Another day of only what I enjoy, with company:)


This morning I got up with the idea of just walking with my mom, but my parents had other ideas! My dad left for his walk saying that he would meet up with us. Ugh I guess I have to run! I ran for fifteen minutes out and turned just after I passed my dad, though I first had to wait for a border patrol officer to go by on his ATV. I walked with my parents for a moment when I got to them and considered just ending my run there, but then I realized I only had twelve minutes left. I can do it, I said to myself, and I did:). I am finding the weekly stats that Runkeeper shows me very inspiring. I consistently have an average pace under 7min now (unless I purposely slow down) so I think I will mark that fitness goal complete😀

This afternoon I got a workout in. I decided to try a Tone It Up workout from Living Out Loud. It was a pretty good workout, and would have been even better if I’d had real weights rather than the box of biscuit mix! The workout had one legged dead lift with flies, jumping jacks, plank taps, squats and v crunches with high knees between each of the three sets. I liked that it had a little bit for upper body, lower body, cardio, and abs:)


I got a few more chapters of Glazed Murder read and I’m happy to say I’m more interested now:)

I read The cozy pages blog post this morning about the BBC list of 100 books to read. I was amazed that I’ve only done about a third of them and that put me in the top 30% of the people who had taken the test. I think I’ve probably done a few I’ve forgotten about, but with Librivox, I’m sure to check off some more. I recently downloaded Walden and Wives and Daughters to listen to.


I spent lots of time choosing patterns today. I chose a pattern for my black/gray variegated Riverstone yarn, but unfortunately it requires size 4mm circular needles and I only have 6.5mm circular with me:(. I also chose a winter sweater to make to wear to school.

I am thinking about creating a scallop dishcloth for one of the HPKCHC classes as what does one do in a day, if not knit?


I watched two chick flicks today. One was A Royal New Years.
The second movie I finished today was The Wedding March.
Both were the typical Hallmark movie, but I just really like how they end happily and put a smile on my face. It’s also nice that I can count stitches without losing track of the plot!


My dad had requested sticky buns and I finally got around to making them today. It was kind of weird, but also awesome to deal with regular dough again. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to knead dough! The recipe I used was from Allrecipes. It was super easy and the buns looked amazing before I cooked them, but unfortunately I was dealing with an unfamiliar convection oven so one batch ended up burned on top and the other ended up raw on the bottom:(. If I’d been at home- I would have just thrown them all out, but my parents are actually eating them!
have to make chocolate chip cookies tomorrow to redeem myself!

I think that is all I did today. Some people might think I’ve been crazy to spend my whole holidays in this manner, but as I look at it, I’m getting to do all my favourite things (and exactly what I would be doing at home), but here I have company and sunshine and warmth! Seems like a win to me!

Have fun!


59 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. Enjoy knocking some off that list!
    Your movie list is making me want to settle down in front my tv with a blanket and popcorn. Blogging has been taking up my night time tv time!

    1. I will knock some off:)
      Lol I have to take advantage of tv and wifi while I’m here:)
      Yup I need to set some limits for blogging as it’s been cutting into my knitting and reading time! I just don’t like to miss people’s posts:(

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day! The buns look awesome!! You know what, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to resume baking! Hahaha

    1. It’s dangerous for me to bake too much unless I have places to take it. I’m going to try to do more cooking this year!

  3. I have insomnia so I’m catching up with my wordpress reading but I keep leaving comments with mistakes in them because I forget to check the predictive text… too tired.
    Sounds like your holiday is perfect for your needs 🙂 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

      1. Lol! I always say that I miss living at home where my mom would eat my mistakes. Now if I buy it make something I don’t like, I still have to eat it😫

      1. Yes but you already have a plan to be reading 50 classics so you’ll be well ahead of everyone soon:)

  4. I absolutely love seeing stats! They really keep me motivated. 7 min. mile?! You are fast, lady 🙂 I’m so glad that you enjoyed the tone it up workout!!! It makes me happy to see people enjoying those workouts. I wish I could have loaned you a pair of weights. Have you done workouts with stretch cords or bands? I like how portable they are. I really enjoy reading your posts. Someday when I am not so busy with school, I want to learn how to knit. See you next time!

    ❤ Alana

    1. Lol I wish! It was a 7min km- I am as slow as molasses🤣
      I use bands, weights, etc at home, I just didn’t have any of those things here:(
      Knitting is definitely my stress relief!

      1. That’s okay! It’s not a race. You are consistent and that makes all the difference in the world. I am a super slow running and have to walk a lot, but it is definitely a fun journey. It’s great that you are staying active away from home. That’s when I usually get off track. I hope you’re having a lovely day today. Can’t wait to read your next post! ❤

      2. I am slow, but can keep going forever and amazingly, I’ve sped up since I first started running!! Lol scary to think about how slow I used to be🤣
        I am enjoying my day, but dreading going home tomorrow!!
        Thank you! That is so kind of you to say:)

      3. You are so inspiring!!! I love looking back on progress because it’s progress Not perfection that matters, right? ❤

  5. I’m glad you found a recipe on there. It’s my go to! Great job running and working out! I have run keeper but since I’m not “running”, I don’t use it.

    1. It seemed like a good recipe site so I will need to use it more:)
      I used to record my walking on Runkeeper, but I suppose your fancy watch already does that😀

      1. Lol! It uses an app like runkeeper to track all exercise and another for food an yet another for sleep (which I stopped using because of battery life).

  6. See the good thing about parents is that they will eat just about anything you make 😉 No wonder they are our refuge. But well done with the persistence during your run. It must be frightfully cold by now? I have a pleasant 18C to see me through my running everyday. xx

    1. Oh I’m in Arizona for one more day so I’ve been enjoying running in warmth and sunshine. Tomorrow I go home back to cold, fog, wet, gray:(

      1. Ah! Well I am sure you made the most of it. Now to snuggle up in the warmth of home when you get back. Maybe it will mean indoor workouts. Mine will certainly have to be given the harsh weather in New Jersey. xx

    1. I was surprised too!! I’ll just use it for suggestions when I have that odd moment that I don’t know what I’m going to read next!

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