My last day of a lovely holiday:(

Exercise: Just a walk with my mom around the East campsite. It was 45 lovely minutes in the sun:). Had to enjoy every moment with my mom that I can! Even had time to stop for a few pictures:)

I can’t believe how many buildings are painted with murals! I should have taken pictures of some of the others- there was even one of a giraffe on the side of a house!


I got a dishcloth made for my mom today. It was small, but was a new pattern for me and went quite quickly. It was a six row repeat that was easy to remember:). The pattern is Here. I did the 41 stitch option and think it turned out pretty cute:)

It was even better that I got this posted for the Herbology class in HPKCHC:)

I also did some planning for my year in temperatures scarf that I am doing this year. I knew I wanted to do this while I was with my mom as she often thinks of things I don’t. I have a plan now and can’t wait to get home to start on it. It’s going to be neat seeing that my scarf is different from my knitting buddy’s because of the time I spent down here:)


I got a few more chapters of Glazed Murder done. I think this book will be what I entertain myself with tomorrow for the six hours I’ll be hanging around for:)


I made some chocolate chip cookies for my parents today to try and make up for the sticky buns of yesterday. I found the recipe on WordPress at This site:). The cookies turned out fine but they still spread more than I wanted them to. It will be nice to have all my tools and a familiar oven. Using the convection oven/ microwave has been nice in that you set the timer and the oven goes off when that time is reached.


It will be the first time that I will go home from a holiday with no laundry🤣I love my parent’s washer and dryer! It is way better than mine at home and I may just need to look into getting one:). I knew I should have traded my parents my condo for their 5th Wheel!🤣


I went to happy hour with my parents this evening since it was my last night here. The people here are so sweet! There is one couple who got engaged after only knowing each other for three days and they are still together 59 years later! Another gentleman came by after to wish my a safe trip and to say he hopes he sees me again next year! What lovely people!


I watched another Hallmark movie today- had to get it in while I could on a big screen! Anything For Love managed to be the cheesiest movie I’ve seen yet! 😂 I also watched Secondhand Lions tonight. What an excellent movie!!! Michael Caine and Robert Duval were amazing!!! I’d recommend this movie to anyone!

Well I’m off to bed at an incredibly early hour as I have to be leaving at 5am my dad said. I’ll be early but I’d just read wherever I am and it’s better if my dad is out of the city before traffic gets bad!!!!

Have fun!


77 thoughts on “Sad:(

  1. What a beautiful holiday and you accomplished so much, stayed on track, and inspire others. I’m looking forward to following you on your next vacation 😊

      1. Oh wow! Well I guess I should’ve found your blog a while ago so I could’ve enjoyed those too😀

      2. I actually think this is only the second holiday I have blogged about. You can see my Boston holiday in my earliest posts as that’s about when I started blogging. You haven’t missed much:)

      1. I knitted up the first week. I was planning a gray division between weeks but I’m not loving what it looks like:(

      2. Hmmm….all the pictures in the Ravelry link don’t have monthly divisions, but I kind of like the idea of it I think. Just for the months though, not for weeks like you tested. I did 0°-100°. We don’t usually get the high or that low for that matter, but I thought I’d have it just in case!

      3. Always a good plan. I had done 30+ to -5or colder. I’m not loving how it’s looking, but maybe I’ll figure out a way to fix it. I highly recommend doing the two rows it calls for per day!! One row doesn’t work well!! I just have to figure out how not to have it be too long for me!

      4. Yes two rows is just too long for me- it will end up being about 78″ if you’re using sock yarn weight. I’m trying out a circular method for a few days to try and salvage the project:)

      5. Oh there are several ways to switch colours. I just haven’t cut any of my yarn yet as I’m not wanting to until I’m sure I’m doing the project!

      6. I haven’t started yet as I’m in the middle of crocheting a baby bootie with my white yarn! I should finish it in the next few days and then I’ll be able to start! I’m keeping track of the temperatures so far in a notebook so I can do it all at once!

      7. Wow you’re on a crafty roll! That’s a good idea as it was definitely easier to do several days at once:)

      8. Oh AJ, they are so cute!!:)
        I’m thinking I may do it once a week for that reason! I was going to do it at the end of the month, but with two rows for each day….that would be more than I would want to save for one day since it wouldn’t be the only project I’m working on!

      9. Right now I am doing it daily so I can see whether I like it enough to continue, but going forward I’m planning on just once a week.

      10. Lol I thought about a blanket or a bag, but I don’t have enough yarn and it’s too expensive to buy enough:(

  2. Thos pics are a breath of fresh air and a nice visual vacation from the whiteness and cold surrounding Minnesota right now (forecasted to -10 tonight) but getting much warmer in the days ahead! That dishcloth is so cool, reminds of the kind my Grandma use to make (love the patterns).

  3. What pretty views on your walk! The dish cloth looks so fancy. Can’t believe you did it all in one day. True love really does exist if people can get engaged after 3 days and be together for so long! Safe travels 🙂

    1. Dishcloths make great gifts because they can look fancy but take very little time to make:)
      Yup that couple gave me hope. 😀

      1. Maybe I’ll knit one today! Although my skill level is just knit normal rows 😂 so it may just be a piece to put hot pans and stuff on.
        It gives me hope too 🙂

      2. The plain ones look just as nice. I would recommend using cotton and often there is a pattern on the yarn label:)

  4. Wow! You sure can knit! Those intricate designs on the dish cloth are very impressive. Have a safe trip back! Enjoyed reading the blogpost and seeing the unusual car fountain 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’ll miss the sunshine but it will be nice to be home:)
      The pattern just looks fancy, but is actually quite easy to do

  5. What a lovely visit you had with your parents. What made them decide to trade Canada for Arizona? The stitch pattern of your dishcloth reminds me of feather and fan or the Old Shale stitch. I love classic stitch patterns. I hope the cozy is good so far. I have so many cozy mysteries and add them all the time to my TBR because of Katherine.

    1. My parents are just visiting the sunshine for a few months:)
      I love the shell pattern! I like to do any pattern that keeps me interested!
      My TBR is getting huge reading these blogs. It’s dangerous:)

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