A day which I spent trying to get warm!


4 degrees came as a shock this morning after two weeks in Arizona! I got my butt out of bed and headed out for my group run. Most were walking, but Dennis and I took off for a loop of the river. I started off running with Dennis and we were going fast, but of course I had forgotten to start my Runkeeper app:( After I stopped to start it, I was running much slower. Grrrrrrrr! I made it all the way around, but I sure noticed that I’m still congested! Sorry there’s no picture today but it was raining too hard to get one:( I got soaked!!!

Coffee afterwards was loads of fun and it was nice we had a new woman join us- Joanne. I didn’t get to talk to her, but she seemed nice:)


I finished Glazed Murder by Jessica Beck.

This is the story of Suzanne Hart who owns Donut Hearts. She has the body of one of her customers dropped on her doorstep one morning. She decides to combine her donut making with sleuthing to find the killer.

I liked how the story revolves around her friendships with Grace, Emma and George. I also liked how there was a touch of romance with the state police investigator. I also liked how there were recipes included.

I didn’t love how the recipes weren’t really connected to the story; they seemed kind of random. I also didn’t love how the murderer seemed to come out of the blue at the end. There was almost no discussion of him throughout the book and then wham in the last chapter, Suzanne and the state investigator both suddenly decide it’s him! Unh unh!

It was a cute cosy mystery, but I would recommend a Joanne Fluke book before this one.

On the reading front I am thinking that I should avoid going to the library this month and try to get some of the books read that I have around the house! My place is starting to feel a little cluttered and this could help!


I went grocery shopping and got some food into the house. I bought nothing packaged and stuck to fruits, veggies and protein. I got my food ready for the week- oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for recess, stir fry for lunch, and cinnamon Chex for after school snack. I also bought hummus and veggies for my dinners! Yay I accomplished two things- I cooked an actual dish- stir fry and I got my food ready so I’ll eat better:)


I was just picking up the phone to text Lyndsay when she texted to find out if I wanted to go for coffee. I am thankful for Lyndsay every day! She kicks my butt in workouts, she encourages me, she hangs out with me- she’s just a great friend! We met up at Cafe Divano and had tea:) I must have been having a great time as I didn’t even think of taking pictures!!! I just had tea, but I did buy three gf/df treats to split up and have a little each day. I know I have a sweet tooth and if I have a little something occasionally I will happily stick to a healthy eating plan. Hopefully the mini brownie, peanut butter cookie and Orchard cookie will do the trick! I split them all in half so I can have a bite each day. I’ll be trying to wean myself down to once a week, but wanted to start slowly. It’s going to be tough enough to get back to reality!

I also finally tried the almond baileys I had bought before my holiday. I didn’t find it very sweet and I’m thinking it will find a new home at my brother’s place. It just wasn’t worth the calories to me! I’m glad I tried it though so now I know and have an informed opinion.


I wanted to complete the Quidditch match in HPKCHC so I cleaned up the pile of yarn I’ve been creating during this past busy month. I got it all put where it belongs and only my next few projects left out.I also started the actual knitting of my year in temperature scarf.I love the idea of this scarf, but so far I’m not loving how it’s looking. I think it loses its impact because there are no clear rows. I had decided to do just one row for each day as otherwise it was going to be too long for me, but I think this is the problem:(. I would suggest to anyone doing this to do the two rows per day! I’m considering making this sweater instead.I’m having a tough time giving up on the scarf, but I bought expensive, beautiful yarn for it so I’m thinking I should make something I’ll love. Anyone’s thoughts and opinions are welcome.

I also ripped out a Cowl that had somehow gotten a hole in it and which I never wore because it curled. Now I just have to figure out what to do with 246 yards of DK yarn!!!

Well that’s the sum total of my day and I’m off to bed in the hopes of getting up early for a run:)

Have fun!



29 thoughts on “Cold, colder, coldest

  1. I wish I could say I didn’t but anything packed -two I am bad. But I am trying to do better. It’s cold here in Louisiana but it gives me a chance to try to be warm and read. I love our ebook lending from the library and I may have converted my mom. So many books and not enough time.Have a great day and stay warm😆

    1. Thank you! We’re just dealing with lots of rain right now and our usual low temps in winter.
      Yup the library is an awesome thing:)

    1. I like it too. Don’t like that I have to pay for the pattern as I usually limit myself to free patterns (it would be a slippery slope and I have a mortgage), but I’m thinking it might work better than the scarf for me:)

  2. Stir fry is delicious! Way to prep ahead. If you bought expensive yarn then I think you should make something you’ll really love and enjoy! You can always buy cheaper yarn for the scar if you still want to complete it.

  3. That’s a great sweater! I don’t know what to say about the scarf. If I had these two projects on my radar I’d do the scarf ( with two rows per color but narrow and knit in the round to create something long that I could wrap around multiple times) as the temperature project and knit the sweater to wear asap. The temperature project will take a year and I couldn’t wait that long for the sweater.

    1. Hmmm, ok. I’ve been thinking about maybe trying the scarf as a circular Cowl and knitting in the round-30 stitches per day. I might try that as I don’t like this

  4. Congrats on your meal planning and great shopping! Following a Paleo plan or Keto or Whole30 is a great way to start off the new year right!
    I crochet instead of knitting, so I’m not sure how to advise on that subject, make what you like!
    My pleasure reading seems to be a bit darker than yours since I tend towards authors like Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and other mystery/horror writers. Romance for me would be Tami Hoag or historical romance like my friend and former co-worker writes (Carra Copelin). You should check her out, she writes very well and I have several of her books on my Kindle. Code of Honor was her first and then I read Katie and the Irish Texan. Check them out on Amazon, plus, she always has give-aways and contests on her facebook page.

    1. Lol my eating is just caused by food allergies:( I wish it was just a diet plan!
      I am definitely not into dark, but have read Tami Hoag and Katie and the Texan sounds familiar.
      Have a good day!

    1. Lol I thought about a blanket, but the yarn is too expensive to buy that much:(. I really want that sweater but it breaks my “no buying patterns” rule🤔

  5. I was reading too quickly and thought you said you SPIT up the cookie. Glad you split it up!
    You have great patience to try the daily scarf. I see a really cute knit bag with it. Just sayin

    1. Happy Birthday! I couldn’t seem to comment on your post today and wanted to make sure to wish you a belated birthday!
      Yes I’m finding it tough, but hopefully I’ll be warm soon!

  6. I love he idea of a temperature scarf, maybe you could just make the two rows and then sew it to make an infinity scarf? The sweater looks really great too though, it’s a tough choice!

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