors, but I could use slightly more lemon taste, and it’s pretty low sugar content, but you can definitely up that to your liking and it will taste that much better (as I noticed with the batch I made for my buddy 🙂

      2. I just hopped back on the yogurt wagon (with the organic plain yogurt at ALDI being only 3$, but haven’t even thought of adding berries (eek!) Will be trying that tomorrow with some wild arboreal blueberries from Trader Joe’s! Thanks for the tip 🙂

  3. I bought some green tea the other day. It was 84p for 20 bags so I thought I might try it. I got it home and realised it’s actually green tea with peppermint. I’ve never liked peppermint tea in the past, but I am loving the green tea with peppermint 🙂 Your tea looks better though 🙂

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