Sorry I wrote this last night and thought it had posted but my mom just asked me and I came to find it didn’t even save as a draft. I’ll be more careful tonight!


I was very determined to see the mile 51 marker and I finally made it today. It ended up being just beyond where I had stopped before and amazingly I felt really good! Well at least until I fell flat out:( I have no idea why and for a moment I thought of saying, “oh I fell, I’ll just walk back”, but that was going to take forever so I made myself run all the way back to the start. When I got there I had the right timing but I was at 5.87 so of course I had to run for a tiny bit more to make it an even 6km:). I’m glad I finally made that mile marker so now I can just do what I want for the rest of the week.

I also got a workout in later this afternoon. I had read about Freeletics on Leah’s blog. I downloaded the app and tried out the free version. The first workout they gave me was just squats, crunches and mountain climbers. This took about three minutes:( I added on another of their workouts which was the same moves, just more reps. This still only brought me to twelve minutes so I added on five minutes of my own creation. Perhaps the paid version is better, but I wasn’t super impressed with the free one!


I got a couple of more pages of Glazed Murder done. I haven’t had a lot of time! I started with this book because I want to read more “good for me” books this year, though trashy romances will continue to be in my TBR:). At the new year I always have the saying, “start as you mean to go on” in my head so I decided I had better start with a non trashy book 🤣


I have spent some time knitting another black and white toque for a lovely lady from Wisconsin. I wore my toque on New Years Eve and she asked if I would mind making her one. I got busy and got it done today. My grandma always said that if you had something to do, just do it and get it done.

Casted on 80 stitches, did 2×2 rib for ten rows and then switched to stockinette stitch until I had five inches from the start. I then decreased and sewed it up:)

It took no time and hopefully it also earned Gryffindor points on HPKCHC in the art history course.


I haven’t had much time as I’ve been spending all my time working on the puzzle with my mom. I’ve finally found one area where I am patient. I found all the pieces in a colour and then proceeded to try each piece until I found the one that fit. I then did the same with the next piece. My dad has been banned from ever buying a puzzle again! We did get it done, though there are sixteen pieces missing and two that don’t belong! How annoying is that!
Well I’m off as I was in the middle of projects!

Have fun!


36 thoughts on “TaDa!

  1. Sorry about the puzzle. It’s so great-looking too. I started one a few months ago but left off of it because there was so much sky and it was driving me nuts with all of those blue pieces!! It’s patiently waiting to be finished though. One day perhaps.
    Cute toque!!

    1. Oh once I start something it has to get finished!!! It would drive me nuts
      Thank you – I’m hoping the colours will make it super useful!

  2. The hat is super cute! I guess it depends on where you get the puzzle or maybe the manufacturer screwed up or maybe, if your parents have animals, that’s where they disappeared to!
    Good for the run but have you figured out why you fell?

    1. I’m hoping the hat will be useful!
      My dad bought it at a garage sale for $0.75. Never again!

      I don’t know- it seemed like I caught my toe on something from how I went flat out.

  3. Lovely toque, the lady will be well pleased. So frustrating about the puzzle. I tend to buy puzzles second hand and sometimes find one or two pieces missing… But sixteen!!

    1. I hope she is happy with it!
      My dad bought the puzzle at a sale for $0.75 so it’s all his fault! I asked him to step up and pay a whole dollar so maybe we’d get all the pieces 🤣

  4. Great job on your run!!! Let me know what you think of freeletics. I have heard good things about that app. Also, beautiful hat and puzzling. 🙂

  5. That puzzle is awesome!! Too bad about the missing and extra pieces! That would drive me batty haha I can’t believe you had nothing to go off of!😳 I don’t think I could’ve done it without a picture to look at!

  6. Several times I bought puzzles at a thrift shop, and all the pieces were there. What a bummer that you had 16 missing! I can’t stand to pay full price for something you’re likely to use only once, and that’s why I went the cheap route. Someday I may be punished for puzzle optimism.

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