A nice day, but I didn’t get to where I wanted to be.


I started my morning off great with a hike with my friend Sarah and her dog Kula. We went up the hill to the hydro tower and then back down in one hour and ten minutes. It was so nice to be outside in the green forest, even on this gray, dreary day! It was also great to see Sarah and Kula again as it’s been a while:(. Unfortunately I don’t know how far I went as I plan to use Runkeeper for only running this year!

I had been hoping to get out for a run today to make up for the lack of running this week, but I just couldn’t get my timing straight before the sunset.

I did get a Lyndsay workout in this evening though and I was definitely sweating after this one!


I didn’t teach any children today, but I did have to go buy art supplies for my school, well really just a lot of paper!! I should have bought more, but when the cart was full, I figured it was a good time to stop!🤣 I’m looking forward to filling the shelves in the art room on Tuesday as they have been bare for way too long!!


I dropped by my parent’s apartment and opened all their mail. Wow that box was stuffed! Before you call the police on me, I had my mom’s permission:). I’ll have to remember to stop by there regularly before it gets to that stage again. Maybe I can time it for when there’s a good movie on the W Network. Lol I was thinking today how I used to do so much at my parent’s place when they were away. Then they sold the house and rented this apartment and for some reason I just don’t like spending time there! Funny how places have vibes.


I had my nails done last Tuesday and yesterday, my thumb nail just popped right off. Thankfully the aesthetician could fit me in today:) It only took a moment and I’m back to having ten pretty nails. This will be my last mani for a while so I’m trying to get it to last as long as possible!


I was hoping to get all my grocery shopping and food prep done today as I have plans tomorrow. I stopped at Thrifty’s on my way home, but only got a few things as I just couldn’t bring myself to pay their prices for some things! I had gone there as they give air miles and I just signed up, but it looks like IGA does too, so I’ll have to stop there tomorrow!


I went in the library on my way home today, but I promise I didn’t come home with any books, I just used their wifi!! I’m pretty impressed with my self control🤣

I finished this book, Love of the Gametoday! It tells the story of Kasha, a new physical therapist for the Dallas Gunslingers Baseball team and Axel, the star pitcher. Axel has hurt his shoulder and Kasha claims she can help him recover without surgery. She has one week to prove it.

This book dealt with a lot of big issues such as mental illness, and did it well- thoughtfully and sensitively. I especially liked one line that Axel says, “I don’t believe I deserve special treatment just because I have a talent for throwing a ball. The people who should be getting the special treatment are teachers and nurses and fireman and cops”. Wouldn’t that be nice if it was true of our society?!?!

I have to say that the plot of this novel just seemed super unrealistic to me- like a sports team is going to put their lead pitcher in the hands of the PT who started the day before!! What was she even doing in the meeting??? The pacing of the book was erratic as well. The start dragged with so much of nothing happening and then it was rushed at the end as though the author suddenly realized she had to wrap it up. My least favourite part was the toes scene. I just can’t relive it, so you’ll have to take my word for it!

I usually really like sports romances, but I would suggest going a different route!

I’ve just started the next kids book club book tonight. Hopefully it will be better!


I was hoping to have a finished Cowl to show off, but I just realized I don’t have enough yarn left for the edging and so I need to tink back two rows:(. I decided to leave this for tomorrow when I’m not so tired!


I watched A Very Merry Mix Up tonight. It was a cute movie, but I really think the reconciliation should have happened at the family Christmas celebration as the family and Christmas were both so important to both characters. Hmmm I’m obviously watching too many of these movies if I can start writing the plot lines🤣

Well, I think that’s it for me!

Have fun!


39 thoughts on “I Was Hoping

    1. We actually didn’t get TOO much snow this year. It came, it melted, it came, it melted (I actually had all my windows open last week, it was so nice) but then it plummeted to the negative and there is DEFINITELY snow now..

      1. Oh that sound torturous! I’m quite happy with my gray and wet- there’s a reason I live on the west coast

  1. Someone after my own heart! I don’t know if this post was written a while ago and posted now, or what? But, I am STILL watching W Network Christmas movies even though it is now mid-January… I could definitely write the plot lines. My man was just asking last night “do they have a snowball fight in EVERY SINGLE ONE??” The answer is… Pretty much. Lol!

    1. My posts are actually written about my day, so yes I’m still watching Christmas movies in January:)
      Lol maybe I can change careers and write Hallmark movies🤣

  2. A January hike sounds pretty novel to me! Today we will have some nice weather, so I need to take Mr. Max for a LONG walk. Looking forward to seeing that cowl soon!

  3. It’s so sweet of you to stop by your parents place to open their mail! In college my parents would always text me if something important came to make sure they could open it lol. I love getting outside even if it’s a grey day. The workout you did with Lyndsay looks killer!

    1. My parents do lots for me so only fair to return the favour:)
      It was so nice to get out for a hike! I want to do more of that this year!

  4. They’re still having Christmas movies on? I’m glad you got to go out, even in the bad weather. I check the mail daily because I would wait 2 days and my parents box would be stuffed!

  5. You had a full schedule and accomplished a lot. I like your 5 4 3 2 1. I workout with my husband at the gym. He basically works on the upper body, I do my lower body alternately during his turn. I need to do extra exercise for my legs as I have poor circulation after cancer treatment.
    Your photos are beautiful. Very refreshing area for walks!

  6. I think if we all got our heads together we could write much better plots. Within five minutes I can generally workout how the plot is going to play but still watch them anyway! The Christmas movies are not being shown anymore so I’ll have to wait until November 😆

      1. Yes, you are quite right there. I craft along too. Unexpected twists in a plot cause a work stoppage 😆
        Ah, clever and forward thinking! Our DVD player doesn’t record 😦

      2. Yup if I don’t know what’s happening I wouldn’t get any knitting done, so really it’s good they’re so predictable:)

  7. I love that you went on a hike. You’re on my side of the continent; cool! If there is one thing I regret not taking advantage of is trekking around the city at what’s available.

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