My day didn’t go according to plan. It wasn’t all bad, just not what I was ready for!


I didn’t get up for a run this morning thinking that I should ease back into these long days. It’s been feeling like enough just to work all day, and I figured I had Lyndsay’s bootcamp after work that would kick my butt, so I slept for the extra fifty minutes:)

Unfortunately, Lyndsay’s parents showed up in town two hours early, so bootcamp was cancelled:( I was going to come home and go for a run, but I had other commitments:(. I guess it turned into an unintended rest day!


My students did amazing at an earthquake drill, way better than the older children!!! Yup that’s my competitive side coming through again 🤣

I had one little guy who was having a really tough day- shouting out bathroom words at lunch, stealing books during silent reading and talking, laying around on the carpet. It wasn’t a good combination with my being hangry!!!! When I talked to him he said he was tired so I said he had to go to bed earlier tonight! I sure hope he does as I don’t want another day like today with him! I definitely didn’t think I’d be dealing with this today!

We also started gymnastics today. This unit always makes me a little nervous as I have no skills in this area! I’ve never even been able to do a cartwheel!! I just try to keep them safe and work on balancing and rolls!!! They hopefully will have a teacher next year who is more gifted in this area and can actually teach them gymnastics skills!!!


I went after school to visit my co-teacher who had been home recovering from surgery. It was great to see her!! I definitely miss having her at work, but I’m glad she’s taking the time she needs as you definitely have to be able to hit the ground running as a teacher! What was even better was that I managed to get through the whole visit without peeling a single nail!! 🎊🎉


Tonight was knit night and I have absolutely nothing to show for it:(. I spent a lot of time looking for a pattern to use my DK merino yarn for. I finally found a Cowl pattern, but when I knitted the pattern once, it just seemed too boring. I wound a skein of yarn for my temperature scarf while I was looking for something else and finally found another Cowl pattern I will try. So for knit night, I have one rolled skein to show for myself. Not what I had planned!!!

The more I think about it, the more I like Nothing But Knit 2’s stash challenge. I was saying to another blogger who has her stash busting plans all laid out that I often find it difficult to use my stash because the yarn no longer has labels so I don’t know its weight🙁. I’ll have to solve this problem before I can get busy on the stash busting.


I had David’s Tea coconut cream pie tea today. It was okay, but nothing to write home about.


I only got one chapter of my book read today when I planned to read seven!

Well that is it for me tonight as I am super tired now. I just have to decide if I’m going to get up for a run in the morning as I have book club, a massage and yoga after school tomorrow.

Have fun!



29 thoughts on “Not According to Plan!

  1. I think you can determine yarn weight by measuring wraps per inch. I can often tell just by looking at it. The tricky ones are those that sit between four ply and double knit – these are just too cheeky for words 😆
    I hope the little one gets a good rest tonight.

  2. Book club and a massage sounds amazing! It’ll be perfect since yesterday wasn’t the best with your student who was a tad unruly.
    It’s interesting how you have earthquake drills! I’ve never heard of that. Although in Chicago, where I grew up, we had tornado drills so I guess you just plan for the environment you live in.

    1. Yes we have a kids book club at school and it’s really neat to be with kids who are excited about reading!
      I guess we do prepare for our environment as I’ve never had a tornado drill!

  3. Earthquake drill! Hadn’t even thought about that, but in your part of the world, they are necessary, I’m sure. I usually sort my yarns by comparing them to know weights. So maybe try that. The unknowns can be with light or heavy, and used for charity hats or mittens. The fair isle charity hat I did used sport, DK and worsted, but because it was in small bits it wasn’t a problem. Worst case, you could do stripes. Hopefully, that would reduce your unknowns and get them out of your stash! Yesterday was an icky day for me too, I think maybe the front coming in changed the pressure too quickly. Hope today is much better for you!

    1. Thanks Kathy! That’s a good suggestion! I’ll just have to wait for a nice day where there’s some actual light to compare them in!
      I’m just hoping today is better!

  4. Your after school activities for today sound fun; I think I got that time right, right (as my WP reader says you published this post 10 hours ago)? My yoga is at 9:30 so I had some Jasmine Green and will wipe down the yoga mat. I hope your student has a better day today; what a rascal. My neighbor’s son was super hyper after finishing his homework yesterday at my house. He played with my daughter’s polar bear and cat and had them marrying and eating.

  5. It sounds as though you had a productive day.

    There has been book club sites popping up in my Instagram feed lately, maybe I need to read more??!! I know I need a massage and I started back into some weekly yoga last week.

  6. Aj, answering your question about online yarn shops here as well as on my comments. 🙂
    I love SIMPLYSOCKS yarn company. It is sock yarn, but they have such ahuge inventory. I always call them up and they send the yarn out fast!

  7. Oh we all have at least one of those students! Classroom and behavior management are by far my least favorite parts of teaching, and I’m trying to be better about not letting unruly students affect me too much once I leave school for the day.

  8. I am a bubble therapist who works mainly with youth and young adults and your sentence “ I definitely didn’t think I’d be dealing with this today!” Made me laugh. I come to work every day with the motto “Expected the unexpected” because what I’m learning that’s what children do best.😂

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