A pretty good day with an even better night:)


I yet again didn’t get up for a run. I think I’ll write off this week and start next week. It should at least be getting light out before 8am by then!

I did have my very first Athletic Yoga class tonight with my friend Corianne from work. I was very nervous as I had absolutely no idea what it was even, and I had visions of falling over on my head because it has been ten years since I did yoga! The instructor called it a “yoga class on steroids”.

We did some traditional yoga poses but then added elements such as squats, tricep kickbacks, crunches, squats, etc. My mom will be very happy to hear it had lots of arms and abs (she mentioned the other day that my workouts seemed light on arms. I hadn’t realized that until she said something, so if anyone notices something like that, please tell me:). I ended up really liking the class as it was a workout but definitely also stretched out my body! The best part though was that at the end of the class the instructor asked me, ” how did it go for you as you obviously work out and are fit”. Cue the hallelujah chorus- I never thought that was how I would be identified one day!!!! For someone who was fifty pounds overweight and sedentary- that’s the best comment ever!!!


My day was going fabulous until the computer teacher had a problem with one of my students and I had to go in and solve it. Grrrr you had the problem, you solve it!!!! Otherwise life was fine.

I was reminded of the fact of how awesome the people I work with are! There was Robyn, Lyndsay and Sue in my classroom on ladders this morning trying to change my smartboard projector because it had stopped working. Of course, I can’t do anything about this because first, I’m not techy and second, I can’t reach it even on the ladder. Rob has said he’ll come by when he’s next in to solve the mirroring and focusing issues this new one is having. Then a former EA at my school stopped in to visit at recess and he brought pies for the staff, but he also brought me a little gf/df square:). I work with so many thoughtful, caring, kind and considerate people and it makes all the difference. There is a TOC in for my co teacher this week and she was in my room this morning to work on the prep for the week and also commented on how we seem to have a good time at my school and everyone is friendly and collaborative and willing to help! I have definitely landed somewhere special and I have to remember to be thankful for that!!


I had book club with the children after school. It is quite amazing as this year we have mainly boys!! In previous years it was all girls and one boy (who I loved as he always brought notes on the book). We realize the boys are probably partially there because of the chips, but they still have to read the book on their own time to come. It just makes me so happy to see kids discussing books and talking about what characters they liked and what they didn’t understand or would change in the plot and we even had a discussion on character transformation today!!! It is even better when we read a book and they carry on to read every other book the author has written or the rest of the series. They are now trying to convince us that they should have a say in the books chosen🤣🤣

Personally I got three chapters read in my current book, Love of the Game and started on chapter two of Wives and Daughters that I am listening to on Librivox right now. I didn’t realize that it has also been made into a BBC movie or series. Finally I am beginning to make progress!


My tea today was David’s Tea Sweet Almond Green and I know I left it a long time, but I really didn’t like it!!! Unfortunately I have a whole other package of it to drink still:( Maybe it will be better if I don’t let it steep so long!


I have finally found a project for my DK yarn. It is a Cowl called Fresh Start. I’m hoping to get a bit more done tonight!


I’ve been feeling like my condo is so cluttered lately, so I’ve decided to go back to selling items on the bidding site I’m part of in Facebook. I belong to three groups actually, but was finding it a little stressful to have stuff up on all of them, so while it will take me longer, I’ve decided to just sell one item or group of items at a time for now. The decluttering will happen eventually:). I started with a Saje set I was given that I need to get out of my house as the smell is killing me. I started it at $5 and it’s already at $10!! Yippee!

Well that’s it for my day, well except for my massage which was as painful as ever!

Have fun!



26 thoughts on “My Night:)

  1. A painful massage?😞 It sounds like the kids really own their reading in the book club, that’s so cool! I would allow them to make up to two suggestions (on paper) then you can pull out five acceptable choices for them to vote on. They have a real voice and you still have ultimate control.😄 And, they may suggest something really great! Hurrah for more daylight! It’s coming!

    1. That’s a good idea Kathy! I don’t control the book choosing as the other teacher involved does that. I’ll pass along the suggestion though.

  2. Athletic yoga sounds like fun! I wonder if there’s something like that near me. I will definitely have to look into it. How do you read/listen to two books at once?! That would drive me nuts lol. My goal for the year is to clean out and organize the whole apartment. I figure I’ll work on a small thing every day or so to make it more manageable.

    1. It was fun so I would recommend looking into it. It’s just through our parks and rec here.
      I can’t do more than two and I think it’s only because I am physically reading one and just listening to the other as I can’t read two books at once

  3. Ahhhhh a massage, I can’t wait until I’m cleared for one of those!! I have to ask what the top picture is, I must have missed it somewhere. Congrats on getting kudos from your yogi! Your knitting project looks complicated. I have enough trouble with crochet, which I can’t wait to start again as soon as I’m all the way healed up! Have fun!!

  4. Yay for that notice from your yoga teacher. I’m going to Google Athletic Yoga; I’m curious to see what it’s like. Very nice how the staff member remembered you’re GF/DF.

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