Well it went better than I was expecting:)


Lyndsay told me last night I would feel better if I got up this morning and went for a run, and she was right. I only went for twenty minutes (in torrential downpour so it must be worth forty minutes😜), but hopefully it’s the start of getting back into routine. I took a slightly different route and passed the woman I pass every morning on my park route. I wish there was a way to ask her if she wants to run together since we’re the only two crazy people out there.

I also got a yoga routine after school! Lyndsay sent out an email to staff saying she would be putting on a yoga routine video after school for anyone who wanted to join. There were five of us and though it was a basic routine, it felt great to get back to it. It’s on the schedule for Mondays now:)


I was ready for the worst, but thankfully it was t that bad. Most years, I’ve had to retrain my students after the holidays, but this year they were pretty mellow. I’m thinking this is just the honeymoon so I’ll be on my guard all week.

The cutest moment today was when a little guy explained his drawing to me. He is super creative! He drew an earth and then added spiders to it, but the spiders weren’t spiders, they were…aliens. Lol he definitely has imagination to spare!

It was a lovely day with my class- we did calendar, gym, music, writing about our holidays, buddies and a desk change. My crier didn’t show up today so I had another day’s reprieve. I actually had five children away today- amazing how two weeks just isn’t enough 🤔

We also started our new read aloud novel. I know I should branch out to a new novel, but I do love Roald Dahl books for read alouds, so this term we’re going to read Matilda, one of my favourites!

Overall, it was a busy day with supervision at recess and a meeting with the assembly speakers at lunch, but I survived:)


My tea cupboard is once again bursting, but I think I came up with a plan today. I always feel guilty using a whole David’s Tea run at one time or only using tea once, but then I realized I could use one tea tin per day on my thermos as it has to last all day and I often pour more hot water in. This should start to use up the tea! Today was a lemon flavour, but I wish it had been sweeter!


I ripped out the temperature scarf and decided to try it as a circular Cowl before giving up on it. I casted on doing thirty stitches in each colour for 150 stitches. I then moved onto the second row for day six. I’m hoping in this way I won’t get a block of gray. So far, it’s tough to tell what it’s going to look like, but I like it better or at least enough to give it a few more days:)


I took Maureen’s advice and read on my lunch hour or at least for part of it. I had taken the book I started yesterday with me but ended up reading blog posts to try and catch up. Boy do a lot of people post on Monday!!! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to read my book:)


On the topic of blogging, I have a question. I never know what to do when people follow me who don’t write in English. I try to follow back anyone who follows me, but I don’t know if I should follow blogs I can’t read?🤔.


I was getting so much accomplished today! I decimated my list first thing this morning and got dinner and knitting done after I got home, but then I turned on a Hallmark movie. Tonight I watched With Love, Christmas. It was very cute, though boy the guy in it, isn’t a great actor. Cute, but he’s exactly the same in every movie!!! The movie did give me some ideas I’ve noted down for how to get into the Christmas spirit next year:). It’s great how many ideas I get from these movies:). What isn’t great though was I was supposed to start writing this post at 8, so I’d be asleep by 9, but I lost an hour of my life to the movies and didn’t start until almost 9!😫

Well, I’d better get going as I imagine, it’s going to take more patience tomorrow!

Have fun!


44 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. I was actually in the same situation.

    There is this one person that started following me and is probably the first one to hit “like”. Sometimes after 2 seconds. So one might think he’s not actually reading my posts 😉
    Out of politeness I followed and liked his posts, even I don’t know his language.
    Eventually I didn’t want to pretend anymore and I followed him.

    In the beginning I thought I had to follow everyone, just to get a follow back.
    I didn’t have the time to read every post.
    I deleted a few. Now I only follow if the topics of the blogs really interest me! 🙂

  2. You survived the first day back! What courage you have! I don’t follow blogs if I can’t read the language. I’d probably hit like if the subject was the death of a dear friend.

  3. It sounds like you eased back in well:) That return after vacation is jarring.
    Do you say hello to the runner you pass? I’d start there and work up to asking if she’d like to run together. Maybe if you’re both speaking every time she’ll ask you:)
    I don’t necessary follow everyone who follows me but I do try to follow anyone who likes or comments. I will like a post that I can’t read for the pictures.

    1. I do say good morning and smile- I’ll continue to do that until it’s light out again and she can actually see me. Lol.
      That seems like a good rule of thumb:)

  4. Girl I was out running in freezing rain yesterday! I’m happy to hear I’m not that crazy lol. I’m glad you’re trying to read during lunch! You’ll have to keep me posted on how it goes the next few days 🙂 I seriously love it for a break in my day.

  5. I don’t follow everyone back. I will look at what they do and if I find it might be of interest I’ll follow. I definitely won’t follow blogs in languages I don’t understand – that makes the reader too cluttered with things I’ll never read.

    I like a number of Roald Dahl’s work but man his stuff for grown ups is really weird. Also I’ve recently read a bit about him and it turns out he was quite an antisemite as well. So I prefer to just stick to the kid’s books and not get too deep in to him.

    Over the past few years I’ve been reading Madeline L’Engel a bit. Somehow I missed her books when I was a kid so I’m making up for lost time. So good!

    1. I only read Dahl’s kids stuff and thankfully we don’t go deep- just enjoy the book and movie.
      Madeline L’engle is an amazing writer. I really enjoyed her as a kid.

      1. Discovering Madleine L’Engle as an adult was like moving to Canada and discovering all the 80’s music that never crossed the border to the US. It’s like I get to be a kid again.

  6. I am pretty awful about following. I don’t just follow automatically, or I would be buried in reading. I usually check people out several times, and if I am interested, or if they are active on mine, I am more apt to follow. Sometimes I think people are just hitting follow willy nilly, so that others will do the same for them. I can’t see what made them interested in mine at all!
    Glad the first day back eased you in, so to speak! Structure is a good thing for me. I was so glad to get back to normal after two weeks of floating!

  7. I love Ronald Dahl’s kids books! And LOVE Matilda! The book and the movie.
    You got out and ran in the rain plus yoga? That’s awesome.
    I used to follow everyone that followed me. As time went by, I’ve learned to not follow languages I can’t read and also the people that hit like on every single post one after another. If you talk to me (like most on here that have posted a reply), I will follow you. So I agree with my friends above!

  8. People will “follow” you just to get you to follow them and increase their followers number to make themselves look popular. They will probably not show up on your blog ever again. Your “real” followers will show up in your likes and comments consistently as time goes by. I follow “faithful” followers like this. Also, you cannot follow everyone–too much reading. You got to pick and choose. I cull the herd every once in a while!

    1. I was thinking that that was probably what was happening. I think maybe i’ll just regularly go through and get rid of the ones I never see! Thanks for the feedback:)

  9. I find some people will follow me, like posts and even comment but when I then follow them I don’t hear from them again!
    I follow foreign language posts as wordpress (or maybe it’s google…?) usually translate them. They are definitely easier to read if the post has images. I’ve noticed that many bloggers write in native tongue and write in English below.

    1. Oh good to know. I’ll scroll down on these blogs to see if there’s any English version- that will help me decide. Oh and I wanted you to know that if I like or comment, it means I’ve read your post:)

  10. You’re wise to keep your guard up with your students. They’re too tired from having to get back to routine to start acting up… yet. 😄 (my child is STILL in zombie mode, hehe)

  11. I love Matilda! Probably still one of my favourite books. For the blogging question, I normally only follow blogs I can read and I’m interested in, otherwise I spend way too long reading blogs everyday. If you do follow all your followers though it’s up to you whether you will just give a like to this person every time they blog even if you don’t understand. I know that would frustrate me a bit though!

  12. Regarding blogging – I only follow blogs that I am actually going to read 🙂 I love Matilda – I hope your class enjoy it too! xXx

  13. Roald Dahl rocks. I love listening to his BFG book which was way better than the movie. I’m trying yoga tomorrow! I’m a little nervous as I’m not that flexible and it’s been a month since I’ve worked out last. Oh well, gotta start somewhere.

    1. Great job starting on yoga! I am a little nervous about my yoga class on Thursday. It sounds intense!
      The book is always better than the movie!!!

  14. Great question AJ! I say, follow people’s blogs if they inspire you and make you happy. I follow a crocheter who speaks only Spanish and don’t understand much of what she writes but her pictures are so beautiful and intricate that I seriously gain weight from all of the eye candy!

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